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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

On the window sill, a wild cat came in. The cat seemed to have been injured, limping, with blood, and it took a few steps to kneel down and start the wound on his leg.

A white tender hand stretched over and stroked the cat. The cat felt goodwill and did not dodge. The owner of the hand untied the ribbon on the hair, the braided hair was scattered, and the long hair was softly hanging over the shoulder. She carefully wrapped the injured leg of the cat with a ribbon.

The door suddenly opened, and the little wild cat slammed and broke her hand and jumped out of the window sill.

Xu Xingyuan is about to be angry. Looking back is Xu Xingcheng, turning angry into joy, and a little surprise in the clear eyes. She stood up, but did not dare to move forward. Holding his own skirt, he couldn’t make a sound. 

Xu Xingcheng was in tears, and when he left, she could occasionally say a few words. It is also selfish, and it is more difficult to see the situation of his sister after he leaves. However, he resolutely decided to go abroad to study, leaving this disgusting home and his sister who relied on him all behind.

Xu Xingcheng touched his sister’s supple hair: “Yuan Yuan, brother is back…”

Xu Xingyuan nodded, although happy, there was a bit of alienation in her expression.

“Yuan Yuan has grown a lot higher.” Xu Xingcheng has crossed her height and his shoulders. He took out his wallet and showed her the picture of the only brother and sister in the wallet. When he left four years ago, she could not even reach his chest height. Now it has grown into a lady.

“However, Yuanyuan also has a lot of weights, and my brother can’t pick you up as a child.” He deliberately teased her. Xu Xingyuan was fooled, and extended his arms to make a spoiled expression.

He picked up Xu Xingyuan and turned a few laps, which only brought back some of the original intimacy.

“Don’t be angry, see what the brother brought to you?” Xu Xingcheng quickly took the gift from the suitcase to Xu Xingyuan. Xu Xingyuan took a look at it, a brooch with a kitten-shaped diamond ornament, and her English name Crystal was written below.

Xu Xingyuan carefully touched the kitten’s beard, as if she couldn’t put it down.

Xu Xingcheng helped Xu Xingyuan to not to have a brooch, Xu Xingyuan looked at the mirror a lot, very desirable. Thank you for the side face of Xu Xingcheng.

Xu Xingcheng sat on her bed and patted the position around her. “Come here, tell the brother if there is any interesting thing in the past few years?”

Xu Xingyuan shook her head, still not willing to speak. Maybe there is really nothing worth to share with him. Day after day, year after year. She and her drawing board, in this square of the world, are forgotten.

Xu Xingcheng knew that her sister’s illness was anxious, and she was very patient and told her about the interesting things she was studying abroad.

Xu Xingyuan listened very seriously, and from time to time showed a surprised expression. There was a strong embarrassment to the free world of his brother’s mouth. But she knew that she might not be able to set foot in such a place in her life. My father recently planned a marriage for her. Her life, married, ended her mission of surname Xu.

Xu Xingcheng slowly talked about the interesting things he encountered when he returned to China yesterday, talking about Lin Qikai, Luo Fusheng and Hong Yu. Xu Xingyuan heard the name of Lin Qikai, and her eyes flowed, showing her shyness. Xu Xingcheng stunned and continued to say another name she had never heard of: “I met a very interesting girl yesterday, her name is Tianying…”

Xu Xingyuan held her chin and was happy while listening to her brother. He never said who was her, I am afraid that it is not known to the’ girl of this day. The two brothers and sisters sat together like this, and as happy as they were, they talked about the skylight.

In the middle of the night, Tian Ying lay in the bed and “sanded the pancakes”. What I think of in my mind is the disdainful voice of Fat San and the charming smile of the policeman.

“Where is the singer ? This is no one in Shanghai who dares to arrest him.”

“How? If no one knows anyone, find us to redeem. Master Xu is the son of Xu Rui’an, the cabinet minister. The entire police station in Shanghai is under the jurisdiction of his father. Where are you? Where? Where are you going? His safety is not a concern for you.”

Tian Ying blinked and went to the window and looked at the stars outside the window. In fact, it is not impossible to guess, but it is just a little bit of joy in my heart. He and the people like Luo Fusheng have their shoulders  together, how can they be the sons of ordinary people?

 She murmured something , not consciously reading the name and closing her mouth as if she were afraid of hearing.

Tian Ying’s heart is very uncomfortable, in order to be expected to be killed. Since Luo Fusheng is a character that cannot be touched, as the young master of the military and political ministers, Xu Xingcheng is even more unspeakable. Tian Ying strives to persuade himself to make himself steadfast for the peace of the troupe and for his own future.

There was also a person who was still awake, and Luo Fusheng was lying on a hard bed with black lights.

Luo Cheng ran into the house without knocking on the door. When he saw that he was lying down, he thought he was asleep and was about to quit.

“Is there any rules?” Luo Fusheng’s voice rang in the dark.

Luo Cheng looked back and saw Luo Fu’s eyes squinting in the darkness. He didn’t sleep at all, which was especially scary.

“I am here to send you something, you want me to record something in the afternoon. Father, how do you sleep with your eyes open? You Scared my soul.”

Luo Fusheng was silent on the younger brother who lacked the roots. “The quality of sleep of Laozi is not good at all. You don’t have to break the door every time, don’t knock on the door.”

Luo Cheng obviously does not understand his face. “You are sleeping in the place where Mei Gaomei sings songs every night. Can you sleep well before you have a ghost? The big house that Hong Bangzhu has prepared for you can’t live, but I like to sleep in the dance hall. Isn’t it afraid of black?”

In the dark, a pillow flies accurately to Luo Cheng’s face. “Do you want to die? What about it?”

Luo Cheng begged for mercy and took out a vinyl record from his body. “According to your instructions, recorded on the spot. Nothing leaks.”

Luo Fusheng saw the record, his face was awkward, and he personally put the record on the phonograph and put down the striker. Tian Ying’s powerful vocals came from the phonograph.

Luo Fusheng lay in bed, closed his eyes and listened carefully, very pleasant appearance. “What about other people?”

“She went to the pawn shop in the east of the city. When she came out, she went straight to the police station. But she returned without success. When she was in the middle of the game, she returned to the troupe.”

Luo Cheng hated the iron and did not make a steel sigh: “I said that it is so hard to chase a female drama? This is really not like your style of doing things.”

Luo Cheng finished this sentence and prepared for the beating. But the other party did not respond at all. Looking again, Luo Fusheng has listened to the drama and fell asleep peacefully.

Luo Cheng was a little surprised. No, right? This drama has cured the insomnia caused by many years of homelessness? Not to mention, this girl is really not ordinary! From this point of view, Luo Cheng recognized her.

The next morning, Duan Tianci accompanied Tian Ying to the pawn shop to redeem her pendant.

He knew last night that Tian Ying was very angry when he took the pendant. “That’s the only thought you have left for you… and not to say how much it costs, the meaning is extraordinary.”

Tian Ying let him count and not return. He saw her look like this, knowing that her heart is also uncomfortable, but she can’t bear to say too much. Only today to accompany her to redeem the pendant.

But the boss is turning his face and not accepting it.

“Boss, we didn’t say it at the time, as long as it was redeemed within ten days, was it redeemed at the original price? How can you give me three points of interest a day?”

The boss pointed to the notice at the door of the pawn shop. Clearly written three times a day.

“But when I came last night, I didn’t have this notice.”

Duan Tianci also helped at the side: “Yes. Boss, my sister is a very trustworthy person. We are not lying. “

“Then what you mean is that I lied? I said nothing, and it is a testimony. My notice has always been written like this. Where did you promise that you were redeemed at the original price? You don’t believe that you can see the ticket in your hand. ”

Tian Ying took a closer look, and when there was a small note next to the ticket, the interest was explained. I went too far last night and didn’t check it at all.

“Last night, I made you a high price to save people. It is a big help for you. Now that you want this pendant, you will give the money quickly, and the pendant will pay you back. If it is ten days, then who? I will sell it to anyone who has a high bid! This pendant can be far more than 80 silver dollars.”

Tian Ying bites her lip and knows she is on the go. But the other side has a word, and even if it is to the police station, there is no such thing. “Brother, let’s go.”

“No redemption?” Duan Tianci was surprised.

“I will earn enough interest in ten days, you have to sell it to others!” Tian Ying told the boss.

The boss give a sleek smile, not responsive.

After the brothers and sisters left, the curtains opened, Luo Fusheng came out from the inside, holding the star pendant in his hand.

The boss rushed to meet: “The second home, just suddenly have a guest, did not care for you, hospitality is not good, but also forgive me.”

“No problem, anyway, just your conversation, I can hear it clearly.”

“You have heard it? The little girl just said that I am a profiteer! We know what you know, honesty, and virginity. Right, what kind of baby are you?”

Luo Fusheng showed the star pendant in his hand.

The boss is reluctant: “This? What is the value of this stuff? I gave the second home to a better baby.”

“No, this pendant has a rim with me.” Luo Fusheng took the pendant into his pocket, put down a hundred oceans, and turned away.

The boss was heartbroken, but he had to watch him take the pendant.

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