Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 13 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 13 Part 1

Luo Fusheng stared at the pendant in his hand and frowned.

Luo Cheng stood behind Luo Fu and leaned down to put his face on Luo Fusheng’s face and stared at the pendant. Luo Fu was dissatisfied, and the palm of his hand turned the necklace into his pocket.

“Look what? Look carefully and dig your eyes.”

Luo Fusheng was so scared from Luo Xiaosheng that he could scare him to cry a few times at first. Now it is thick and thick, and the nerves are big: “You should not scare me if you are a young master. I just want to see if this is a devalued baby? You have been watching it for a day, and you are going to see it. Keeping things?”

Luo Fusheng chuckled and said that he would like to say something, and count it. She regarded the pendant as a redemption, and this is also her sentimental token to the man.

However, Luo Fusheng does not intend to discuss emotional issues with Luo Cheng, who has no mouth on it. “The last time I asked you to check out the casino of Hou Li, how was it checked? I heard the wind, Hou Li’s hands and feet were not clean, and the reputation of the casino was broken. My father knew it and was very upset.”

“Always send people to stare. There is no news for the time being.”

“I will send you to do it, and you will send it to the people below. You are not going to stare at it?” Luo Fusheng changed his leisurely look, and there was no threat in his tone.

Luo Cheng is aware of his temper who turned his face and did not recognize people. “Sheng brother, you don’t know, the whole Hongbang, Hou Li sees me the most unsatisfactory. He dare not treat you, only pick me this soft persimmon. If I step into his casino, I am afraid Go out horizontally.”

“I don’t dare to borrow him ten times.” Luo Fusheng thought about it and pulled out a stack of silver tickets from the drawer. “You are going straight into the gambling. The door is a guest, he has no reason to rush you.”

Luo Cheng looked at the silver ticket eyes bright. “Is this all mine?”

“Take it and gamble. If you lose your brother, you win your own pocket.”

Luo Chengle put the silver ticket into his pocket. I didn’t expect the difference in the tide to become a bad one. Luo Fu gave birth to him. “Don’t patronize playing. Keep an eye on whether the dealer has any hands and feet. Other people haven’t seen it, you can definitely see it.”

Luo Cheng is as timid as a mouse, so he has a pair of good ears and a pair of good eyes. When I was a child, I was mixed at the dock, but anyone who heard a little wind and grass was running faster than anyone else. Not to mention, later Luo Cheng’s ability to save Luo Fusheng’s life. When he is treated, it will naturally be different.

Luo Cheng took the lead and entered the casino of Hou Li.

Duan Tianci and Tian Ying walked out of the pawn shop and walked on the street. Tian Ying is still immersed in the uncomfortable loss of the pendant, Duan Tianci wants to make her happy, pointing to the window glass of Guoguang Department Store. “Tian Ying, you see, this little dress is suitable for you. Not to mention, the tailoring design of foreigners is really different from our cheongsam. We must look good on the baby.”

Tian Ying looked at her in front of the window and touched her empty neck, which was even more lost. Turn your head and talk without going. Duan Tianci did not know how to be good, only to follow silently.

At this time there is a casino on the other side of the street, and the folks of the casino are sipping. “A profit, a family overnight, passing by, don’t miss it!”

Duan Tianci turned his head and looked at it, and he quickly caught up with Tianying. “Tian Ying, I think you are very tired today. I will go back to rest first. I will buy food for you to make a delicious meal. I will also add a meal to my body.”

“Good…” Tian Ying has no objection and will turn away. Duan Tianci took her. “Oh… money.”

Tian Ying remembered that the money bag was still on her. She didn’t think much, and gave the whole money bag to her brother. There are tickets for singing yesterday, selling money from pendants, and medical expenses. “Be careful. Don’t be fooled.”

Duan Tianci watched Tianying go far, and looked at people who didn’t know around, and then entered the casino with peace of mind.

In the casino, there are a lot of people, and some of them are sobbing and crying.

Duan Tianci entered, first stood by and looked around, about to see the doorway, only slowly took out the money, carefully bet on the ground.

When the Pai Gow opened, Duan Tianci actually won the first bet. He was excited with ten sparkling silver dollars. This gambling money is enough for the troupe brothers to eat all day.

Duan Tianci counted the principal, carefully slammed it, and re-bought the winning money. Pai Gow flew. A set of Pai Gow took it up. Won again!

I don’t know if he is a good man, or if he is really talented. I saw more and more chips in front of Duan Tianci, and the gamblers next to him were downcast. Duan Tianci became more and more addicted, and gradually became excited and blushing. He became more and more bold and began to spend a lot of money.

Next to it, the guys who started the casino looked gloomy at Duan Tianci and whispered to each other.

As the stack of chips in front of him is getting higher and higher, the crowds around him have become more and more, becoming the focus of the table at the scene.

Among the crowds, there is a figure of Luo Cheng who disguise himself. He sees the state of Duan Tianci clearly.

On the way home of Tian Ying, he met Xu Xingcheng.

At that time, she was passing through a French restaurant and inadvertently saw a pair of eye-catching modern men and women sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. The little dress worn by the girl is exactly what the brother just pointed out to her. It will be very nice to see the real person wearing it. And the man is Xu Xingcheng.

She felt like she had broken through the secrets of what was too much, and she subconsciously bowed her head and tried to escape. Xu Xingcheng took the lead to see her and raised her hand to say hello to her. And pointed to her saying something with her female companion, got up and came out. The girl looked back at her, her eyes wide and soft. She also nodded to her and smiled. It was a very kind girl.

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