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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 13 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 13 (Part 2/2)

She saw Xu Xingcheng’s face with a bright smile. . I also thought about his life experience in the police station last night. In my heart, I feel that I am passionate about myself. He is such a kind-hearted son, and it is only natural to see the injustice of the road. It does not mean that he has any different feelings for her. He and the girl in front of him are the perfect match.

With such a thought, the eyes are going to be red. Waiting for him to come out, he wants to escape when he bows his head, but he rushes into the arms of a person.

“What’s wrong with this? Is someone troublesome looking for the troupe?” Xu Xingcheng helped her, and there was deep concern in her eyes.

Tian Ying felt the gaze in the French window, fearing that the other party misunderstood. Quickly broke his hand and stepped back two steps. “Nothing, the laborer is bothered.”

Xu XingCheng smiled. “When are you so close between you and me?.”

“No you and I have met each other. It has always been like this (like some respect) . Tianying is grateful to him, but he can only stop there. After seeing Tianying, Xu Gongzi does not need to come out to say hello, so as not to be a good person. It’s a Long time.”

Xu Xingcheng looked back at the sister in the western restaurant and knew that Tianying had misunderstood. “What the beautiful person you said?”

Tian Ying did not dare to look up at Xu Xingyuan as if she had done something unspeakable. Just bowed his head and said: “Well.”

“Is it very pleasing to grow up?” Xu Xingcheng was persevering in question, and there was more pride in his tone.

After all, there is such a good companion, a little pride is understandable. “It’s beautiful…”

“The beauty is right, like me, that is my sister. The same kind of mother.” Xu Xingcheng saw that Tianying face has become more and more hanged, and could not bear to tease her again, uncovering the mystery.

Tian Ying took a moment and didn’t say anything. I don’t believe him. Look carefully at Xu Xing’s eyebrows. He really has a similar relationship with him. The relationship between brother and sister is clear at a glance. But the point is not this.

Xu Xingcheng saw that Tian Ying did not show a sense of relief, and his doubts were even worse. When I wanted to ask clearly, a panting man ran over and interrupted their conversation.

The comer is the master of the Duan class. “Heaven… Godsend happened, Shimei, you have to go and see.”

Tian Ying was shocked: “Go! Take me there!”

Xu Xingcheng also wanted to follow up to see what happened, but she still sat in the restaurant without knowing it. He can’t leave her like this. Tian Ying’s head obviously didn’t plan to wait for him. After a while, he ran away and disappeared.

In the casino. Duan Tianci was pushed down on the ground and had no face to climb for a long time. Tian Ying and Xu Xingcheng arrived and are catching up with this scene.

Tian Ying feels up and lifts up Tian Tian: “Brother, what’s wrong with you? Who beat you? You talk!”

The people around him are talking about Duan Tianci, and Duan Tianci is so angry that he can’t look at Tianying.

Tian Ying looked at Tianci expression strangely, and looked at the signboard of the casino in front of him. What seemed to be understood, Duan Tianci did not explain it, and took Tian Ying’s away.

The disguised Luo Cheng came out of the casino and watched Tian Ying leave.

Luo Cheng did not knock on the door and broke into Luo Fusheng’s suite. Luo Fusheng was too lazy to say him again: “So in a hurry, what did you find tired?”

Luo Cheng whispered to Luo Fusheng, Luo Fusheng gradually smiled.

Duan Tianci sat in the chair of the practice field and used the baby to towel him to clean the wound. The group of people is really heavy, and my brother’s face is like jade is full of blue and purple, I am afraid that it will not be able to go to Taiwan for ten days and a half.

“Brother! You have always taught us not to drink, not to greet, how can you enter the casino?”

“I… I was so fascinated, I thought that if I won, I would be able to help you redeem the pendant.”

Tian Ying knows that her brother is for her, her heart is stunned, she can’t bear to be harsh, just swearing. “Casinos are all gambling and losing, how can you come up with this strategy?”

“No, Tian Ying, you listen to me. It is the casino that has harmed me! I have already won a lot of money. I can not only redeem your pendant, but also give Master a tunic and add some good clothes to the younger brothers. I didn’t expect the casino guys to be old, and I lost a mess. I also forced me to press the fingerprints on the owed in the name of Master. Tianying, how can I not matter, but the reputation of the troupe was destroyed by me, I Don’t die…”

Tian Ying was shocked. He thought that he only lost a lot of money. I didn’t expect my brother not only lost all the money, but also used the name of the troupe to owe it. This is not a flat troupe, how to sing in the future.

Tian Ying thought for a long while: “Brother, are you sure they are old?”

Duan Tianci recalled it and nodded certainly. “Yeah. Master said that I didn’t have your spirit when I was young. I always watched the guns turned by my younger brother. So they all saw the action of the old ones. I can see them clearly! But they are crowded, I don’t have any Method!”

Tianying pulls the gods to stand up. “I believe in you, brother! If so, let us find them together!”

Duan Tianci went to the door and hesitated. If the casino is a reasonable place, he will not be labeled as such. “If you forget it…”

“Forget it? Can’t just forget it! Our troupe came to Shanghai, but it was to discuss the bowl of rice. In recent days, it has been bullied everywhere. This rumor is that Shanghai, where gold is everywhere, is like this. I don’t believe in Putian. There is no royal law underneath. If he refuses to pay back, we will go to the police station theory.”

Entering the casino again, Tian Ying’s brothers and sisters with the troupe will make a fuss over here. The casino manager Hou Li had to get up from the big cigarette bed to deal with the matter.

Hou Li looked at the innocent innocent Tian Ying and the singer of Tian Sheng, and smiled disdainfully. “Just rely on a few of your cartilage heads, want to scream with me? You said that we are out of the old, what evidence?”

“My brother’s eyes are evidence, he saw it with his own eyes!”

Hou Li smiled. “Does your brother not be the Erlang god, and the eyes of the heavens?”

Tian Ying is not irritated, bluntly said: “Is it better than a game? Is it faster than your hand, or my brother’s eyes fast! If my brother can see the cards in your hands, it proves that he did not lie. He just saw that you are out of the woods! You will give us the money and the debts that won my brother.”

“Then everyone who lost money at the casino said that my casino is not busy. You have to gamble once again, it is not impossible, come up with a decent bet.”

For example, today’s baby is penniless. The red strips come, except for life, nothing can be taken.

“Since you said that your brother’s eyes are evidence, then if you lose, I want one of your brother’s eyes, and one of your hands! I am very kind, leaving you with one eye and one hand. In the future, you can still take care of each other and eat it.” Hou Li stared at her with sinister poison, just like a poisonous tongue spit out a letter. It was an idea to ask her to withdraw.

Duan Tianci pulled her clothes and told her to go. Tian Ying gritted his teeth and stood still. For a long while, it was a cry. “it is good!”

Duan Tianci shivered and his eyes showed fear. This group of people will really dig his eyes! But the bow did not turn back, the casino’s thugs have blocked the entrance.

Hou Li made a look and sent a dealer who had the most experienced experience in the casino. The reason why the crab brother got its name is precisely because people say that he seems to have eight hands, shuffle, deal, and change the speed of the card, so that people can’t see it clearly.

Next to a casino frequent guest patted the shoulders of Godsend. “Young man, you lost.”

This shot seems to be a few centimeters short for Tian Tianshou. Duan Tianshen did not dare to respond, and his lips were full of blood.

Tian Ying pinched his palm. “Brother, don’t be afraid. I believe in you! Today we must win a fair return. Even if you lose, you have to blink and I will accompany you. There is no complaint!”

Duan Tianci thought that he would be very touched when he heard Tian Ying’s words, but at this time his heart was free of resentment. Resentment of why she is so capricious should be a gamble, resent her why she wants to save the man and destroy the relics of the mother. Resentment is like a silk spit from a spider, entangled in his heart, and the more tight it is, the more it seems to split his heart into pieces.

He has already stood at the table and took out a brand new poker game to prepare for shuffling.

Suddenly a voice came out of the crowd: “I am coming.”

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