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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Tian Ying looked back at Luo Fusheng, and the uneasiness in the heart was even more fierce than the appearance of the guy

Hou Li saw that Luo Fusheng’s reaction was not much better than the one of Tian Ying. This scene has been staring at him like a hungry wolf since Hong Ye gave it to him. It’s inevitable that I will pick up the thorns today: “Luo Fusheng, come to my place without saying hello beforehand?”

“Hou Li, I am coming.” Luo Fu responded with no expression, this is even a greeting.

Hou Liyu. He is a good person to follow the world of Hongye, when Luo Fusheng still does not know where to play mud. Now this little scorpion, who has not yet grown up, is close to the relationship with Miss Da, and has become the red man in front of Hongye, but they do not put their elders in their eyes. “Luo Fusheng, you don’t give you Hou Shu face?”

Luo Fusheng smirked and hooked Hou Li’s shirt. “Hou Shu, it’s no hurry. I am here to help you, this little girl’s scream is obviously giving you the next set of casinos! If the casino guys really compare with her, no matter whether they win or lose, they will say that you are really out. Lao Qian, that is the fraudulent customer, how does it ruin the reputation of this line?”

Hou Li listened, and it seems to make sense.

Luo Fusheng picked up his sleeves and raised his hand to face the onlookers of the scene. “Everyone has witnessed that I am not the person in this casino. But the level of my shuffling is not known in Shanghai. So, I am more convincing.”

“Who doesn’t know that the lesser gambling is the master of Hongye. When Hongye started in Shanghai, he started in the casino. It is not as good as the crab brother.”

“This beautiful two brothers and sisters seem to be suffering.”

The voices of the old gamblers whispering into the ears of Duan Tianying, she stared at Luo Fusheng, I do not know what medicine is sold in his gourd? In order to take revenge for the last time in the United States and Canada? Shouldn’t this person be so idle?

Luo Fusheng calmly looked back at her eyes. “If your brother wins me, then prove that your brother has no reason to lie. If not, then I am afraid you have to practice your promise. Do you dare to compare?”

Tian Ying looked at Duan Tianci, and they have been pushed to the cusp of the cusp without a retreat. If she just timidly retreats, not only will she not return the owe, but out of this casino, Hou Li will send people to vent their anger. Instead of it, it is better to make a big deal. With a pair of eyes watching, their danger is one point less. Duan Tianci looked at Tianying’s eyes, and he must have understood her intentions and nodded.

Luo Fusheng first picked out a spade A, indicating that Duan Tianci would find out this card, and then shuffled the cards, the technique was amazing and the crowd held their breath.

After washing the cards, he flipped the 54 cards in turn and spread them on the table. Then I took out four A and raised it to the people around me. Then insert four sheets of A into the playing cards.

Turn the poker over and wash the cards again, and finally spread the back up. Let Duan Tianci pick out the Spades A.

This difficulty is actually very large, even if Duan Tianci can remember in turn where he placed the four A. However, after reshuffling, it is difficult to lock up the four spades A in A. However, if Duan Tianci really has the ability to see through thousands of people, this level is a must.

Duan Tianci was a little hesitant. He did see that Luo Fusheng put four A’s into the position of the 3rd, 9th, 17th and 52nd. When shuffling, he used the method of cutting cards, dividing the cards into four stacks of equal numbers and cutting cards in their hands. Although the shuffling technique was fast, he saw that the two stacks had not changed positions, but alternated up and down. This means that even if the order of the cards changes, the Spades A must be at the top of the first stack, or at the bottom of the fourth stack.

If it is in peacetime, Duan Tianci can rely on his own eyesight to just one. The win rate is definitely greater than 50%. But this back pressure is the eyes of my own eyes and the hands of the baby. He did not dare to come to a conclusion.

Tian Ying saw his brother’s hesitation, and his palms also squeezed a sweat.

Luo Fusheng waited for a minute, and knocked a few tables impatiently. “Is it chosen?”

Duan Tianci bit his lip and not speak. Is it in the third or the 52nd? He leans toward the former and he is preparing to answer. Tian Ying suddenly took his hand and whispered his voice in his ear. “Brother, are there any 2 in the order you just saw?”

“No. Only 3.” Duan Tianci answered truthfully.

Tian Ying was silent and looked at Luo Fusheng. He was bored with a scorpion and flipped in his hand. Is she so hearted? She clearly felt that Luo Fu was looking at her when she knocked on the two tables, and her eyes were quite reminded.

Although I don’t know why he wants to remind himself. This casino is not only managed by him, but also because of his name, or is he confusing them to choose the wrong answer? Tian Ying’s heart and soul fight, I don’t know if I should believe him.

Duan Tianci thought about it and said to Tian Ying. “There is another number related to 2 is 52. I am hesitating between 3 and 52.”

Tian Ying stared at the dice that his hand flipped, and his mind was flashing. Flip! The second countdown of the 54 cards in turn, isn’t it 52? She was happy to guess the answer, but she was worried about whether Luofu was taking the opportunity.

Luo Fusheng saw that her face was cloudy and uncertain, and she guessed what she was thinking. He raised his lips and smirked, throwing the scorpion into the shackles, and with the sound of the slap in the face, the ultimatum. “Tell me the answer.”

“Brother, 52.” Tian Ying couldn’t tell why he chose to believe him at the last minute. It may be that his last smile was too calm. Tian Ying can’t read the malicious, she wants to believe him once.

Duan Tianci had no idea what to do, and Tian Ying gave a definite answer. He thought that it would not be his fault to make a wrong choice according to Tian Ying’s choice.

Duan Tianci’s hand moved from the head of the card to the tail, and the second-to-last card was drawn. The courage of backwaters was used to open the board and lie on the green tablecloth. Spades A!

Everyone was amazed and gave a thumbs up to Duan Tianci. Tian Ying was even called out, and he jumped and grabbed the arm of Duan Tianci. “Brother, we won! We won!”

The people present were infected by her emotions and they burst into the palm of their hand. Luo Fusheng half-body sitting on the table and slanting a cigarette, the cone lamp hanging on the table, dangling over the head, cast a shadow on his face.

Hou Li’s face became pale.

Luo Fusheng put the card in front of Hou Li and pulled out a long card to look at Hou Li.

“The ironclad is like a mountain, they are not lying, you are playing tricks. I see, it is time to tell you that Hong Kong needs to change a reliable manager.”

“Luo Fusheng! You are deceiving! You collude with the money they came here to smash the casino. You are eating something outside!” Hou Li glanced, all the men were surrounded. Tian Ying made a look, and the brethren of the troupe stood upright behind Luo Fusheng, and the atmosphere was arrogant.

Luo Cheng just got ahead, Luo Fusheng waved his hand. “The thing in the casino is to help the matter, how to deal with it, the righteous father has the final say. I don’t want to control it, and I don’t want to manage it. But just before the public witnesses, I think everyone should have a judgment in mind. Hou Shu, put The owe is given to the lady. Otherwise, the casino is discredited and the face of Hong Ye is lost.”

The audience around the audience is not too big to see the excitement, but also screams.

Hou Li clenched his fist and released it after half a squat. “Call people to find out the debts of the class.”

“There is still money.” Luo Fusheng added a sentence.

Hou Li gritted his teeth. “Do as he said.”

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