Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

In the record player, there is a record of the Peking Opera. 

Luo Fusheng had already fallen asleep on the sofa, but he gradually frowned and seemed to be having a nightmare.

In the dream, Luo Fusheng, who was still in his childhood, ran in a foggy reed.

He gasped and lost.

Suddenly he heard a gunshot and rushed into the reed and dared not come out.

He saw a hand with a pistol.

Then he vaguely saw the face of a woman with blood. The woman is carrying a little girl who can’t see her face.

He also saw another little girl in a small dress in the corner, helpinglessly crying.

The cry became the only sound in the entire black and white picture.

He has done this dream many times, whenever he wants to go closer and see who is holding the gun in the reed. When the little girl in the woman’s arms is, he will suddenly wake up.

But today’s dream appeared a little different, because the little girl in the woman’s arms spoke.

He heard the deafening cry, the little girl’s reciprocating sound.

She is saying: Save me, save me, save me…

Something flashed across her neck, very bright and dazzling.

Luo Fusheng woke up, sweating all over, and the record player was still holding the singer of Tian Ying. He sighed, closed his eyes and wanted to sleep but couldn’t sleep.

Luo Cheng pushed the door of the suite. Just stepping in one step is like suddenly thinking of something, quit and knock on the door. Cautiously shouted: “Son brother.”

Luo Fusheng sat down and thought about whether it was time to change the door lock. “what’s up?”

“Hong Ye is looking for you!”

Luo Fusheng immediately climbed up and prepared to return to the Hong family. Just thinking about something from the door, I pulled back a piece of paper from the drawer and stuffed it into my arms. This is going out.

Hong Zhengyi’s sphere of influence in Shanghai is very large and he is not involved. The vast majority of the business of the dance hall and the dock was allocated to Luo Fusheng. It is also considered that the employer is not suspicious. He has never asked the profit and loss of the dance hall and the dock.

But the big guys know that Hong Bang’s most profitable casino and smokehouse business, Hong Zhengyi still clings to his own hands.

When Luo Fusheng returned home, Hong Ye was sitting in the main hall drinking tea.

Luo Fu was born, and he bowed his head with a bow. “The righteous father.”

Hongye smiled and nodded and waved him to sit in the past. “A-sheng. I heard that you went to your uncle’s casino today and played two. How? Lost and won?”

Ah. Luo Fusheng chuckled. He hasn’t opened his mouth yet, but this Hou Li action is quite fast, and he turns to the back and looks for Hong Ye’s complaint. “I am not going to play here today. Father.”

“Oh? Then what are you doing? On behalf of me to inspect the work?” Hongye stroked the jade finger on the thumb, looking like an easy question.

“Don’t dare. Hongye.” Luo Fusheng stood up and even changed his name. He knows too much about the signs before Hongye’s anger. “I received the news, Hou Li has been playing tricks in the casino, bullying his arm and extracting a lot of money into his own vault. The regulars complained about Hong, but the money went into his pocket. I went this time. The main thing is to find out the truth and see if he has done this kind of chicken burglary.”

“What is the result?” Hongye did not care about this answer because he took a sip of hot tea.

“There is something wrong. I have already found out the evidence of his aging in the casino today.” Luo Fusheng’s voice did not fall, and the tea bowl in the hands of Hong Ye had already flown over. He did not dare to hide, and the tea bowl was born on the forehead. Rolling down the ground, the hot tea flowed down the cheeks, and a long tip of the eyelashes hung a pointed tea.

“A-sheng, you know me. You and I are my most loved children. I can give you anything you want. But you can’t lie. You have ambition, I like it very much. In the future, I will like these casinos.” I can hand it over to you. But my person, you can’t be arrogant. Hou Li was born with me and died in Shanghai. He is also your uncle. You should respect him. Your relationship with the play, I have Hearing. For a woman to frame her uncle, you are a bully!”

Hong Ye, who is also a person. If you have to wait for Hou Li’s eyes, you may not be able to win him. Luo Fusheng’s purpose of going to Hou Li Casino today, he felt it clear.

“Floating is not dare!” Plop, Luo Fusheng has kneel in front of him and slammed a head. “My father, I have never lied.”

Luo Cheng saw the same as the big brother. “I can testify. Not only have I seen Hou Li’s dealers out of the old age, but all the younger brothers I sent out have seen. You can ask.”

“Hey. You are all loyal slaves cultivated by the lesser family. I ask you what is the use?” Hongye did not eat him.

Luo Fusheng took out the stack of paper from his arms. Although it was already wet by the tea, the writing was clearly visible. “This is a list of every bitter person who suffered a loss in Hou Li. When did they record how much money they lost in Hou Li’s casino? I checked every situation on this list. I don’t believe you can ask the casino’s dealer crab brother, the crab brother is only listening to you.”

Hongye took the list in his hand and only glanced at it. Just put it on the coffee table. “Well, when you are telling the truth. Today, do you honestly say that you are giving Hou Li a set?”

Luo Fu is not a word, it is the default meaning. Hongye snorted. “I know the rules. Go to the torture hall and get 20 lashes.”

“Yes.” Luo Fusheng put his forehead on the wooden floor. He never thought that this thing could survive Hong Ye.

“In the future, Hou Li will give it to you. I will comfort those regular customers and don’t slap their signatures.” Hong Ye added.

Luo Fusheng’s lips rose, he never intended to swear, Hong Ye rewards and punishments clearly. How many women he played outside, Hongye did not bother to intervene, Hongye most hated people who swindled money from his pocket. Hou Li’s end must be worse than him.

Hongye patted his shoulder. “A-sheng. I told you, don’t do anything, do it 100%. Don’t give someone a handle. For a woman, it’s not worth it. These 20 whip will give you a memory.”

“The son is taught.” Luo Fusheng removed his clothes and went naked to the torture hall.

Luo Cheng “Wei Nuo Nuo’s” follow, can not bear to look at the black criminal court. In the torture hall, there was a clear sound of the whip, but less of the family’s voice, as if the whip had been drawn into the air. It’s just that people listen to the trepidation. The people in the criminal court are as strong as a cow and iron-faced, and they will not be soft and half-hearted because they are younger.

Fortunately, the end of the 20 whip is very fast, when Luo Fusheng came out, in addition to the fine hair on the broken hair in front of the forehead, the lips were very pale, and the other did not see any abnormalities.

Luo Cheng quickly greeted him and wanted to cover his clothes, but he stopped behind his back. The 20 whip of the torture hall was enough to make the back skin open, and a piece of flesh and blood was blurred. The white coat was immediately covered and blushed. Luo Cheng quietly wiped his tears.

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