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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

In the study room of Lin Daoshan, there is a photo of Lin Daoshan then another a photo of her three people who have died to go to Erxia Taixia and her daughter Lin Ruomeng. In the photo, Xia An is wearing a blue cheongsam to hold his hand, even if it is not laughing. The little girl in his arms was carved with jade, holding his neck intimately. Through the photo, I can hear my daughter’s crisp voice calling Dad, Dad…

After another drink, Lin Daoshan came back with sadness. The photos were plunged into deep memories, and the eyes were a little red.

Lin Daoshan’s life was a two-room wife. The original Wang is the covenant of the parents’ words, and the book is the right one. Wang gave birth to his nephew Lin Qikai, but he never put his heart in a small family. Wang Yizhen is the first graduate of Jinling Women’s University. He is a famous educator on the beach and is dedicated to university education. It also helped to tie up his position in the cabinet. The husband and wife are as respectful as each other, that is, they have less feelings of dry fire.

Erxi Taixia is a personality. Xia Anni was the first foreign student to receive the “Gengzi Indemnity” and was still a female student. She was absolutely rare at the time. But when she got back the high education that made men feel ashamed, she chose to dedicate herself to the film industry that just started in China. I don’t mind being a play in the next nine streams.

She was the hottest movie star on the beach at that time, and attracted countless men to be crazy. Lin Daoshan, Hong Zhengyi and Xu Ruian, who were in the mood of the year, were among the best of the pursuers. Until she decided to marry Lin Daoshan, she was pregnant with Lin Ruo Meng, and then she returned to her family with peace of mind. The two had not settled for a few years, but there was a big accident.

Lin Qikai knocked on the door and walked in. Lin Daoshan tried to ease his emotions. Lin Qikai saw the strangeness of his father, but he did not break it. “Hey, Xu’s party is about to begin, so we should almost set off.”

“I Know it. If you don’t look at the face of Xu’s family, Hong Zhengxuan and I will never sit on the same table to eat!” The father was mostly touched and hurt. If it is placed in peacetime, his regenerating gas will not be directly exposed. “Zhong Jing, you and Hong Zhengyi’s little daughter and the son of the righteousness are too close.”

For many years, Lin Daoshan has always determined that Hong Zhengyi is behind the scenes of the death of Xiao Ma and his sister. Although the camouflage and air on the bright surface, almost all the beaches know the gap between the Hong family and the Lin family.

“Don’t you forget the hatred of your sister and mother?”

Lin Qikai bowed his head and said firmly: “How dare the son have forget it? How can I forget? I thought that when I was young, I was more gentle than my aunt. My mother was in poor health, and I took care of me in Anzhen, from childhood to my dream. Growing up. In my heart, An Zhen and my sister are all loved ones in my life. When they have an accident, my heart hurts like a piece of meat. After so many years, I have not stopped looking for my sister. Because I always believe that if the dream is still alive.”

Lin Daoshan gradually calmed down, although he knew that the possibility was too small, but his son’s heart made him slightly gratified, and the suppressed anger turned into helpless love. “If the dream is still alive, it should be 20 years old now, it is a big girl.”

Lin Qikai listened and sighed sadly. He still remembers that when the sister was born, a small pink group was in the cradle. He tried to hug his feet, and Zhang was afraid that he would drop his sister and not let him touch.

On the side of the couch, An Zhen looked lovingly at him and said, “Zhang Ma, let the young master hug it. Xiaokai, the younger sister is a girl, just born very weak, you promised that the ampoule should be light or not. it is good?”

The sacred mood that he first picked up his dreams was hard to say. Just like an adult growing up in an instant, my heart secretly vowed to take good care of this lovely meat dumpling. The feeling of a long brother like a father is such a meaning.

It is also because if he dreams, he has a deep-rooted idea from an early age. Girls are weak and fragile and need to be protected. So it is not difficult to understand that he will be attracted by the sultry and temperament of Hong Yi. Because she is out of his cognition of girls.

“You go out first, I will come soon.” Lin Daoshan opened his thoughts back.

Lin Qikai couldn’t help but take a look at the photo before going out. His sister is the cutest girl in the world, and he secretly vows to find her back.

Unlike the Chinese-style forest garden style of Lin Zhai. There are three small buildings in the garden, which are the main building for Xu Rui’an to live in, the auxiliary building where three children live, and a small building that is idle and occasionally acts as a guest room. Since the young master Xu Xinglu died, the second master, Xu Xingcheng, went abroad, and Xu Ruian went home for a small time. In the deputy building, only Xu Xingyuan lived with a few old mothers. In the evening, only the beans were bright, and the whole house was Quiet as a ghost house. It is rare to have a lively time.

At this time, at the entrance of Xu Zhaiyuan, there was a sign that “Xu Xing Cheng have returned to the country so welcome to the dinner.” Around the sign, the flowers are clustered. Xu’s servant stood at the door to welcome and give a gift.

Hong Yu took Luo Fusheng, followed by his father Hong Zhengyi and his newest female companion, Cao Manli. Lin Qikai followed his father, Lin Daoshan and his aunt, Wang, and at the same time.

Hong Zhengxuan and Lin Daoshan both walked forward and symbolically nodded, a bold and domineering, a quiet and restrained.

Or Hong Zhengyi took the lead in opening: “Long time no see, Minister Lin is getting more and more spirit.”

Lin Daoshan took advantage of the civilization stick in his hand, and the smile of the skin did not laugh: “Which is more powerful than the boss of Shanghong.”

Hong Zhengyi heard the irony in his words, but went on his words. “I am a coward, I will only sell some strength, relying on some fists and feet to mix rice. But unlike Minister Lin, you don’t need to sweat and squirt, you can earn money by moving your fingers.”

The current Chief Jiang is the most hateful man to operate in a black box. Lin Daoshan asks himself to be sitting right, and he can’t be demolished because of this person’s unfounded joke. Lin Daoshan is in the right direction: “Hong boss is heavy.”

Hong Zhengyi felt that he was almost pressed, and he laughed. “please!”

Lin Daoshan is also welcome, advanced the hall.

The layout of the main hall of Xujia is beautiful and the lights are shining. The melodious western music is broadcast low, and the ladies and gentlemen dress up well, and the two and three ends are filled with champagne and laughter.

Xu Xingyuan wore a pearly dress for her in a tuxedo, holding the little wild cat that was coming that day, sitting quietly. Peace of mind as a set.

Lin Qikai and his father said a word, came over to her, took the kitten from Xu Xingyuan, caressed and said. “Which cute kitten is a good doctor to cure?”

Xu Xingyuan looked at Lin Qikai, a little shy and dare not look straight, drumming for a long time of courage to spit out a word. 

In addition to his brother, Lin Qikai is the only man who makes Xu Xingyuan feel at ease. In the eyes of Lin Qikai, Xu Xingyuan is no different from her poor little sister. The only difference is that if the dream is a bit more skinny, it is not as embarrassing as Xu Xingyuan.

Lin Qikai pretends to be very surprised: “Xiaoyuan is really amazing. You and your brother will definitely become the best doctors on the beach.”

“No…no…” Xu Xingyuan shook her head and nodded, as if she was nervous, and she had sweat on her forehead. Lin Qikai licked her hand and gently wiped her away. “The little princess is always keeping her cute image.”

He and Xu Xingyuan are also very happy, and it is always a good idea to pick her up. The sincere eyes make his words not seem artificial. Xu Xingyuan was so happy and full of blush.

At this time, Hong Yu took Luo Fusheng’s hand and saw this scene, but also some moved, looking at Luo Fusheng. ” Look at the people Lin Qikai and Xu Xingyuan, how are the feelings are so good?”

Luo Fusheng fully understands another meaning: “They are the right people, they are beautiful, and they are born with a pair. Just like you and the bamboo. You give me a little time, and you will slowly develop such good feelings.”

Hong Yu’s heart rolled his eyes, and Luo Fu’s feelings were almost as slow as the stupid bear. “Who is going to be paired with that guy? I am envious of the way my brother is. What is like you.”

Luo Fusheng understands this, it is suspected that his brother is not considerate enough. He touched it all over the body, and the only one handkerchief had thrown Tian Ying’s dead hoe before. Now he couldn’t find a handkerchief. He pulled away from Luo Cheng’s neck and he always put a quick rag on his neck.

Luo Fusheng took the rag and approached Hong Hao, learning Lin Qikai’s appearance, deliberately using a very artificial voice: “The little princess must keep his cute image at all times.”

Seeing the smelly sweaty rag is about to approach her face, the flood does not hide and not flash: “I see you are just wounded on the back, the skin is itchy. Hey!”

Hong Yi’s plot was to complain to Hong Zhengwei, Luo Fusheng quickly grabbed her mouth, no longer teasing her. Flooded him, he groaned: “Look at you next time and take me to open!”

Xu Xingcheng and Lin Qikai saw the whole process beside them, laughing and leaning forward. Xu Xingyuan heard that Luo Fusheng mimicked Lin Qikai and her words, and the red eardrops bleed.

“So you can cure this witch!” Xu Xingcheng accidentally said that the nickname of the leak, can not be sifted by the flood.

In a laugh, the problem of flooding was smashed. Luo Fusheng sighed in his heart, and passionately was ruthlessly hurt.

The music stopped and several young people who laughed and stopped immediately. I saw Xu Rui’an coming downstairs, and the audience focused on him.

Xu Rui’an looked happy. “Welcome to everyone to enjoy the returning banquet held for  Xu Xingcheng. It is a welcome banquet” 

Xu Ruian took the lead in toasting, and everyone smiled and smiled.

Lin Qikai noticed that his father was watching himself, and the subconsciousness was far away from the distance of Hong Luo.

Luo Fusheng understood his position and nodded to Lin Kaikai in the distance. He held up champagne from each other. Due to family background, he could only stand in his own camp and dare not cross the border.

The eyes of Hong Zhengxuan and Lin Daoshan were on the pair, and the smile cooled. The two pretended to raise their glasses.

Xu Xingyuan stood beside Lin Qikai, secretly watching Lin Qikai daze, and Lin Qikai has been staring at Hong Yan.

Although it is full of prosperity, the “protagonist” Xu Xingcheng is alone watching the night sky, full of depression.

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