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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 18 (Part 2)

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Chapter 18 (Part 2)

“You better not have this idea, tell you, I am going abroad to hide from you.” Xu Xingcheng also moved a little, said evilly.

When the words came out, Xu Rui’an and Hong Zhengxuan’s faces changed, and Lin Daoshan listened, but it was laughed at by this teenager. Luo Fusheng caught a dilemma between the two.

The photographer shouted at this time: “3, 2, 1. Eggplant!”

The fire-stricken floods stepped on Xu Xingcheng with high-heeled shoes and his life. Xu Xingcheng was unprepared and screamed. Everyone subconsciously looked back at Xu Xingcheng, just at this time, the photo was fixed and the moment was taken.

In the photo, the elders turned their heads back, and Xu Xingcheng licked his toes and began to make a sigh of laughter. Lin Qikai frowned and looked at Hong Wei. The cat in Xu Xingyuan’s arms was scared and jumped. Her mouth was slightly open and her hand extended to the cat outside the painting.

Luo Fusheng is like a bystander, calmly watching this farce. That year, they were just as young, and no one could turn back.

The dinner was not happy.

In the Hong family living room, Hong Zheng gave Hong Zhengyi a gentle shoulder and a soft whisper. “Hey, you will get rid of it, my daughter is wrong.”

“Hey! In so many people give me trouble, let your sly face go where?”

The sly look of Hong Yi continued for less than a minute, and immediately anxious: “Hey! I didn’t apologize to you? Why don’t you still care?”

Hong Zhengxuan looked at the flood and rushed, and immediately softened, no longer snoring. That is, Hong Yan can make him so soft. “Forget it. Don’t say it.”

Hong Yan sees the attitude seems to have some discussion, continue her offensive: “Hey. I obviously don’t like Xu Xingcheng, Xu Xingcheng does not like me, then why do I have to send it to the front? Who wants to marry your daughter? Going! Why do I have to ask for their home in a low-key way.”

“Of course I want to marry my daughter, there are not many people who can deserve you. I think you are very clear about this.”

“Who can’t say much? There are several good things around me..” Hong Yan stole Luo Fusheng, his face was red.

Hong Zhengxuan’s heart was like a mirror, and he narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, to put it bluntly, you are bent on letting me marry Xu Xingcheng, to listen to people and call them?”

Hong Zhengxiao smiled and said: “That is not necessarily. In terms of the performance of bullying him today, you marry the past and absolutely can hold him, and will not suffer.”

Hong Yan said, however, he slammed his shoulder on Hong Zheng’s shoulder and turned and left.

Hong Zhengxuan saw Hong Hao go far, and the smile on his face was also converged. “Xu Xingcheng this child, I grew up watching, knowing the roots, although people are a little bit simple, but a little honest, but a child who is more honest than the children who do not know the roots. Besides, there are Xu homes to do Backing up, the door is right, there is no harm in confrontation. You say yes?”

Luo Fusheng knew that the righteous father was testing him and immediately stated his position.” She is indeed a good match.”

Hong Zhengyi sighed: “You are not too big, there are people who are interested? Is it the last girl in the casino?”

Luo Fusheng felt that the wound on his back was faintly painful, and seemed to remind him not to make a mistake. Hong Zhengyi always hopes that his successor will have no desire. If the baby is exposed to the father in advance, I am afraid there will be any accident. He can only deny that he can only deny: “It’s just a moment… you know that I am an old movie fan.”

“Haha. You are like me, just like the opera. Nothing is good. Good men are interested in the Quartet. In our line, people who like it are equal to being caught by others. Tired people are tired!” It’s not like saying him. Pat his shoulder and went upstairs.

The sofa in the center of Xu’s living room is the same. Xu Rui’an sat angrily, and Xu Xingcheng stood opposite, listening to Xu Rui’an’s reprimand.

“You are more and more daring, and you dare to talk nonsense in front of so many people with faces in Shanghai. Do you have elders in your eyes, and my father?”

“Dad, my marriage with Hong Hao, I have never agreed, have you taken care of my feelings?”

“Children’s marriage is originally set by the elders. Besides, where is the flood?” is Luo Fusheng’s good man theory.

“I don’t have a personality with her. There is no common language.”

“You don’t need a common language, you just need to take her.”

“Dad! Women are not tools!”

Xu Rui’an sneered: “Women and tools, what is the difference between the two?”

Xu Xingcheng remembered his mother, and the silver teeth snapped. “I understand that you are not good for me and Yuanyuan at all, just for the black hat on your head, to satisfy your ambition!”

“Let’s go, you dare to talk to me like this!” Xu Rui’an’s cane said that he fell on the back of Xu Xingcheng. He refused to take it softly and his back was straighter.

“The ambition is not a bad thing, the desire is young. About you and Hong Yu, this is not my unauthorized arrangement, but the fate of your son as Xu, this is the number of good luck that people dream of and can’t reach!”

“What if I don’t want to be the son of Xu family?”

Xu Rui’an never imagined that he would say such a big reversal. “you dare!”

Xu Xingcheng was about to turn away, but the two descendants who came in at the door blocked the way. “Let me go out!”

“Bring the young master back to his room. Don’t let him out before he is awake.”

“Yes! Master!” The next person made a gesture to Xu Xingcheng. Xu Xingcheng did not expect to return to China in a few years, and his father became more authoritarian than before! He still wants to struggle and is taken away by the next people.

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