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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Xu Xing Cheng is staring at the photo of Tian Ying, which was cut on the briefing in the medical book.

The door suddenly opened, Xu Xingcheng quickly closed the book, and Xu Xingyuan walked in calmly under the watchful eyes of the armed guards.

As soon as the door closed, Xu Xingyuan immediately changed into an excited and anxious attitude, and took a letter from the body and handed it to Xu Xingcheng.

Xu Xingcheng took the letter and couldn’t wait to open it. Asked while dismantling: “Who sent it to me?”

Xu Xingyuan shook her head.

Xu Xingcheng started the letterhead, and the letter was handwritten by the “Hospital for have one interview for be one physician ” several positives.

Xu Xingcheng’s who graduated abroad and graduated in advance was working in love. Before returning home, he specially asked the seniors to make an internal push for him. I didn’t expect the schoolmaster to remember this thing. He happily held Xu Xingyuan’s shoulders. “Yuan, I am going to the hospital for an interview!”

Xu Xingyuan made a snoring gesture to her brother. Xu Xingcheng realized that he was too excited and caused too much sound. He quickly lowered his voice and continued to read the letter. “At 2:00 pm on the 20th, prepare your resume and pen and paper, go to the Cixi Hospital exam. Isn’t that today? How is this letter so late?”

Xu Xingyuan also followed the look of anxiety.

Xu Xingcheng frowned. He is now in jail, and even the door can’t get out. How to participate in the interview?

He was anxious to walk back and forth, suddenly remembered a person. He took out the pen and paper and wrote a piece of paper, which he wrote and gave it to Xu Xingyuan.

“Yuan, you immediately hand this over to Luo Fusheng, and he knows how to help me.”

Xu Xingyuan nodded. Then carefully hide the note on his body and check it several times before you leave the door.

Luo Fusheng was drinking coffee in the suite of MGM, reading newspapers, and a loud knock on the door. Luo Fusheng opened the door and saw Xu Xingyuan standing anxiously outside the door. “Miss Xu San? How come you? Come in and sit.”

Xu Xingyuan entered the house and did not sit. He handed the note directly to Luo Fusheng. Luo Fusheng glanced at him and immediately stuffed the paper into his pocket. “Miss miss, I am there, I can’t delay your brother’s interview at the hospital!”

Xu Xingyuan made a gesture of asking.

Xu Xingcheng dressed neatly and pacing back and forth in the house, waiting anxiously. Then I heard the sound of Luo Fusheng outside the door. “Don’t you know who I am?”

“Know your knowledge. Hong Gang is a small family.”

Luo Fusheng wore a large, long-sleeved gown and an exaggerated hat. However, the momentum of the monks is not diminished. “Do you know how to open the door?”

“If you are less of a family, you will not be able to die. The minister’s orders, no one outside can go in.”

Xu Xingyuan looked at Luo Fusheng. Luo Fusheng can’t do it when he looks hard. “Brother, I know that you are doing your duty. But how can I be considered an outsider? You have not heard that Hong and Xu will soon become relatives! This is not to be seen. I am your minister called to lobby. The young master, using his brother’s emotions to influence him, let him serve softly. I am also trusted by others. If I am lucky enough to succeed, you can also invite the invitation in front of the Xu Department.”

The two guards guarding the door glanced at each other and hesitated: “This…”

Luo Fusheng took the opportunity to pull a man and gave him some money. “The old man has a good face, he has to find a step, let me know when he is not there, and he will do things beautifully. It’s good for us. Besides, you are here, we can’t run a few big people. ?”

The escort took the money and finally opened the door: “That… well, it will be ten minutes.”

Luo Fusheng rushed Xu Xingyuan and smiled and walked in. He came in and closed the door. Xu Xingcheng was anxious to go forward. The two have a pair of eyes, it seems that there is a tacit understanding…

Outside the door, Xu Xingyuan waited anxiously, and suddenly the quarrel in the room gradually grew.

“Go out! No matter what you say, I won’t give in! You help my dad like this, you are no longer my brother!”

“Good! I am leaving! I can’t think of you so much to give your brother a face, you are so disappointing!” The door was suddenly opened, and Xu Xingcheng, who was disguised as Luo Fusheng, lowered his head and pretended to run out angrily.

Xu Xingyuan, who looked very nervous, rushed to catch up and ran downstairs with him. He and Luo Fusheng are almost the same, and then cover Luo Fusheng’s big robe and hat, it is even more difficult to see the difference.

The guards watched the room and looked at the room. Luo Fusheng, who was dressed as Xu Xingcheng, was lying on the bed, facing away from the door.

They quickly closed the door and were relieved.

In the room, Luo Fusheng, who had changed his star-length shirt, was lying on the big bed, and he felt that the neckline of the clothes was awkward. Stretching his hand and pulling the collar of the pen, he muttered: “The foreigner’s things are not useful for the Chinese.”

Luo Fusheng had nothing to do, went to the desk and did nothing to flip the book on his desk, and a brief report fell. He picked it up and saw that it was a black and white photo of Tian Ying wearing a costume.

Luo Fusheng remembered that when he returned to the state banquet that night, Xu Xingcheng told him that he liked someone. It turned out to be no excuse. He looked at the briefing in his hand and fell into meditation.

The other Xu Xingcheng ran into the Cixi Hospital and came to the front desk to ask the nurse. “Sorry, Miss Nurse, what is the interview with the new doctor?”

“It’s in the second office in front of the corridor.”

“Thank you!” Xu Xingcheng looked at the watch. It has been half an hour since the appointment. He can only run quickly. He expects more candidates and the interview is not over.

Xu Xingcheng ran to the office where the words “interview” were written, and the two interviewers were looking at the documents and coming out. The young one is his senior.

Xu Xingcheng did not show the relationship with the seniors. He ran to the two doctors and said, “Hello, I am going to interview the doctor.”

“Young people, the interview is over, sorry.” The older doctor turned and left.

His senior was next to him and his eyes were wide open. “There are two interview places. How can you come late!”

Xu Xingcheng lowered his stance and always apologized after the two: “I’m sorry. Because of the opposition in my family, I was imprisoned. I have managed to escape. I have already tried my best. Please give me another chance?”

The old doctor came up with a face: “We are doctors, people who are racing against time. If you can’t keep the time for the interview, how can you guarantee that the patient and your work will be taken seriously? What if the family object again? You must not work for a long time! Or please let me go.”

Several people in the hallway met the dean who came out of the heart surgery ward. “It’s you?”

Xu Xingcheng raised his head and wondered: “Do we know?”

“On the rainy night, the” nine-year-old red” and old gentleman who sent you to the opera came to the emergency department. It was my duty and rescue.”

Xu Xingcheng had an impression of vagueness. He was impressed by the doctor’s hand and foot, and he was calm and steady. He was indeed a man of high medical skill. “Thank you.”

“It’s my duty. It’s your young man. Thanks to your first aid for the old gentleman, it took us time to go to the hospital. But how do you get the first aid for heart resuscitation? Are you also a peer?”

In the face of the two interviewers, Xu Xingcheng was a bit shy. “Almost.”

The dean looked at the other two doctors and probably had a few in mind. “You missed the interview?”

Xu Xingcheng nodded nodded. The old doctor frowned and shook his head and shook his head. The dean only pretended not to see it. “With a resume?”

“Bring it! Bring it!” Xu Xingcheng was busy with the resume, flattened and handed it to the Dean.

The dean looked at the resume and his expression gradually relaxed. This is a real and practical person, and the past internships are very beautiful. “The high-profile students who have stayed in the ocean have also interned in the 13th district hospital. I said how urgent the emergency treatment you did that day. This way, the exception will give you an opportunity to interview.”

“President!” The old doctor expressed dissatisfaction.

“Old Hu, don’t be too harsh. Who hasn’t made a mistake? You and I were so good when you were young. Give young people a chance.”

Xu Xingcheng knew that the gentleman in front of him was actually the dean, and he was overjoyed. “Thank you, Dean!”

“Old Hu’s interview is difficult to pass. You can take it easy.” The dean smiled and patted his shoulder and left.

Xu Xingcheng walked into an empty conference room with two interviewers.

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