Granting You A Dreamlike Life Chapter 2

Granting You A Dreamlike Life Chapter 2

Translated by @tigrasev

Duan Tianying, who was asleep on the table, suddenly woke up, and the dream was just terrible. Her mind was still woody, and she felt that everything around her seemed strange. It was not until the sound of singing and singing in Beijing opera that she heard from her ear that she was completely removed from her dreams. For a moment, the birds screamed and the skin touched the warm sunshine. The scenery that has just been black and white is alive.

The room she is in is not big, but the victory is clean and tidy. The window sill is full of green plants and gadgets. Underneath the baby’s arm is a movie magazine. The open page is just about introducing a gangster love movie that will be released soon. She stared at the beautiful woman wearing a red cheongsam on the movie poster and shook her head at her dark gunpoint. It must have been because of this article that she would dream like that.

Duan Tianying suddenly remembered something, and a nap almost missed something big! She quickly crept out of the room and visited below.

In the practice field after the rain, the flowers and plants are green and green, and they are angry.

Duan Tianying used the flowers and plants in the large flower pot as a cover, hiding behind him and peeking at the back of the dragonfly. The pair of clear scorpions reveal a bit of ecstasy in the mottled sunshine. Familiar with her brothers and sisters, if you see her appearance, you know that this ghost girl has a bad idea!

In front of us, the troupe’s teachers and brothers are practicing the basic skills of the opera in a uniform manner.

The troupe class owner is nine years old, that is, she is squatting. She is sitting on the recliner in the middle of the practice field and closing her eyes to raise her spirits. She supervises the voice of their practice with their ears. He remembered words and gestures, and seemed to be rehearsing a wonderful drama in his mind.

Everyone is strong and strong, and when they sing a martial artist, they are full of masculinity. When the tune changes, only one turn, the same batch of men can immediately play the role of the horn, pick up the cloud hand, use for pull out the singer. It’s amazing.

This is the basic skill of Beijing Opera that can be used for a decade.

Other troupes, one person sing a character in a lifetime is a success. The nine-year-old red team needs to be born, and the net, the end, the ugly all have to get the chance to stage.

Duan Tianying from the big flowerpot, the thief barely showed his head and made a sly gesture to the brothers. The star pendant hanging from her neck slipped out of the collar, and the jewels with high clarity were shining in the sun.

She doesn’t decorate the pimple, she even claims to be sloppy, but her teeth are soft and feminine, like a pink rose that is first released. Duan Tianying has a unique white skin and a long, soft black hair. In order to facilitate her practice, she always likes to braid long hair into a thick slick oil to the waist. Whenever you want to punish her every time, always grab a standard.

Realizing that the teachers and sisters are watching their own exercises, the spirits of the brothers are more energetic, and they are all showing their own efforts, singing and playing, even jumping up and down, and doing nothing. Tian Ying was teased and laughed, but he did not dare to laugh.

Suddenly a sap sounded. Tian Ying is like a frightened bird, retracted into a large flower pot. The brothers and sisters are silent in silence.

At the age of nine, he was holding a stick, and he was long and beautiful. He was glaring at the eyebrows. He walked to the front of the brothers in a few steps, and his eyes were swept one by one. The brothers and sisters were not dared to look straight.

“You one by one, there is no big skill on the stage. It is better than anyone else! You talk about it, is it a troupe, or a circus? Are you singing ones or monkeys?” ”

Tian Ying apologized to the brothers and spit out their tongues and began to sneak into the door.

She noticed that the apprentices were absent-minded and looked at them, suddenly turning their heads. She seemed to have a long eye on her back, and she was fascinated by a flash of hiding behind the pillars, just hiding from his sight.

The brothers and sisters were as premeditated as possible, and quickly screened for her, distracting the attention : “Master, we are wrong, we should not practice well, we will not dare next time.”

. He turned his head and knocked their heads with a stick.

“Don’t die. One by one. Do you still want to have the next time? If this is the stage performance, who will give you the opportunity to make mistakes? Do you forget what day is today? This is the first time we troupe on the beach. Debut! No one can go wrong!”

When I talked, Tian Ying slammed her hand to the door.

“You are still here in Beiping Tongzhou? This is the big Shanghai! What kind of famous fans here have never seen, what kind of good drama has not been heard? Do not let the bottom of the box to live, take their heart How can we stand on the beach in the troupe? At that time, you all give me the northwest wind.”

In the ten years of the eternal life, there is no change in the teachings of his ancestors. Duan Tianying has already opened the door and quietly covered the door.

Since I have been in Shanghai, most of the time, Tian Ying has been locked up in the troupe and is not allowed to go out. In order to be able to go to the streets today, she has been planning for a long time. Taking care of the sick during the lunch break, telling you to leave. It was the time of the troupe’s practice until the time of the squad, and the thunder did not move. This means that she can “experience life” outside of the afternoon.

Tian Ying  is planning to go to the Taian Tea House to listen to a commentary, or to go to the famous home improvement shop to have a cage of fried bread.

Suddenly, a person clamped her from behind and had a lot of strength. Tian Ying looked hard to make the other side, and began to ask for mercy. “Oh, oh no, Master”

The person behind her was so stiff that Tian Ying launched a surprise attack and wanted to take the opportunity to get out. I didn’t expect that person to have prepared for it, and Tianying split, between the three strokes and two styles, the two men leveled and stalemate.

Tian Ying only saw the handsome face of the other party and let out a sigh of relief. “Brother? It turned out to be you. It’s Scared me.”

Standing behind her is an eye-catching man who, because of singing the Tsing Yi all the year round, looks like autumn water and turns to streamer. It is the beauty of the male and female, it is her brother Duan Tianci.

He ordered a little baby’s nose. “Fortunately, it is me. If I am caught, I will not discount your legs?”

“I was not beaten to death, I was scared to death first. There was no sound behind me. It seems that there is progress in light work.”

Duan Tianci’s praise for his sister is very useful. “While your teacher is not as talented as you, but there are two kinds of efforts to get home, the first look is good, the second is light. You have not accepted the loss for so many years?”

Tian Ying showed a disdainful expression. “Your devotion is terrible, my darts are not weak. If it is not because you are a man, you may not win anyone.”

Duan Tianci knows his sister, and he will never bow down. From small to large, I don’t know how many fights I have for this temper. “Well, I haven’t found it. I have to go back to practice with me. I haven’t happened anything. Otherwise, you have to get rid of the skin.”

“I don’t. I just managed to escape. I also recognized the delaminated skin. Brother, you give the evaluation, we have a banquet class in Shanghai for a little half a month? This door is not out, the two doors are not, every day except Practice is a practice. I have never been to the house since now. I am so boring, and the dinning class is hard to eat. There are so many delicious foods on the beach waiting for me. Brother, are you also here ? Like me, you want to try it out? For example, the famous family is suffering from the simmer…”

“I don’t think you are a cat.” Duan Tianshou said so, but it is still soft. “Then you promise me, to go back after eating and frying.”

Tian Ying and Duan Tianci pull the hook: “I promise you! In this world, only my brother is the best for me.”

Duan Tianci shook his head helplessly, but he was a favorite in his smile. Tian Ying’s ability to seduce the soul soup, she believes in the second in Quantong, no one dares to recognize the first. “I really can’t help you.”

Tian Ying took the initiative to take the hand of Tian Tian and ran to the street.

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