Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 20 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 20 (Part 1/2)

When Xu Rui’an’s limousine drove into the Xu’s yard, Luo Fusheng was sleeping on the bed of Xu Xingcheng.

Xu Ruian came to the door of Xuxing Chengfang: “Is this kid still honest today?”

The guards nodded.

Xu Ruian seems to be blessed to the soul, suddenly asked: “Today, no outsiders have come?”

The guards glanced at each other, some guilty, and did not speak. Xu Rui’an saw the clue, and screamed: “Open the door!”

Xu Rui’an walked into the room and watched someone quilt sleeping, and his heart was a little calm and coughed with dignity. “How? Hungry and forget the rules?”

Luo Fusheng woke up from his sleep, and he sneaked a damn in his heart. Standing hard on the scalp, he bowed to him. “Mr. Xu is good.”

He knew his identity and did not dare to call Xu Bobo like Lin Qikai. In addition, from small to large, he can feel the hostility of Xu Rui’an and Lin Daoshan. Because of the sentiments between the younger generations, although the leaders did not say it, the disgust that was occasionally revealed in the eyes was clear. I don’t even dare to make it.

Xu Ruian is also a bit surprised: “Is it you? How are you here?”

Luo Fusheng bowed his head and admits: “Mr. Xu, don’t blame anyone. The whole thing is my idea, I let the star journey away.”

The anger on Xu Rui’an’s face only appeared for a moment, and it quickly suppressed and became expressionless: “If this is the case, then you will come with me.”

Luo Fusheng felt unlucky and went out with Xu Rui’an. Xu Ruian was in the Kung Fu tea, poured a cup to Luo Fusheng, and signaled him to drink.

Luo Fusheng saw that Xu Ruian did not punish himself. Some accidents, picked up the cup and drank it respectfully.

Xu Rui’an fell again, then he picked up the cup himself. “If you remember correctly, have you known Qiongzhu for more than ten years? When the Lanlan was still there, I often took a few small ones to jump up and down in this garden.”

Luo Fusheng saw him mentioning the elder brother who had passed away, and his heart was mournful. “Our brother is waiting for us like a big brother. If you say a word, I am also a brother of my own.”

“Arrogant, no friends. Since his mother is gone, the relationship with me is not very close, only you and Zhongjing, can really talk to him. Life, our generation is old, You have a class that you can pick up from his righteous father ? I just want Starway to pick me up in the future, have a stable future, take care of his sister. So even if I am gone one day, I can go to see the mothers of their brothers and sisters with peace of mind. Can you understand my painstaking efforts?”

Xu Rui’an suddenly started to play the emotional card, and Luo Fusheng was not expected to follow, and he could only follow his words. “Yes, Xu.”

“Your parents go early. You are mature, independent, and sensible than the Stars. He doesn’t listen to me. He always does anything to me. You, as his brother, want to help me look at him. Advise him. I am his father. Even if the way is wrong, my heart is good for him.”

When it comes to birth parents, Luo Fusheng seems to be somewhat impressed: “I understand.”

“Well, I know that you are an sensible person. Right, after the welcome dinner at Starway, did Hong Family have a marriage contract?”

Luo Fusheng hesitated for a moment and concealed the attitude of Hong Yu. “I don’t want you to say that the righteous father is still very fond of Starway. I also think that he and Hong Hao are a natural pair.”

Xu Rui’an listened very well. “You have to say a few words in front of the righteous father. We have something to do with him. Also, tell me in time, I haven’t happened that thing today.”

Luo Fusheng realized that Xu Ruian wanted to use his own surveillance Xu Xingcheng. Suddenly the pressure is multiplied, and it can only be presided over: “That is natural.”

“Time is not early, go back and return to your righteous father.”

Luo Fusheng has long been sitting on a needle felt, and quickly stood up: “Yes, Minister Xu, I am in trouble. I am leaving.”

He has not taken the door yet, and Xu Ruian stopped him. “Right, I saw him telling him that Yuanyuan gave him a sweet soup and waited for him to come back at night.”

Luo Fusheng felt that the cold hair had to be set up. When Xu Xingcheng escaped today, he did agree with him. After the interview, he would hide in his high-quality life for a while. This matter is not even known to Xingyuan, Xu Rui’an is well aware of it. Maybe he didn’t know the details, but he also decided that Xu Xingcheng would meet him. This is giving him a warning. It can be seen that Xu Rui’s heart is deep.

Luo Fusheng responded with a good rush and left. Thinking of the beauty of the United States can not hide the Xu Xingcheng, you have to contact Lin Da Ge over there, find another way for him.

Xu Rui’an raised his eyebrows and took a cup of kungfu tea.

Xu Xingcheng’s interview was very smooth, and he was at home, and the seniors were blessing. Nature is invincible, and the severe Dr. Hu is also stunned.

“I have always been a talented person. You have passed this level of my life. From now on, I am a formal doctor. I hope that you will remember the vows we have already announced, and use what you have learned to save the wounded and dying. In addition, your father. Head, must also get his consent. The doctor’s job without family support is not long-lasting.”

Xu Xingcheng is hard to cover up with excitement. But remembering his father’s arrogant appearance and feeling the future. At the time of the show, he ran into a person.

“Tian Ying?” Xu Xingcheng felt that she and the girl really had a relationship. It seems to be his guiding light in the dark.