Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 20 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 20 (Part 2/2)

“Oh… Xu Xingcheng.” Tian Ying’s look also calmed down after a second surprise.

“You are taking care of you? Right, what happened to your brother last time?”

“Let you worry about it. My brother’s business is fortunate to Luo Fusheng’s help, it’s a knot.”

“Luo Fusheng ?” Xu Xingcheng was a little surprised. “He is not someone who will do anything casually.”

Tian Ying didn’t know who Luo Fusheng was. She couldn’t guess his mind and didn’t want to guess. Maybe he has a good impression on her, like Xu Xingcheng. However, from a young age, the people of Zhumen’s big family have too many calculations, too few sincere, and not credible.

Xu Xingcheng clearly felt the change of Tian Ying’s attitude towards him, but he could not understand the reasons. Simply ask questions. “Where did I offend the girl? Why has the girl been so indifferent to me since I last met?”

Tian Ying is not a person who turns around and whispers, and bluntly said the reason. “The things in the theater have been troublesome until the young master is not aware of the identity of the young master. If you know, you can’t dare to excuse your body.”

In this case, he was so ignorant that he did not know how to respond, and he also understood what she thought and thought. Xu Xingcheng is still good demeanor. “Can you invite the girl to talk.”

“I just want to go to Fulong, Xu Xingcheng will go all the way if you have time. Just walk and say.” Tian Ying’s hand warmed the kettle to the brother at the door of the ward, and Xu Xingcheng out from the back garden of the hospital.

The back garden of Tsoi Hospital is filled with seasonal flowers, and all changes must be made every season. The cobbled path leads to a pavilion. After the pavilion, another pond was dug, and the koi in it was colorful and clustered together. It is one of the best foreign hospitals in Shanghai, and it is open in the concession. The environmental facilities are not worth picking. It’s just that the medical expenses are so expensive that ordinary people are screaming, and nine-year-old red has mentioned several things to be discharged. Tian Ying felt his old man’s body and insisted that he live for a while.

Xu Xingcheng saw that Tian Ying had her own thoughts and did not interrupt her. She secretly thought about how she could change her mind. He understands that it is normal to have a prejudice against a person like them. In today’s society, the above bullies, the good and the evil are reversed, and the people who live at the bottom suffer too much. Therefore, when encountering a person who is famous, the subconscious reaction is to escape.

They walked out the back door and he slowly opened his mouth. “Tian Ying, will you be friends with a person because of money?”

This problem gives Tianying a feeling of being humiliated. “What do you mean by this? I am poor, but I will not bow to the people because of the money.”

“I believe.” Xu Xingcheng nodded and stared softly at her eyes. “Then I will ask you another question. Will you be friends with one person because of money?”

Tian Ying stunned and understood what he wanted to say. The reason is simple, but not everyone can do it.

“I can’t choose my own origin, but I can choose the way back. I choose to take a gun, and I choose to take a knife – a scalpel. From now on, you may have to call me a doctor, I will be in the future. This hospital is visiting.”

Tian Ying knew that he was a medical doctor last time, but he did not expect that he could actually wear this white coat. Seeing his eyes is a bit more worship and appreciation. Doctors have a lot of money and this is a real chore, but it makes sense and is respected. “Does your father have one answer?”

It’s really a word. Xu Xingcheng had no choice but to smile. “Probably not. But I have my own way to go, he can’t manage me forever.”

The big house door also has the bitterness of the big house door.

 “You have the courage.”

“If you don’t want to be friends with Xu Xingcheng , can you make a friend with Dr. Xu?” Xu Xingcheng asked, his words were sincere.

Tian Ying stopped and looked at Xu Xingcheng’s unsuitable robes and a top hat that deliberately concealed his ears. I also guess how he escaped here. I have a bit more admiration in my heart. After a while, he reached out and said, “Doctor Xu is good.”

He smiled and took back the palm of Tian Ying’s palm. The temperature of the palm of her hand passed over and ironed her heart. The back of the running in the rainy night and the straight spine that was taken by the police were fresh in her heart. Duan Tianying also showed a gentle smile to him.

Xu Xingcheng sent her to the entrance of the theater, and asked her to come to Mei Gaomei tonight. Tian Ying thought that this was the fierce and sinister Luo Fusheng site, and quickly waved his hand and refused. Xu Xingcheng is not reluctant, but only agrees that there will be time to come to her to listen to the drama.

When Tian Ying walked into the theater, he saw Luo Fusheng under the stage. It was not that he was too conspicuous, but now the theater has not officially opened. The entire black-eyed auditorium only sat alone. Luo Fusheng also looked up at her and the possibility of pretending not to be seen was also wiped out.

“Come here.” He waved at her.

Tian Ying went to him. “Come to me?”

He stared at her for a long while and didn’t talk. There seemed to be a thousand words in his eyes and he didn’t know where to start. 

“How is it beautiful again? Tian Ying frowned. “My play is going to start right away. You can listen here.”

“I will have something to go right away, I will not see you tonight. Don’t forget that you promised me.”

Tian Ying is also a trustworthy person, no longer arguing, thinking of another person in his mind. “Just give Dr. Xu a surprise.”

Tian Ying said that her face was inadvertently red. She found that she liked the name of Dr. Xu. She spit out a mouthful of unclear relatives.

Luo Fusheng observed her face change, from intolerance to shame. Obviously for whom. She is willing to be an ugly duckling to dance on the stage, and to make such an important pendant for him. As for her mind, he knows more than Xu Xing.

Xu Rui’an’s threat, Hong Zhengxuan’s suggestion, Xu Xingcheng’s secrets were stirred up in Luofu’s heart, and Duan Tianying’s mind was the last force to break his heartstrings.

When he was a child, the abbot of the Moga Temple gave him the fate of his life: “The seven killing stars enter the life palace. When they are young, they are easy to fold, and they are not sick.” After they grow up, they will suffer hardships, and they will become successful. It’s hard to get a long time at first sight, and it’s hard to avoid a lonely life.”

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