Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

The Hong family housekeeper opened the door and flooded into the song, feeling very good.

“Is Miss Da had dinner?”

“Yes.” Today, the girls are eating out together. There is a good girl who said that she had hosted a Western dance party last week. In the dance, she and her fiancé danced and decided to be romantic.

This story has inspired Hong Yu, she also needs a good atmosphere and a closer relationship with the relationship between life and death. By the way, let Xu Xingcheng out of the ocean.

When Hong Hao came in, he saw Hu Manli in the living room being massaged by Hong Zhengxuan. Hu Manli saw Hong Hao come back and left with interest.

After flooding Hong Zheng, he pretended to massage his father’s head, actually licking his face. After pinching a face, Hong Yan couldn’t help but laugh.Hong Zhengyi opened his eyes without hesitation: “What else is it asking Dad?”

“Hey!” Hong Hao spoiled and sat next to Hong Zheng. “I have something to discuss with you.”Hong Zhengyi guessed this daughter. “what’s up?”

“I want to have a ball at MGM this weekend.”Hong Zhengxuan only knows about the church, and the new things like the dance are the fashionable things of the foreigners. He has always been less than able to see it. “Isn’t the family just been done last week?”

“There is more than a cocktail party. I want to have a real western popular costume ball!”

The word “Fancy dress party?” is even more unheard of for antiques.”Yes, costume ball! I will call Xu Xingcheng when I arrive. You are not letting us communicate more?” She accurately grasped her father’s mentality.Hong Zhengzhen accidentally, vaguely smelled a little conspiracy: “Don’t you always look at Xu Xingcheng?”

“It’s not for the sake of you, you can hug your grandson as soon as possible.” Hong Yu was pretending to be ashamed. This is not a lie, the grandson is a grandson, but he is not born with Xu Xing.This temptation is too big for Hong Zhengxuan.

“That’s a good thing! Daughter, although Dad doesn’t know what medicine you are selling in this gourd, but as long as the daughter wants it, Dad must fully support it!”Hong Yan smiled and kissed him on his cheek. “Thank you Dad! Then I am going to MGM to find a floating brother! Dad, good night.”Hong Zhengzhen looked at his daughter’s back, and thought about it.At the entrance of the MGM, the flooded Cadillac drove to the door. Hong Hao got off the bus and asked the helper at the door. “Is Father alive?”

“Missy, little master is listening to the drama inside.” The person at the door replied with respect and respect.”Listen to the show?” Hong Wei felt that he had got it wrong. How can someone sing in the beauty of the United States? She strode into the beauty of the United States, and before she saw her, she heard it first. For a while, the drama she couldn’t understand came from behind the red curtain.

On the stage, Tian Ying is singing, she did not come to the troupe, she is ready to sing. I didn’t expect the soundtrack of “The Dream of the Garden” to be played in the sound machine. Sound effects sound less than live, but they are much better than singing.

Luo Fusheng closed his eyes and put his long legs on the coffee table. I don’t know if I was listening. Sitting next to the two dancing girls Monroe and autumn dress. Luo Cheng also sat next to him, but Xu Xingcheng was absent.

Luo Fusheng was listening to his strength, and suddenly a black shadow was in front of him.He was frowning and wanted to attack. He blinked and saw that it was flooding. His face was somewhat relieved, but he did not get up and tightened the woman around him. “How did you come?””I still want to ask you. When did Mei Gaomei become a place to sing?” Hong Yan looked at him, and Monroe and Qiu Sang had to sit up and give her a place.

Hong Yu sat sat in the satisfaction of Luo Fusheng, pointing to the stage and wearing a costume, it was difficult to conceal the bright Tian Ying asked her: “Who is this?”On the stage, Tian Ying naturally saw the entanglement of Luo Fusheng and Hong Yu, and shook his head unconsciously. He said that it is still right. It is common for them to change the women around them, except for Dr. Xu. Except for his sister, she has never seen other girls around him on any occasion.Luo Fusheng made a snoring gesture to Hong Yan. “One Small voice. The show is singing.

“The flood of air blew a whip against the air. “Come with me to eat Western food.”Luo Fusheng raised his hand and looked at his watch. “What time is it? You haven’t used dinner yet. I can’t do it tonight. I made a appointment with Xu Xingcheng.”Hong Hao heard the name of Xu Xingcheng as well as the ghosts. “You want to take him as a scorpion and drive me away, so that Meigaome and the play are mixed up?”Luo Fusheng frowned, and this girl was more and more unruly by the righteous father. Partial birth can not attack her. “Hey. Say Cao Cao Cao Cao.!”

Luo Fusheng raised his hand and waved at the door. Tian Ying heard the name, his eyes blossomed, and he looked in the direction of his wave. Hong Yan is a look of your cheating ghost.

“Xu Xingcheng!” When she heard the sound of Xu Xingcheng not far away, she quickly sneaked away from the other direction. “Brother, I have left beforehand.

“Luo Fusheng was crying and laughing. He looked up and saw Duan Tianying looking at the glory in his eyes when he looked at Xu Xingcheng. The smile on his face gradually faded. I took the glass and dried the whiskey inside.

Just after a song, Duan Tianying showed the shyness of the girl, and Xu Xingcheng did not approach, and quickly drilled behind the scenes to remove makeup.Xu Xingcheng happily walked into the beauty of the piano and saw the back of Luo Fusheng, three steps and two steps to hurry up to hug his neck. “Good brother! Thanks to you, my interview today is very successful! Who is the one who just ran away?”It’s a nephew.” Luo Fu gave a wry smile.”

What’s the matter with you? The mood is so low, is it discovered by my dad? He didn’t tell you how?” Xu Xingcheng worried about him.He was trying to tell him that he could not stay here, and he would take him to Lin Qikai. Not open, a familiar voice came from afar. “Of course not.”Xu Ruian appeared with the four police officers at the entrance of the MGM.Xu Xingcheng looked at him strangely and looked at Luo Fusheng. “dad?”

Luo Fu’s heart shook his head, but it was a step later. I am afraid that someone has been stalking at this beautiful gate.

His helplessness became the default betrayal in the eyes of Xu Xingcheng, and Xu Rui’an’s words further confirmed his thoughts. “Xu Xingcheng , thanks to you, I can find my son.”Xu Xingcheng looked at Luo Fusheng: “I told you my dad, I am here?”

Luo Fusheng opened his mouth and touched Xu Rui’an’s eyes or accepted it.Xu Xingcheng still had to ask questions, at this time Xu Rui’an said. “Let’s go, there is something to go home and say.

“Originally, even if he couldn’t come, he would also go home to report the interview today. Dr. Hu said yes, getting support from his family is the basis of his medical treatment. The beauty of the United States is only to say hello to the floating life, but never imagined that he would sell his whereabouts to him.

Xu Xingcheng gave him a deep look and went out angrily.Luo Fusheng stood in the same place, bowing his head and picking up the autumn wine to give him a full refill of wine and kill it. Looking back, I saw the well-dressed Tianying standing in the shadow of the side, watching his eyes filled with disappointment.”He really treats you as a brother.”

She only turned around and said that she turned and went out. This sentence without a tone is heavier than taking a slap in the face.The glass of Luo Fusheng’s hands squatted under the stage, and the pieces were splashed.