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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Xu Zhaizhong, Xu Xingcheng and Xu Ruian, the three quietly sit on the corner of a sofa. Xu Xingcheng finally couldn’t help it. He said first: “I went to the hospital for an interview today.”

“I know.” Xu Rui’an face is not shocked.

Xu Xingcheng subconsciously wants to ask him how to know, think of life and hate a sip. That guy must have sold himself thoroughly. Simply spread out. “Hey, I have to go to the hospital to work. I am not talking to you, just to make a notice. I am going back to Shanghai to get closer to your sister. If you have to do this, I will bring my sister back to France. I can do the same. You can’t hold me forever.”

“If you don’t want to go to the police station, you can’t go for the time being.” Xu Rui’an sudden change was unexpectedly for Xu Xingcheng. He thought that there was a hard battle to fight, but the other party immediately shook the white flag. “What are you talking about?”

“There is a condition.”

Xu Xingcheng’s joy did not last long and was pulled back to reality: “I will know. You should talk about it first.”

“You and Hong Yi’s marriage are important, you have to cooperate.”

“Impossible. Marriage is as important as career.” Xu Xingcheng refused if he thought about it.

“You don’t rush to refuse, listen to me to talk about the conditions. Hongzheng wants to do a costume ball for Mongol in the United States, and invites you. As long as you go to the ball. Perform well at the ball, I can not Keep you in the house, and you can go to the hospital to work, think about it yourself.”

Xu Xingcheng thought that it was a good deal to exchange personal freedom as a masquerade ball. As for the later relationship, the father’s hand can not reach that long. As long as he is not kept at home, he can see the baby.

“I promise you!”

Xu Rui’an smiled and was very satisfied with his answer.

That night, everyone around Luo fusheng drinking, Luo Fusheng has been ragged, cheeks red, very excited, continue to give himself a drink, clash with other people, a drunken dream.

The foggy reeds sway.

Gasping, crying, crying, gunshots.

A hand holding a pistol.

The line of sight slowly moved up, and this time he finally saw the person who took the gun.

It is his father.

Luo Fusheng woke up from his dreams, sweating all over his head, and the record player was still carrying the record of Tian Ying. He rushed into the bathroom and vomited. The nightmare made the head after the hangover more painful.

In the daytime, Xu Xingcheng is going out, just walked to the door, and the plain clothes that the two men dressed up should follow. “Do you want to follow me?”

“Young master, the master told me that when you go out, let us accompany you and listen to you.”

“Then I went out to talk to Miss Hongda, and you have to follow in love. When is the light bulb?”

The two plain clothes face each other and draw a conclusion. “Master said that no matter where you go? Follow you.”

Xu Xing Cheng was about to attack, suddenly heard the footsteps of Xu Rui’an downstairs upstairs, hurriedly walked to the phone and shook a phone.

“Who are you going to shake the phone to?”

“Give the flood. We have an appointment to go out and buy the dress that the ball will wear today.”

Xu Ruian doubted that he came back so late last night, when can he make an appointment with Hong Hao: “Really?”

Xu Rui’an took the call from Xu Xingcheng. At the end of the phone, no one answered, Xu Ruian looked at Xu Xingcheng with confusion. He just had to put down the phone, and suddenly there was a huge voice coming from the phone. “Which is not long-eyed? Calling so early in the morning to disturb people’s dreams!”

Xu Rui’an couldn’t help but frown, Xu Xingcheng heard the flood of the flood, and smiled secretly. Xu Rui’an glanced at Xu Xingcheng and handed the phone back to Xu Xingcheng, but stood still.

Xu Xingcheng picked up the phone with a scalp: “Hey! It’s me, Xu Xingcheng.”

“Xu Xingcheng! Have you taken the wrong medicine? The brain is broken? Call me so early.”

Xu Xingcheng turned a deaf ear to her evil words, and smiled: “Hung, do you forget that we are going to buy a dress that we wear together today?”

The flood that didn’t wake up was silent for a while, thinking about what medicine to sell in his gourd.

Xu Xingcheng still wants to say something, Xu Rui’an can’t help the temper, come over and grab the phone. “Oh, I am your uncle, Xu. What happened to the person to find you?”

Xu Xingcheng saw that he had to wear a gang and was dejected.

Hong Yan wanted to understand, clearing the throat, and changing the tone of a delicate drop. “Hsu’s uncle is good, he wants to go out to play with people today, but don’t you know that your uncle is allowed to allow it?”

Xu Rui’an heard this tone, but also a glimpse. Then smiled and said: “Young people, you should always get together, you Xu Bobo is very open, how can you not allow it?”

Xu Rui’an handed the phone back to Xu Xingcheng, and then the next two people said something.

Xu Xing Cheng Su took the phone with suspicion and heard that Hong Yu was still pretending to be snoring. “Uncle Xu, right, I have just purchased a good tea here. When I see the bamboo, let him also give you some points. Honoring and respecting your old man…”

“I really have you, Hong Yan, my mind is very flexible. I will definitely be a good wife in the future, a good wife, a good grandmother…”

One listened to Xu Xingcheng, and Hong Yu’s voice turned back to pungency. “Xu Xingcheng! What are you talking about? Are you scratching your skin?”

Xu Xingcheng saw his father still staring at himself and adjusted his tone: “I have done it. I know that you still have a lot to say to me. Let’s meet at the Huanyi Cafe on Nanjing Road half an hour later. ”

Hanging up the phone in a hurry, but after thinking about it, he laughed again and quickly dressed. This dress for the costume party is naturally a good choice.

In the cafe, the young men and women who seem to be in the opposite direction sit on each other and twist their false smiles.

“What did you do with the costume ball that you invited?” Xu Xingcheng would not believe the idea of ​​promoting his relationship with him.

“Why don’t you think that my uncle always wants us to get in touch? Just after I haven’t called my friends to play for a long time, I will take this opportunity to play. When you come, you will be ready to do it. You don’t have to look for me, I also I don’t have time to deal with you. Everyone has their own play.”

Xu Xingcheng hesitated a bit and thought that this idea was not bad. “So can I bring my own partner?”

“Of course. How much can be done.” Hong Yi’s uncharacteristic smile is always bright, and she always feels that there is something small in her heart.

Xu Xingcheng can’t take care of this many, and only wants to invite Tian Ying to go to dinner together. The nature that Hong Yu thinks is naturally alive. The two men are prepared to split their actions and do not interfere with each other.

Xu Xing Cheng was preparing to leave, and Hong Yan called him: “Hey. I have prepared you for the mask. I will enter the mask with the mask on the day.”

Said, Hong Hao took out a delicate half-face mask from the handbag and handed it to Xu Xingcheng.

“What about the mask of the female companion?”

Hong Yi did not think of this layer before. “Buy it yourself. There is in the National Light Department Store.”

Xu Xingcheng took the mask and thanked him. The two separated.

Xu Xingcheng is at the door of Guoguang Department Store. Tian Ying rushed from afar: “You let the theater owner send me a message, let me come over to find you, what are you doing so urgently? You didn’t have trouble for you last night?”

“Nothing. You will know when you come with me!” Xu Xingcheng took Tianying into the dress shop of Guoguang Department Store.

At the same time, Hong Hao and Luo Fusheng’s car also opened to the door of Guoguang Department Store.

Hong Wei and Luo Fu gave birth to a car. Hong Yan walked with Luo Fusheng’s arm.

Luo Fusheng looked boring: “Small grandmother, other gangs have already killed the door, fired eyebrows, why are you pulling me here?”

Hong Hao, he said: “Let’s be a god in this. I don’t know. You haven’t managed anything recently. The arrangement of Mei Gaomei is also Luo Cheng’s making. You are drinking alone.”

Luo Fu was convinced that it must be Luo Cheng’s big mouth! Look at me and go back and don’t pack him!

“My grandmother, I have to have a dance party. You don’t have a gown in your closet that can get a hand. It’s like me. I have to choose a suit that fits you. My face.”

“What face do I earn for you? Your partner should be a bamboo.”

“Who wants to dance with him. Don’t worry. Come in with me and try on clothes.” Hong Hao pushed Luofu into the men’s department.

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