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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Guoguang Department Store is the most upscale foreign department store in Shanghai. The inside window is clear and clean. Tian Ying used to dare to stand at the door. This time, Xu Xingcheng was with her.

The clerk recognized Xu Xingcheng, and after he showed up he returned against the bank. The clerk also heard a lot when he helped the customer to try the clothes on weekdays. It is said that he has a marriage contract, and Xu is with Miss Hong Bang. But he came back from the ocean and drank a cup of ink, where he could see the maids of the knife and the gun. It was very uncomfortable at the returning banquet.

All in all, the final conclusions of the ladies and ladies are all one sentence.

So when he took another girl into the store, the clerk did not show a surprised look. Instead, I respected and called out: “Miss is good.”The staff of Guoguang Department Store are known for their high quality, and they often receive guests from the concession. In addition to Mandarin and Shanghainese, both speak English and Japanese. Xu Xingcheng is a foreign style. After listening to the young masters of this period, it is not comfortable. Instead, the clerk screamed at him that he was very kind.

“Hello. Recently, what new dresses are in the store for Miss Duan? You look at the recommendation.

“The clerk looked at Duan Tianying. She was too difficult to hide her cloth shoes. The eyebrows were awesome and it was a rare beauty. “I don’t know what kind of dress I like to wear in the Girls section? Fishtail, tube top, or?”

Tian Ying originally listened to their speech and it was already in the fog, what is not secret. Now that the problem is directly thrown on her head, it is even more helpless. “me……”

Xu Xingcheng saw her embarrassment and quickly took over. “You recommend the styles in your store according to the section of Miss Duan.”

“Okay. The two are sitting on the couch, etc. I am going to give you a few dresses. Do you need jewelry and shoes?”

“Yes. Take it together.” Xu Xingcheng became the Lord.

Finally, when the clerk walked away, Tian Ying only took the opportunity to whisper and asked him: “Why would you bring me to buy a dress? I don’t need it.”

“Use it. After two days, MGM has a costume ball, I want to invite you to be my partner.”

“Fancy dress party? What is it?” Tian Ying is unheard of for this new word. “And I can’t dance.”

“No problem. I just lack a companion. If you are willing to show your face, it will help me a lot.” Tian Ying knows that Xu Xingcheng wants to find a partner, and all of Shanghai can find dozens of worthy names. He said nothing more than giving her a face. “The masquerade ball is no different from the usual ball, except that everyone wears a dress and a half-face mask. It’s more fun to know who doesn’t know anyone in dim light.”

“That… how do I recognize you?” Tianying heard this arrangement even more vain.

“The original masquerade rule is that you can’t reveal your day’s dress. But let’s make a deal today. I will wear a white suit with this mask. The mask is missing a small mouth, even if you encounter the same mask. People, you will find it when you look closely.

“Tian Ying played with the white mask on his hand and seemed to be excited to have a common secret with him.At the end of the men’s department, Hong Hao was busy in the store and chose clothes for Luo Fusheng.

The selected clothes are about to be piled up at the front desk. But she is still picking up according to her own taste.

The clerk helped him with a lot of clothes in the side, and he followed his face with a smile. In my heart, it is a bitter.

Luo Fusheng leisurely sipped the orange water provided in the store and looked at the pictorial. It seems that it is not his business.

Finally, I waited for Hong Yan to visit the entire men’s department and pointed to the clothes in front of him. “Well, let’s try.”He got up and glanced at the colorful “hill heap.” Quickly pulled out a white shirt and a black suit from inside. Pure black fabric, without any pattern decoration, but the material is superior, tailored and slim.

When Luo Fusheng wore it out, he was surprised by the eyes of all the women present. It’s a plain black suit, and it’s a bit more sexy because of his long body and strong muscles.Hong Yan enjoys the envious eyes around him, and is proud to take Luo’s arms. “This is a set. After that, the floating brother should wear more clothes. People rely on clothes, it is suitable for you!”

“It’s not moving when you cut people.” Luo Fu’s faceless expression straightened, and the shirt sleeves shrank up.The people around “…” quickly turned their eyes away and pretended not to hear.”Don’t you have the rest?” The clerk cautiously asked Hong Wei.

“Don’t. Brother, accompany me to the women’s dress option skirt!”In the women’s department, the clerk selected a set of fishtails and a set of A-length long dresses according to the shape of the baby. It was okay to try the fishtail. Although it was awkward, it was worn out.”How?” Tian Ying’s turn turned a circle in front of him.”It’s beautiful. It’s a bit too mature. Try another set. I think that would be more suitable for you.”When Tian Ying put on another long skirt, she couldn’t recognize herself. The sapphire blue dress is embellished with gradient sequins, and the layers of the movement are like the stars in the night sky flashing. She liked it, but she didn’t dare to walk out of the fitting room. It’s too exposed. The entire shoulder and the small half of the chest are outside.

Tian Ying wrapped in the curtain of the fitting room and asked the clerk if there were any other skirts.”What’s wrong? Is it not fit?” The clerk patiently asked.”No. It’s too exposed.” Tian Ying stalked her, and Xu Xingcheng also came over. She is even more nervous.

“Miss section, it doesn’t matter. This is the latest dress from France. The design of the neckline is like this..

“Xu Xingcheng is listening to understand what is going on. “Trouble you to bring a shawl to Miss Duan.

“Tian Ying gratefully looked at him, once again for his thoughtful and heart-warming. The clerk immediately took a pearly white tassel to the shoulder. After the baby was covered, he dared to walk out of the curtain.

“Well, look good?” Tian Ying stood in front of the full-length mirror and secretly picked up his feet. The clerk immediately took a pair of three-inch high heels and the same sequin design was shining. After the baby was on, it was like putting the entire galaxy on it.

Xu Xingcheng did not speak for a long time. If he praised, he could not say a word. He always knew that Tian Ying is beautiful. When he was standing on the stage, he was beautiful when he was singing. He was also beautiful when he was playing under the stage and floating. But that is not the same as today’s beauty, just like wiping out a dusty porcelain, suddenly the beauty that comes out of it, stunned.”This is a set.” His reaction has outweighed countless praises. “Right, is there a mask for selling costumes?”

“Yes.” The clerk took two of them and the resin mask was set with feathers and colored rhinestones, like a peacock.

Xu Xingcheng handed her a color that matched her skirt color. Duan Tianying took over and plotted on his face, laughing innocently. “Good-looking?”

Luo Fusheng was standing at the door of the store at this time, looking through the window to look at the couple who built the day. The smile of Tian Ying in front of Xu Xing Cheng is something he has never seen before. Luo Fusheng feels like a thief who is stealing other people’s treasures.”Good-looking…”

He couldn’t help but gently return.”What?” Hong Yan thought he was talking to her.”Nothing. I have to go back in advance, can’t accompany you. I bought everything and remembered my account.”

Luo Fusheng waited for the flood, and stepped out of the department store.

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