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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 24 (1/2)

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Chapter 24 (Part 1)

In the Longfu Theatre, people in the field talked about today’s drama.

Tian Ying just unloaded her makeup and put on her dress and high heels to go to Mei Gaomei.

Duan Tianci walked in and suddenly said. “Hey, I missed you yesterday. I promised that he will finish the show today and take you to see him. Is there any other arrangement for your dress?”

Tian Ying could not refuse to visit the request of the beggar, looked at the hour, there is still time. “I want to participate in an event tonight, but there is still time. Let’s go see it first.”

Duan Tianci followed her and looked at her back. Suddenly, she did not dare to look directly at this younger sister who grew up together. From when she began, her radiance will gradually be overwhelmed. Duan Tianci was a little flustered, just like what he had always decided to be his own, suddenly became no longer fit.

“Nine-year-old red” lying on the hospital bed, Tian Ying gave a “nine-year-old red” massage, while reporting to the “nine-year-old red” troupe, and Duan Tianci cut the apple on the side.

“A lot of bosses have recently celebrated their birthdays. Today, the horse boss received two deposits, letting us sing the class to sing the church. The church meeting will be full next month, and the teachers and brothers will be happy.”

“Nine-year-old red” looks a lot better! “Well, I can’t think of our troupe so fast in this big Shanghai. I feel good today, I don’t know when I can be discharged. This disease is a rich disease, and I am at home.” You will be able to raise it, why waste money in such a expensive place.”

Duan Tianci handed over the apple: “The doctor said, check it again in a few days, and you can pick you up without leaving the problem.”

“Hey, don’t worry, this time the disease is thoroughly raised, the troupe does not need you to worry about it for a while.” Tian Ying looked up at the wall clock, the dance had begun, but she did not know how to open and leave.

Duan Tianci pretended not to see her anxiety, not too slow to say. “Tian Ying, you go to give some water.”

Tian Ying’s face was difficult, but he promised to go.

As soon as she left, she would pull Duan Tianci to her side : “After I was admitted to the hospital, what happened in the troupe?”

The matter is really quite a lot, but whether it is the fat man coming to the market or losing money at the casino, no one can tell his father. Then Duan Tianshen shook his head.

 I thought about it and asked: “Is there anyone who knows about Tian Ying? You look at the clothes and shoes that she is wearing now. Where are the people we bought? You have to look at her. Don’t let her go wrong.”

Duan Tianci was sullen. I only said that the son who was sent to the hospital last time seemed to have some meaning for Tian Ying.

” Nine-year-old red” sighed. “This is a life.”

From the day he brought the baby, I knew that she was not an ordinary child. She has been glaring at her for so many years, and she is worried that the child will leave them sooner or later. Counting himself is selfish and always planning to have more for his son.

“On that day, I said that no matter what men and women, whoever is responsible for the troupe, who do you think?”

Duan Tianci knows that talent is not as good as his sister. Of course, there is no objection: “Hey, this is naturally awkward.”

“You have called me a sigh, and naturally I should understand my mind. Even if the troupe is handed to the hands of Tian Ying, will it still be yours in the future? After all, you are my own flesh and blood, and she will be yours after all.” Wife. “This is why he has paved the way for two children and will not allow anyone to disturb. “Your future wife, you must be optimistic!”

Duan Tianci is silent. He has some hunch, his sister, his fiancee, and he can’t stand it.

A group of guests with masks walked into the MGM stadium. Xu Xingcheng was wearing a white dress and standing in the door with a mask. He looked at the watch from time to time and waited for the baby. At this point, one hand was heavily photographed on the shoulder of Xu Xingcheng, Xu Xingcheng looked back, a black dress, Luo Fusheng with a mask standing next to him.

Xu Xingcheng shook his shoulders and got rid of his hook and shoulders. He has not forgiven him for the last time he sold him. “Who are you, man, do you know you?”

Luo Fusheng thought it was a mask to block his face. He didn’t recognize it. He took off his mask: “I can’t recognize you? I recognized you at a glance. You still dare not know me?”

Xu Xingcheng snorted: “I don’t dare to know you. I don’t know people who sell brothers at all.”

Luo Fusheng has no choice: “That is not me.”

“Isn’t you who you can be? No one knows that I will come to Meimei in the evening. You just swayed out of my eyes and he didn’t exchange anything with you?”

To say that Xu Xingcheng really knows his father. Luo Fusheng only felt that the more the explanation would be worse, simply hooked his neck and played the set of childhood. “Xu Xingcheng, I am doing this for you. I can’t even get a good one. Who am I still not understanding? You said, are you still brothers?”

Xu Xingcheng was locked in his throat and stumbled for mercy. “Yes, yes, let’s go.”

He let him go, Xu Xingcheng squinted at his neck and coughed and smiled. “Rogue.”

The feelings between men are like this. They don’t need to be clear in words and sentences. As long as a collision can be reconciled.

“It’s a brother, but you have to pay me back. Anyway, it’s all bad for you!” Xu Xingcheng added that he did not suffer.

“Well, even if I am not careful, I am on a thief boat. Today I am escorting and letting the elderly have fun. Tonight, it is the King of Heaven, and don’t want to bother us. Satisfied?”

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