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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 24 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 24 (Part 2/2)

After that, the two smiled and smashed each other’s chest.

“Xu Xingcheng, then please go inside.” Luo Fu was born again and put on a mask.

Xu Xingcheng officially looked at Luo Fusheng’s different sets of dresses today. “Oh. This ‘Jade Luo’ is not really white. It is really appropriate to wear this body. You go ahead. How many Miss girls are waiting for you to dance. I have to wait for a friend here.”

Luo Fu gave birth to a sigh, quickly changed his smile and said: “Well, then I am advanced to greet the guests, something is called me.”

After that, Luo Fusheng went into the ballroom. Xu Xingcheng looked at his watch and looked out.

Tian Ying hit the water back, just to see the nurse is measuring the temperature of the” nine-year-old red”, and gave the “nine-year-old red hair” today’s medicine, “nine-year-old red” took the medicine and lay down.

“It’s been time to visit, and family members please come back.”

“Oh, then let’s go back.”

“Come back, go to bed early.”

Tian Ying and Duan Tianci promised to leave the ward. Tian Ying followed Duan Tianci out of the hospital. Tian Ying looked at the time is too late, and some worried: “Brother, then I will go first. You go home and rest early.”

Duan Tianci remembered his father’s words and wanted to persuade her not to go. But when she saw her princess-like dress, she couldn’t bear to stop it. After that, he can only live a hard life, and now that she is young, let her stay longer and stay a good memory. “Well, then you will come back early, take a rest, and you have recently sang, you are tired.”

Tian Ying smiled: “Do not worry, brother.” After running, he ran away, and Duan Tianci still shouted to pay attention to safety.

At this time, Mei Gaomei is already singing and dancing, and Xu Xingcheng is still alone waiting. The flood came out. “Xu, this is a half-day opening. Why don’t you still go in?”

Xu Xingcheng heard the sound of Hong Yu. “I still have a friend who didn’t come.”

“Hey, is it a very important person? Actually, you need Xu Dagong to drive here.” In fact, Hong Kong had already seen the girl who was going to buy clothes with Xu Xingcheng outside the women’s clothing store. It’s very refined, but I don’t know which lady it is.

Xu Xingcheng replied absently: “You don’t know.”

“Who is the girl? You don’t stand here and wait, like the door god of my beauty. You are advanced, I will send people here to wait. When people arrive, they will be introduced.”

Xu Xing Cheng just wanted to refuse, Hong Yan grabbed Xu Xingcheng’s arm and walked into the ballroom intimately.

Xu Xingcheng did not adapt, and looked back as he walked. The servant with the gatekeeper knows what kind of clothes the baby wears.

Hong Yan took Xu Xingcheng to sit on the deck and handed him a glass of red wine and said, “Come, Cheers, thank you for coming to my costume ball.”

“Where, thanks to you, I have this side to clean the world.” Because it was a banquet hosted by Hong Wei, and it was in Mei Gaomei, the fathers were very reassured and did not send people to stare at the scene. Xu Xingcheng’s demeanor is also very good, although the heart is remembered to hang the baby, still full of heart to deal with the hostess of the banquet, drink the glass of wine.

“I want to do this costume ball is to want to ease the relationship with you, the last time I took pictures is that I am not right, should not step on you.” Hong Hao changed his excuse and gave Xu Xing Cheng a glass of wine.

Xu Xingcheng heard this and felt that the girl’s words were all mentioned, and I should have said: “I am also wrong. I should not deliberately take words to provoke you. Sorry, I am taking a penalty and I am guilty.”

Hong Yan smiled: “This is right, come, Cheers.”

After a short time, the two had already had three or two glasses of red wine. Hong Yu is soaked in the wine jar from the bottom, naturally nothing. Xu Xingcheng’s amount of alcohol is not so good.

Hong Yan saw that he had been slightly stunned and pulled up his skirt and stood up: “I went there to greet my friends. If you don’t go anywhere, just sit here and wait for your friend. I just told the next person to lead directly to this position. Come.”

Xu Xingcheng continued to thank: “Okay.”

Hong Hao left the deck, leaving Xu Xingcheng alone, boringly watching the guests wearing a variety of costumes around, and looking out from time to time.

Hong Yan walked to the six girls behind the red curtain of the stage. They were fat and thin, and each had their own differences. Some of them were mature and sexy, and they were pure and delicate. The standard was a pair of long white legs. In fact, they are all beautiful dancers, dressed in masks and dressed as ladies.

When you see the flood, everyone greets you. “Missy.”

Hong Hao nodded and picked up the red cloth and pointed to Xu Xingcheng in the sofa: “It is the man in a white suit. You are going to be with you tonight.”

Hong Hao took the red wine glass in the same place and looked at the direction of Xu Xingcheng with pride. He also arranged for some reporters to be mixed among the guests. The photos of Xu Dagong’s left and right hold tomorrow morning will appear on the front page of the newspaper.

Xu Xingcheng was bored, looking at the door from time to time, looking back and found six girls sitting on the sofa next to him.

The first reaction of Xu Xingcheng was to leave, just stood up, two girls next to each other, a pair of eyes, pull Xu Xingcheng back to the sofa. Xu Xingcheng is worried, I don’t know how to be good, An Qi looks up and down Xu Xingcheng. Xu Xingcheng was seen very unnatural. “Excuse me, are you Xu Xingcheng graduated from Shanghai National High School?”

Xu Xingcheng nodded in doubt and looked at the girl in front of him without any impression.

An Qi suddenly said happily to the surrounding sisters: “It’s really Xu Xuechang.”

Xu Xingcheng looked at the passionate girl around and didn’t know what was going on. “You are?”

“Schoolmaster, we graduated from Shanghai National Girls’ High School, just next door to you. I used to watch the seniors playing with you. I used to watch from afar. Today I have to meet with the seniors to have a drink.” An Qi first answered.

“I have also seen the poetry contest in your school. The poem that the seniors read on the stage has been remembered until now.”

“I heard that you went abroad, and it hurts me for a long time. Master, I must respect you today and express my admiration.”

The girls talked about the “leading edge” of Xu Xingcheng and saw their eager eyes, Xu Xingcheng said it. “That, okay, just a cup.”

“Well, just have a cup. Just a cup, one person will have a cup.” The girls who are beautiful are not ordinary kung fu.

At this point, the waiter had already filled the drink, everyone started to slap the wine and voted for the star journey, Xu Xingcheng forced the face of the sister, had to do a cup with each person, six cups of belly, the head has been fainting call. The girls took Xu Xingcheng to play the dice game, played fifteen or twenty games, and Xu Xingcheng continued to lose. They were pressed and pressed again and again, Xu Xingcheng was getting more and more dizzy, but surrounded by sisters’ “enthusiasm”. Get out of bed, miserable.

Tian Ying was sweating on the road, and she had already seen the sign of MGM, and her face finally showed a smile. She quickly crossed the road and suddenly a car quickly drove over. The driver saw the baby and slammed the horn. Tian Ying was in the same place, looking back, the car could not stop. The headlights swayed on Tian Ying’s face and were extremely glaring.

Tian Ying shouted: “Ah!”

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