Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 25 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 25 (Part 1/2)

Tian Ying fell on the ground and took a sigh of coolness. The driver poked his head out of the window to curse her not to grow her eyes, and then went away.

She was struggling to get up, the palms and knees were rubbed, the high heels were shackled, and the skirts were covered with mud. She looked annoyed. The heart began to retreat, but looking at the neon sign that MGM was close at hand, she remembered Xu Xingcheng’s sincere eyes when she was going to teach her to dance.

As soon as she gritted her teeth, she stepped on her high heels and put on her mask and stepped into the beauty.

At this point, Hong Yan looked at Xu Xingcheng’s appearance with the girls, and he was very happy. Suddenly, Hong Yan saw Luo Fusheng walk through the dance floor and walked toward the deck. He quickly put down the wine glass and walked toward Luo Fusheng.

Luo Fusheng saw Xu Xingcheng being drunk by a group of sisters and worried about going to the deck. Suddenly, the flood came from the side and took Luo Fusheng’s arm and said, “Luo Fusheng, accompany me to dance.”

“Xu Xingcheng seems to drink too much, I went to see the situation.” Luo Fusheng opened her hand.

Xu Xingcheng was a little dizzy, and always remembered that Tian Ying could not find himself, struggling to stand up and want to go. “You drink first, I went to see if my friend came.”

An Qi got up and pulled Xu Xingcheng. “That won’t work, brother, don’t go, just have fun, don’t disappoint.”

“I am really waiting for someone, afraid she can’t find me.” Xu Xingcheng has already drunk too much, completely unable to stand up.

One hand took over the wine glass that An Qi forced past. “I drink for him.”

Luo Fusheng’s wrist lifted the wine in the cup. He wears a mask and is extremely tall, even if a black suit is outstanding in the crowd.

“Who are you?” An Qi dissatisfied with this journey biting gold. The two girls next to me pulled her skirt and seemed to recognize the coming person.

Among these girls, Luo Fusheng is only one or two familiar, and is trying to speak out. Xu Xingcheng suddenly climbed his arm. “Luo Fusheng, I want to go to the bathroom.”

As soon as he was about to spit it out, Luo Fusheng rushed to set up Xu Xingcheng and took him to the bathroom. “Resist the point and go to the bathroom right away.”

Hong Hao snickered behind him, still not forgetting to arrange An Qi. “An Qi, you go and see, don’t let him run. Another one in a black suit, you don’t care about him, I will pack it.”

An Qi got orders and rushed to follow up.

Xu Xingcheng was in the bathroom partition, holding a toilet and vomiting, Luo Fusheng standing next to him to beat his back.

Xu Xingcheng turned around and Luo Fusheng handed him a handkerchief. Xu Xingcheng rubbed his mouth and said hard. “Luo…I…I really can’t do it. Where are the girls drinking? This is to bury me alone.”

Luo Fu’s heart can understand what is going on, but it’s not good to tear down his own lady in the face of Xu Xing. Only the sloppy eyes: “Whoever makes the grand Master Xu are so attractive, Yan Fu can’t stop it.”

“Yan Fu? I can’t afford this kind of blessing. The girl is still guarding me at the door, but I can see it, they are coming to me. Life is floating, you are in debt.” Xu Xingcheng swayed Get up, hands on Luo Fu’s shoulders, Luo Fu hands covered Xu Xingcheng’s waist, for fear that he fell. “Who said that I want to escort me? You go for me.”

Luo Fusheng looked at him helplessly, the two entered the cubicle, and the two suits changed the owner through the partition.

In a white dress, Luo Fusheng with a mask came out from the bathroom, and An Qi at the door rushed to help and said. “Xu Shige, is it okay?”

Luo Fusheng shook his hand and did not speak. So An Qi helped Luo Fusheng to walk back to the ballroom.

Xu Xingcheng, a black dress, listened at the door and determined that the two had left, and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he felt a tumbling in his stomach and turned back to the bathroom.

A lady in an evening dress went to the face of Luo Fusheng, who was drunk and unsteady, and stopped their way. Luo Fusheng looked up and just touched the lady’s line of sight.

In the noisy ballroom, she said a word faintly, but the voice went straight to Luo Fusheng’s ear. “Don’t you teach me to dance?”

An Qi was a little surprised that the girl was more arrogant than them.

Luo Fusheng looked at the lady from top to bottom. She saw that her breathing was a little short and her hair was a little messy. There were bruises on the elbows of the right arm, and blood was flowing down. There were also some mud on the long skirt. But her eyes are as shiny as the stars on her chest, and the wounds on her body are harmless, but they give birth to a little pity.

Luo Fusheng realized that the person in front of him was a baby. There was a starlight in his eyes, and he hesitated a little and went to her. Angela lived with him and was opened by Luo Fusheng. He used the skillfulness and could not be seen by others. An Qi realized that this toughness could not be Xu Xingcheng who had just been fainted by their minds on the sofa.

Luo Fusheng walked slowly to the front of Tian Ying, and the palm of his hand made an invitation gesture to her. Tian Ying put his hand in his palm and walked to the center of the dance floor.

Tian Ying’s heart is awkward, she never skipped this kind of social dance. Even though I have seen it a few times in the movie, it is completely different in reality.

The men and women around me are together, but the relatives are not crossing the border. With the waltz, there is an elegant and beautiful, as if a pair of lovers are squinting at each other. Tian Ying looked around and wanted to sell it now. Luo Fusheng put her head right: “Look at me.”

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