Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 25 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 25 (Part 2/2)

Tian Ying thinks that her voice today is a bit strange, like a cold, and it is one octave lower. But now the atmosphere is so good, she doesn’t want to break with the topic of this landscape.

Tian Ying slammed the hand of Luo Fusheng and began to dance with him. Because of the tension, she clutched his hand tightly.

Tian Ying learned the pair of dancers next to him, listening to the melody and taking the first step slowly. As a result, the first foot stepped on his toe because the beat was wrong. She hurried back and even apologized. “Sorry!”

At this time, several pairs of dancers danced beautifully with the music melody, and Luo Fusheng and Tian Ying were not in the rhythm because of the mistakes. And Tian Ying has been stepping on his feet, nervously sweating.

Luo Fusheng saw the embarrassment and discomfort of Tian Ying. Suddenly squatting down and helping her take off the high heels, Tian Ying asked nervously, “What are you doing?”

After taking off his shoes, Luo Fusheng got up and took Tian Ying’s hand and took her to his arms. “Standing on my feet.”

Tian Ying stunned, understood what he meant, and his face burned.

She slowly put her feet on Luo Fusheng’s shoes. Because of the stepping on the shoes, the distance between the two is closer and almost sticks together. Tian Ying lowered his head and did not dare to look at him. The inner deer ran into it, but he was very excited.

There is one of the biggest advantages of stepping on his feet. Tian Ying doesn’t need to take a dance step and take off his high heels. She just needs to rest her head on his shoulder and follow his footsteps. The two are in this state, as the music slowly enters the state.

As the dance music changed, I was happy. As the rhythm of the music accelerated, the dance steps of the two men became faster and faster. Tian Ying gradually adapted to this rhythm and jumped from Luo Fusheng’s shoes. The two began to dance, they swung in the cheerful music and looked at each other happily.

Suddenly, Tian Ying stopped and looked at Luo Fusheng with deep affection. The body slowly leaned forward, and Luo Fusheng couldn’t help but respond to Tian Ying and accepted her kiss.

The two tacitly closed their eyes. At the beginning, Tian Ying touched each other’s lips with a lip, like a young bird scorning a big tree, but soon the “big tree” took the initiative, his lips and tongue Tough but extremely possessive, against her upper jaw, gently sucking, the temperature becomes hot.

The smell of a man is sprayed on the face of Tian Ying. Tian Ying feels that this taste is familiar, but it is not quite like the taste of Xu Xingcheng. At this point, I was so dizzy that I have already taken care of this. God knows how she will make such a shocking move, but at that moment she feels right, just do it.

For a long time, the lips of the two were reluctantly separated. They breathe a little rush, and she dare not touch his eyes. If she looks up at this moment, she should see the burning heat in his eyes as if to burn all the love.

In the bathroom, Xu Xingcheng rinsed his face with water and tried to make himself awake. He looked at himself in the mirror and shook his head, not wanting Tian Ying to see himself as drunk. Xu Xingcheng splashed his face with water, trying to dissipate some of his unpleasant wine.

When he walked out of the bathroom, he saw Luo Fusheng with someone who was wearing a white dress and he wearing his mask on the dance floor. The girl in his arms is wearing a set of star-shaped dresses!

“I think you seem to be a little different today.” Tian Ying returned from the kiss. 

Luo Fusheng opened his mouth and wanted to ask her what kind of difference? It is better or worse, but he did not say anything at all. However, Tian Ying himself took the initiative to answer the questions in his heart. “I am more happy.”

After the mask, Luo Fusheng bowed his lips and couldn’t help but chuckle. He only thought that the little bird had gently plucked the string in his heart.

As he looked up, he saw the angry Xu Xingcheng and suddenly couldn’t speak. In the eyes of Xu Xingcheng, he once again betrayed his brother!

Xu Xingcheng quickly stepped open the crowd and walked to Luo Fusheng and Tian Ying. Luo Fusheng looked at Xu Xingcheng, who was getting closer and closer, and prepared to send it to Tian Ying. “I……”

At this point, Tian Ying saw Luo Fusheng behind, a masked waiter suddenly opened the napkin on the plate, took out a gun and pointed Luo Fusheng back.

Tian Ying thought that the killer would kill “Xu Xing Cheng” and quickly turned himself to the killer side. The killer was stunned by Tian Ying’s move.

Luo Fusheng has seen the killer of the gun from the front, the first reaction is to push open the baby. At the same time killing the pistol, Luo Fusheng shot, fell back to the back, and fell heavily on the ground.

The blood penetrated the white dress. The surrounding guests screamed in horror and evaded.

Tian Ying shouted something 

She quickly climbed to Luo Fusheng, grabbed Luo Fusheng’s hand and cried. , how are you?”

Xu Xingcheng, who had already rushed to the edge of the dance floor, was also shocked by this sudden change. He stood in the same place.

Luo Fu gave birth to a blood and took her hand back. Just say “I’m sorry.”

After that, Luo Fusheng seemed to exhaustion, closed his eyes, and the hand pulled by Tian Ying fell heavily on the floor.

Xu Xingcheng reacted and ran to her side, shouting. 

The baby was stunned and was smashed by another star that suddenly appeared in front of him. He gently screamed “Luo Fusheng?” 

Xu Xingcheng did not have time to explain to her, took Luo Fusheng’s mask, opened his eyes, looked at his vital signs and carried out emergency treatment.

Tian Ying was surprised to see the injured Luo Fusheng and Xu Xingcheng who was rescued. He could not believe everything in front of him.

In the ballroom, Luo Cheng is chasing the murderer, and the guns are loud and the guests are holding their heads. The bottle that was shattered by the bullets, the flood that rushed over, all in the perspective of Tian Ying, the confusion was not true.