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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 26 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 26 (1/2)

In the hospital corridor, the cart was swiftly crossed.

Luo Fusheng was lying on the mobile bed, Xu Xingcheng, Tian Ying and Hong Yan were at the bedside. Xu Xingcheng and Hong Yu held one hand of Luo Fusheng.

The operating room door. Dr. Hu has been notified in advance to stand at the door of the operating room. “The patient is seriously injured and needs immediate surgery! You are waiting outside.”

Luo Fusheng pulled Xu Xingcheng weakly: “Xu Xingcheng. I want you to give me surgery. I only believe in you…”

In the end, it is a traditional Chinese. Luo Fusheng is always unacceptable for the Western medicine. Need Xu Xingcheng as this reassuring pill.

Dr. Hu revealed a difficult color: “This is not a rule!”

The matter is urgent, Xu Xingcheng will pull Dr. Hu to the side. “Hu Lao, although I have not officially taken office. But I also have a formal doctor card, let me go to the operating room with you. Or your main knife, I am a deputy. My friend can settle down.”

Dr. Hu felt that what he said was justified, and sent him to change his surgical clothes to enter the operating room.

Hong Yan grabbed Xu Xingcheng: “If you can’t cure my brother, you can use a scalpel to kill yourself.”

Xu Xingcheng looked back at Tianying, and she was always in a state of paralysis. He shook her hand and said, “Trust me!”

After that, Xu Xingcheng trotting down to the operating room. The door was closed and the light in the operation was lit up.

Tian Ying stood outside the operating room, staring at the surgical lights, silent. Hong Yan sat on the bench and said nothing.

Lin Qikai ran in and saw Hong Hao sitting there, his eyes red, and put on her clothes and asked: “How is life?”

Hong Yan supported his forehead: “It’s still in operation.”

“Hey, don’t worry, this futuristic guy is a big blessing and will be fine. In these years, it’s not a bad situation.” He has come over, isn’t it?”

Lin Qikai originally wanted to comfort him, but he was even more saddened by the words. “I blame me for what kind of dance party I want to do. I don’t think anyone in the United States will dare to come in and mess up. As a result, people will buy it in a casual way.”

Lin Qikai sighed and patted her shoulder. “This does not blame you.”

At this time, Luo Cheng ran from the end of the corridor. “How is your father?”

Lin Qikai replied to Hong Yu: “Is the surgery still inside, has the murderer caught it?”

Luo Cheng hates the wall: “He was ran, but I will definitely catch him and avenge my brother!” Luo Cheng stepped forward and looked at the door of the operating room. Although he could not see anything, he still Watching anxiously. From time to time, I also looked at Duan Tianying

Hong Yan seems to suddenly remember that there is such a personal, stepping forward to push the baby to the ground, she is still wearing high heels, the ankles arrived, Tian Ying took a sigh of cold, can not climb. “I blame you! Isn’t it that you are in the way, can you avoid the life of Luo Fusheng? It is to protect you, he is lying here now! What the hell are you here? Are you with the killer? !”

Luo Cheng is aware of Luo Fusheng’s thoughts. It is not convenient to say more in the face of Miss Da, but it is always necessary to protect Tian Ying for him. On weekdays, my brain doesn’t turn around. Today I learned to be smart. “Missy, don’t be angry. Tian Ying girl is the partner that Xu Shaoye invited. I don’t know why Xu Shaoye and Sheng Ge exchanged clothes halfway, but Tian Ying girl must be unaware.”

Hong Hao certainly knows why they are exchanging clothes, and the six girls they sent were the initiators. But she dared to admit that the momentum immediately weakened a lot.

Lin Qikai is a man in the end. The thoughts of thinking are far from feelings and go one step further. “Wait. Luo Cheng, you said that they exchanged suits and masks between the two. That is to say that the killer is not directed at the Luo Fusheng, but the Xu Xingcheng?”

Luo Fu was born with a knife-and-blood day, and it was a common practice to help the outside to be assassinated. He is not very surprised. It is Xu Xingcheng, a young master who has just returned to China, and he is gentle and amiable. Who can offend someone, want to kill the hand?

Luo Fusheng in the hospital bed closed his eyes, his forehead was full of sweat.

Xu Xingcheng wearing a surgical gown is assisting Lao Hu to undergo intense surgery. The nurses kept handing all kinds of surgical instruments.

Luo Fusheng was not seated, and his facial expression was quite painful and tangled.

“What happened? Is the amount of anesthesia insufficient? How does the patient react so much?” Dr. Hu asked.

The anesthesiologist was shocked and looked at the dose again, and there was nothing wrong with it. Xu Xingcheng observed for a while. “It’s not like physical pain. When we move the knife, he doesn’t react very strongly. It may be psychological.”

Luo Fusheng was stunned by that dream.

The young Luo Fusheng ran in a foggy reed.

He gasped and lost.

Suddenly he heard a gunshot and rushed into the reed and dared not come out.

He saw his father pointing a gun at a woman and a child.

Next to another little girl crying and tearing heart.

The voice of the little girl in the woman’s arms turned into the voice of the baby. She said to her with tears: save me, save me, save me…

Luo Fusheng lay in bed and looked more painful.

At this time, the scorpion in the hands of Dr. Hu caught the bullets. He pulled the bullets out of the flesh and blood in a neat manner. Before the blood was sprayed out, Xu Xingcheng held the wound and stopped bleeding. The bloody bullets fell on the white plate, and the sound seemed to be like Being infinitely enlarged.

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