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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 26 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 26 (Part 2/2)

The nurse wiped the sweat from Dr. Hu and Xu Xingcheng, and Xu Xingcheng relieved with relief. Suddenly, my face changed.

The door of the operating room was opened, and Xu Xingcheng and the nurse, who were full of blood, rushed out.

“The bullet hurts the arteries. After the bullets are taken out, it causes massive bleeding. Now the blood in the blood bank is not enough. People who need a proper blood type donate blood to him!”

Hong Yan rushed forward without thinking, and picked up his sleeves: “Push me!”

Xu Xingcheng further explained: “There are too many blood loss and blood loss, the operation time is not well determined, the blood transfusion volume is very demanding, the blood donors will have side effects, and even life is dangerous. You should consider it clearly.”

Lin Qikai immediately responded: “As long as the blood type is right, I have no problem.” Luo Cheng and Hong Wei both made the same statement, but Tian Ying did not speak.

“Well, I asked the nurse to arrange for you to cross the blood.” Xu Xingcheng turned to the nurse and said: “The person with the right blood type is sent directly to the operating room for direct blood transfusion.”

The nurse took a group of people to leave and threw the baby in the door of the operating room. Tian Ying looked anxiously at the operating room door.

In the operating room, Xu Xingcheng was anxiously waiting. From time to time, I saw the blood bag with only a little blood left and asked the nurse. “Is there a suitable blood source yet?”

The nurse shook his head helplessly. Xu Xingcheng was more anxious, looked at Luo Fusheng’s face that was sweating, and was anxious.

At this point, the door of the operating room was slowly pushed open, and the nurse pushed in an operating bed and lay a person on it. “Find people with blood type matches.”

Lao Hu pointed out: “Fast, blood transfusion immediately.”

The operating bed was pushed to the operating table of Luo Fusheng, and Tian Ying was lying side by side with Luo Fusheng. Tian Ying looked at Luo Fusheng on the operating table and had a complicated mood.

The gravity blood transfusion device imported from Germany is quickly prepared. The nurse disinfected the baby’s arm and placed the needle against the elbow vein to prepare for blood collection.

At this point, Xu Xingcheng subconsciously looked at the operating bed next to it, only to find that Tianying was lying on the bed. There were two successful candidates: Tian Ying and Lin Qikai, all of which were O-type blood. However, in the interactive test, Tianying’s blood is more suitable, which can better avoid the rejection reaction of antigenic antibodies in Luo Fusheng. So I finally chose to come in.

The needle that the nurse prepared to plunge into the blood vessel stopped in the air, and everyone looked at Xu Xingcheng. The air is solidified, and only the blood in the blood bag is gradually decreasing. The second hand beats in a grid, and the sweat flows down from the corner of Xu Xingcheng. In the perspective of Xu Xingcheng, the time passed very slowly, so slow that I could only hear my heartbeat.

Xu Xingcheng asked Tian Ying: “Do you know how dangerous it is to donate a lot of blood in such a short period of time?”

Tian Ying nodded and gave Xu Xingcheng a comforting smile. : “I believe in you.”

Xu Xingcheng smiled bitterly. She and Luo Fusheng both said that they believed him and gave him his life. Who can he believe?

In fact, the time of delay was only a short moment, but Lao Hu could not help but yell at him. “what are you doing!”

Xu Xingcheng looked at Tian Ying and looked at the painful Luo Fusheng, tangled and squeezed two words from his mouth. “Blood transfusion.”

The blood transfusion needle was inserted into the arm of Tian Ying, and the brow of Tian Ying wrinkled. A blood stream was flowed into the blood bag, and the blood was injected into Luo Fusheng’s body. Luo Fusheng feels the same, the closed eyes move slightly.

Tian Ying looked at Xu Xingcheng in the operation and Luo Fusheng lying on the operating table.

As the blood volume increases, the baby’s lips turn white and sweats on the forehead. Xu Xingcheng looked at Tian Ying, and Tian Ying still smiled.

Luo Fusheng’s painful expression gradually calmed down and his breathing gradually became uniform.

Laohu finished the last surgical operation, put the hemostatic forceps into the tray, and relieved the weight. The surgery is over.

Xu Xingcheng turned his head and looked at Tianying again. He saw that Tianying’s face was white and he was already in a coma. Xu Xingcheng immediately ran to Tianying’s operating bed and gently called Tianying.

The old Hu Yu opened the bedside of the six gods without the Lord Xu Xing, and opened the eyes of Tian Ying and checked it. To other doctors and nurses, “Take her to the ward to lose nutrients! The patients can also be pushed back to the observation room.”

Dr. Hu, who has always been strict, did not blame the performance of Xu Xingcheng’s dysfunction, but patted him on the shoulder. “She’s fine. The body is good, and it’s temporarily fainting. After eating more, it’s better to add nutrition. Don’t worry.”

Two nurses helped Xu Xingcheng to leave the operating room by pushing the baby’s operating bed. Everyone is sitting or standing still outside the operating room.

Everyone gathered around and saw Luo Fusheng lying on the bed. Hong Hao asked anxiously. “How is Luo Fusheng?”

“Surgery is successful, life has been out of danger, and it will continue to be observed in the intensive care unit for a while.”

“Great. Thank you!” Hong Yu smiled with relief. He grabbed his hand and thanked him gently. This time is true.

“In fact, the most thankful should be Tian Ying, but fortunately she helped to donate blood.”

“Thank her? Luo Fusheng blocked the bullets for her, and her blood donation should be.” Hong Yu was not convinced, Xu Xingcheng still wants to say two more.

At this time, Luo Fusheng was pushed out by the nurses. Everyone else was surrounded by Luo Fusheng.

Xu Xingcheng shook his head and said to the nurse: “Push the lady into the ward and let her rest. Prepare some chocolate, wait for her to wake up and eat.”

Hong Wei, Lin Qikai, and Luo Cheng followed the nurse who pushed Luo Fu’s sick bed to leave.

Xu Xingcheng relaxed, suddenly felt very tired, resting against the wall. I was thinking about going to the troupe’s house to run and inform her family. He has to blame for such a big event tonight.

In the blood room, a nurse held a comparison of two blood test reports. “A surname is a surname of Lin, and there is no blood relationship. How can this be…”

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