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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 27 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 27 (Part 1/2)

Xu Xingcheng was busy for a night, and when he could sit down, the sky was about to light up.

He pulled the folding chair and sat in front of Tian Ying’s bed, holding her forehead.

When Tian Ying woke up, she saw Xu Xingcheng sitting in the morning sun, her face was tired but soft, and there was nothing like alcohol in the air. She unconsciously reached out and shrank back when she touched his cheek, only painting it in the air along his outline. It’s a pretty face.

But her mind always crossed the other face out of time. The face with a mask saying, “Look at me is good.”

Xu Xingcheng was so confused that he didn’t wake up. I saw that Tian Ying was already awake and thinking about what God was thinking. “Wake up? How do you feel?”

“I don’t feel anything. It’s a little tired.”

“Normal. I have smoked too much blood at a tim.” Xu Xingcheng took a box of beautifully packaged chocolates on the counter and handed it to Tian Ying. “It will be better to eat some chocolate.”

Said, Xu Xingcheng took one out of the box and fed it to Tianying. Tianying hesitated for a moment, or Zhangkou took it. Tian Ying tastes the taste of chocolate. “It’s so sweet, it’s a bit bitter. It’s delicious, it’s not the same as the sugar that I used to eat.”

Xu Xingcheng saw her look satisfied with a piece of chocolate. The feeling of gloomy night was slowly getting better. She talked with her about the cause of chocolate: “Tian Ying, do you know? In France, there is a festival called a lover.” The boy will give the girl chocolate and express his heart. If the girl likes him, he will give the boy a gift on the same day next month.”

 (An : Saint Valentin and White Day) 

Tian Ying’s face was reddish and said softly: “Really romantic.”

Xu Xingcheng hesitated a moment, still asked: “Tian Ying, at the ball, before Luo Fu saved you, why did you give up your life to save him? Are you…”

Tianying subconsciously denied it. “The reason why I saved him and danced with him was because… I thought it was you.”

The answer in Xu Xincheng’s heart was confirmed, and the last trace of haze on his face disappeared. He suddenly kissed the cheek, without any love, a kiss.

“You have a good rest. I have already informed the brothers and sisters of the troupe, they will come soon. I will go home and wash and see you again.” Xu Xingcheng left her ward for her, and she rushed out of the ward. .

Tian Ying was also uneasy about this kiss, almost the same day, she kissed two people. Together with this thought, she turned over and over to sleep, and a scene from the dance came to light.

When she and Luo Fusheng were four feet, they were at the same time, and Luo Fusheng hugged her while she was holding the gun.

She asked herself in her heart that all the feelings of the heart at the ball were really because I had him as Xu Xingcheng.

Tianying wants to be more chaotic in his heart, simply blindfolded his head with his quilt and turned to sleep.

Xu Xingcheng returned to the annex of Xu Zhai to prepare for a break. Unexpectedly, when I entered the living room, I saw Xu Rui’an sitting in the sofa in the living room, and he screamed uncomfortably. “father.”

“How is that Luo Fusheng?”

“You… all know?” Xu Xingcheng said that he felt that this question was somewhat redundant. Lin Qikai could receive the news, and he would not be slow.

“I can’t know if the assassination of Hong Gang is such a big thing,” Xu Rui’an snorted.

“He is out of danger, and I have followed his surgery.”

Xu Rui’an nodded: “Well, this thing is beautiful and hard.”

Xu Xingcheng had some accidents. He thought that his father would blame him for his nosy because he hated life.

“Before you and Hong Wei were so unpleasant at the returning banquet, let us have a very stiff relationship with the Hong family. This dance, you performed better than I expected. Also let Hong Zheng owe us It’s very necessary for Xu’s family to be a person. This is helpful for our marriage contract.”

Xu Xingcheng smiled bitterly, and the original father thought so. He hesitated and felt that there was still something to be reported to his father. “I suspect that the killer tonight is coming to me.”

“Oh?” Xu Rui’an’s calm face finally revealed a wave of waves. “How to say?”

Xu Xingcheng explained the events that happened tonight, including why they had to exchange clothes, and only hidden the part of Tianying.

“That said, we have not been able to intervene in this matter.” Xu Rui’an looked at him hard all day and his face was very bad, and he was not tied to him. “You go to rest first, and when you check things out, you will follow the way out. Pay attention to safety.”

Hong Zhengzhen received Xu Ryan’s phone on the sofa. “I have already sown everyone out here, but I haven’t found the murderer yet. Is there any news from Minister Xu?”

“I also sent people to check all the stations, docks, and hotels all night, but I found nothing.” Xu Rui’an did not know that Hong Zhengyi was unclear about the exchange of clothes between the two juniors. He did not mention that at least the face was Hong Zhengyi owing him a favor. . “Today I am going over your side and discuss the countermeasures with you.”

“Okay, that troubles the Minister.”

“What do the family say?”

A small assassination is not only the two parties.

When Lin Qikai returned home, the housekeeper informed his master to wait for him in the study. Lin’s study was built in the most inner compartment, and a large hydrangea was planted outside the door. This was hand-planted by An Zhen when he was alive. There are only seven strains in total, which is the father’s treasure. It has been carefully cultivated for so many years, and every year, the flowers and leaves have the same aura as the people. On one occasion, an old flower farmer accidentally cut off a blooming hydrangea, and the always good father quickly drove him out of the house.

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