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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 27 Part (2/2)

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Chapter 27 Part 2/2

All the way through, only the people are doing their own work. No one spoke. Lin Qikai, the aunt and the father are all people who are quiet, and the people have developed such a static temper. He thought that if Anzhen and his sister were still there, the house would not be so deserted.

As soon as he entered the study, he smelled the ink. Lin Daoshan is splashing ink and painting on the table.

Lin Qikai approached and saw his father was concentrating, not disturbing, standing aside. Lin Dao Shantou did not lift: “Is it a night in the hospital yesterday?”

Lin Qikai hurriedly helped his father to study ink: “Yes, so when you get home, you will come here to give you peace.”

“Well, is it for Luo Fusheng?”

“…not all.”

“Qi Kai, my father knows that you and Luo Fusheng grew up together, and their feelings are not shallow, but after all, he is a Hong family. We don’t know the relationship between Lin Jia and Hong Jia, so…”

“The son has his own size.”

“Well, in these few children, you count the most general, unlike the Xu Xingcheng, indecisive, not like Luo Fusheng, Zhang Zhang. This is not, now I do not know which enemy is eyeing. This Hongjia The misfortunes are not alone. It’s true that the old saying goes, and many lines of injustice will be self-sufficient.”

“Qi Kai, you have this time, you might as well go to contact Miss Xu. After all, Miss Xu is not as self-conceived as Xu Shaoye, nor is it so hot, it is a real show.” I don’t like to talk, as long as my heart is kind. I can see that this child likes you.”

“My father taught that my son went to see Miss Xu today.”

Lin Daoshan nodded, painted, and settled with verses. When Lin Qikai saw it, he saw that the words were written in the infinite poles of the heavens and the earth, the yin and yang turned to the cause, and the human settlements in the world, if the wind blows the dust, willing to show the merits, the wheel is in the Mingjun, and this is Wang Zuoqiu, generously group.”

“You talk about what this is written.”

“Father wants to tell me that the world has its own balance of law.”

Lin Daoshan nodded and applauded: “On the beach, balance is very important. If anyone wants to break this balance, we Lin Jia can’t sit still. I heard that Miss Xu Jia loves calligraphy and painting. This calligraphy and painting, you give me a gift to me. Remember, you should Handed it to Miss Xu.”

The sun is just right, the painting is full of land. Xu Xingyuan took the brush and fell into meditation in front of the drawing board.

In front of the young Xu Xingyuan, a man who could not see the face held a gun.

The sound of the guns sounded and the ampoule fell to the ground. If the dream sister screamed and ran away.

She was kneeling in the corner, her legs were soft and couldn’t move, and she couldn’t make a sound when she wanted to talk.

Xu Xingyuan looked at the canvas in front of her and found that she had unwittingly painted an abstract but horrible demon.

Xu Xingyuan was suddenly scared, threw away the brush, curled up into a ball and fled around. Until it hit a warm embrace.

“Xingyuan, what’s wrong with you? You are shaking, are you going to send you to the hospital?” Xu Xingyuan shook his head in a panic, and saw the person who was coming from Lin Qikai, like a savior, and plunged into his arms and hugged him tightly.

Lin Qikai is not in a hurry, so holding Xu Xingyuan, following her hair. Whispered her comfortably. “Don’t be afraid, big brother is here.”

The two held for a long time, Lin Qikai asked softly. “Xingyuan, is it better?”

Xu Xingyuan lifted her head little by little, and looked at Lin Qikai with a tearful look and nodded.

Lin Qikai let go of her, poured a glass of water and handed it to Xu Xingyuan. “Drink some water, pressure and shock.”

Xu Xingyuan was obediently drinking. Lin Qikai looked at Xu Xingyuan’s painting and asked. “What are you painting?”

Xu Xingyuan looked at the drawing paper, the picture was very abstract, and Lin Qikai could not understand. Xu Xingyuan took the paper and smashed it into a piece of paper. Slowly spit out a word. “dream.”

Lin Qikai smiled. “It seems that this is a bad dream.”

Xu Xingyuan nodded. Lin Qikai handed the paintings written by his father to Xu Xingyuan.

“I heard that you like calligraphy and painting. This is the painting that my father specially asked me to send you.” Xu Xingyuan unfolded and his eyebrows slowly unfolded. Although she is a Western watercolor painting, this ink painting still makes her happy.

Xu Xingyuan nodded to Lin Qikai and thanked the scrolling shaft for taking it up.

“Speaking, I still don’t ask for your studio for the first time. Don’t you mind if I visit your little world?” Lin Qikai paced in this studio.

When Xu Xingyuan started, she felt nothing and nodded.

Lin Qikai looked around and when he reached a corner, he suddenly saw a lot of paintings covered with cloth. “what is this?”

Xu Xingyuan suddenly realized that Lin Qikai could not see the covered painting, and quickly walked over. As a result, the brooch on her chest fell, and she stepped on the brooch and accidentally slipped. Lin Qikai hurriedly helped Xu Xingyuan and seized Xu Xingyuan, but Xu Xingyuan accidentally ripped off the canvas and revealed a painting inside.

Lin Qikai saw that he was himself on the canvas, and he glimpsed. “This… is this me?”

Xu Xingyuan felt that she was poked into the mind, very embarrassed, and ran out of the studio without saying a word.

Lin Qikai walked to the middle of the easel, uncovering the canvas of each painting one by one, and saw the paintings underneath the tarpaulin, each of which was himself. Drinking tea, playing, speaking, and even falling asleep. In some scenes, he himself does not remember when it happened. Maybe it’s just Xu Xingyuan’s own imagination.

Lin Qikai looked shocked and looked at the direction she was running away. The brow is tightened. Originally it was just a political marriage. You and I played together, but you invested so much in love. How good this is.

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