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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Luo Fusheng wants to move down, but the wound is too painful. Luo Cheng wanted to come up to help him, and he opened his hand and stood up bit by bit.

“Who makes you tamper!” Hong Hao just bought a drawer of raw fried bread from the outside and saw him get out of bed as soon as he entered the door. “I just went out for a while, you can really toss it! After two days of surgery, the wound has to be broken again. Just lie back!”

“I will try but my arms and legs are all incomplete.” Luo Fusheng gasped and leaned on the edge of the bed.

Hong Yan laughed at him. “You are afraid of giving you a black hand in the second surgery?”

“Is talking about what’s wrong with me?” Hong Yu’s jokes heard another meaning in Xu Xing’s ears. The night of the dance, there was always a must. “how do you feel?”

Luo Fusheng took the position of the wound. “Besides there is still some pain here, I can eat and sleep. How about Tianying?”

When he moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward, Lin Qikai told him about the bleeding in the operation. It was Tianying’s blood donation that saved him. However, the two days of the baby have not been exposed, I do not know what the situation. He had the desire to visit and not get up, and that was the beginning of the scene.

“She’s fine. I can be discharged from the hospital today.” Xu Xingcheng just checked for her. Hong Hao heard Luo Fusheng ask about the woman’s affairs, and grinned, one hundred unhappy, and felt the topic open. “Where did you find out what was there? Lin Da Ge said last time that life is likely to be sinned on your behalf. In public and private, you should urge it!”

Xu Xingcheng is also very helpless. “There is not a lot of clues for the time being. Last time I heard that I said that the mud in the police hall where the murderer left the scene is very special. It has already been tested. What are the brothers of Hong Bang over there? What is the clue?”

Hong Yan shook his head. “I have no clue.”

Xu Xingcheng reveals a pair of faces and you still have a face to say my expression. “I have to check the room for the patient. If you are fine, I will take the first step.”

Hong Wei asked him if he felt that Xu Xingcheng had been a little weird since that night, and he was not as close to him as he used to be. It’s always a bit of a privilege. Luo Fusheng did not answer, and the heart also knows where the disease is. But there is no way to solve it.

Hong Wei sat in the hospital for a while, and the person sent by Hong Zhengyi was called to eat at the Western Restaurant. Luo Luocheng is a good nurse.

Luo Fusheng is just a little lacking, ready to take a nap. When he just lie down, he saw a black shadow probe at the door of the ward. “Luo Cheng, you go out and see who it is.”

Luo Cheng was squatting in the sky, and Tian Ying shook his shoulder and opened his hand. “I will be discharged from hospital later. Come over and see how you are?”

Luo Fusheng chuckled, although the girl was awkward, the concern in the words could not be hidden. He deliberately frowned and pressed the shot. “It hurts here.”

“Is it okay? I will help you to the doctor.” Tian Ying is simple, and he has bitten the hook that Luo Fusheng sprinkled without doubt.

“No. It may be sitting in the ward for too long. Can you push me to the garden to sunbathe?” Seeing her face, he added: “I have something to say to you.”

Just Tian Ying also wants to explain to him the night of the dance. I was discharged with her today, and I am still cleaning up there. Now that I have time, I will be down.

She pushed Luo Fusheng’s wheelchair and went to the back garden of the hospital to soak up the sun. Luo Fusheng pointed to the pavilion with no corners and said: “Let’s go there and talk.”

There is an arch bridge in the place leading to the pavilion. Tian Ying pushes Luo Fu, who is taller than him, to the bridge under the bridge, and he is very tired. “Working hard.”

Tian Ying wiped a thin sweat between the foreheads: “Nothing.”

Tian Ying was sitting on a stone chair, and the cool touch made her feel a bit cool in this hot summer day. Luo Fusheng put a paper bag in his hand in front of her. “Your back.”

Tian Ying opened the paper bag, and the aroma of the raw fried bag immediately got out. She didn’t want to pinch it out and bite a big bite. “It’s the home of the fried!”

“You can always remember that I have robbed you of a row of fried, this time is paid off.” Luo Fusheng saw her, can understand her because of a cage of fried packets to hate him for so long. She is a real love.

“Okay. This is a turn over. I won’t say it anymore.” Tian Ying quickly digested one, leaving the rest to take it to his brother and eat.

She wiped the oil on her hand with a handkerchief. “Thank you for saving me this time.”

“It’s not about you, they are coming to me and you.”

“At the ball, I misunderstood you into a bamboo. Why don’t you say anything?”

Luo Fusheng swears. “I don’t know if you are looking for a bamboo. You rushed to me and asked me to teach you to dance. I taught.”

Tian Ying recalled the night’s business, as if it was indeed what he said. “That… I hope that you explain it to us in front of you. I don’t want him to misunderstand, and I don’t want to affect the feelings between your brothers.”

In Tian Ying’s words, Xu Xingcheng’s maintenance is overwhelming. She acquiesced herself as a woman of Xu Xingcheng, so she asked him to explain even a small thing like dancing. “Influencing our brothers’ feelings? Duan Tianying, you are too self-satisfied.”

“You have to talk like this, then I have nothing to say. The solution does not explain you.” Tian Ying screaming, this person turned his face is faster than flipping the book.

Her angry turn is about to go, Luo Fusheng grabbed her wrist. He was annoyed why he wouldn’t talk well in front of her. When the dance was wearing a mask that night, the atmosphere was so good. You can take off the mask and go back to the origin.

Tian Ying was conscientiously struggling and heard him snoring. She looked back and saw a small piece of his patient’s position on the wound. “Are you sick? If the wound is cracked, don’t let go.”


“What are you doing?!” Luo Fusheng’s explanation was interrupted by a flood of anger. Far from seeing a fiery red figure rushing through the arch bridge, holding a three-layer food box in his hand.

Luo Fusheng loosened Tian Ying’s hand and his face became calm. “We are talking about things, you are going back first.”

“What do you have to talk about with this play?” Hong said that he was tempted to approach Tianying as if he wanted to start.

Luo Fusheng grabbed her hand and said: “You are too much.”

“I am too much? I am thinking about you. When I have eaten half of the meal, I will pack it back and send you food. You turn around and she is jealous of me in public. Is there any sorrow and shame?”

The flooded hand slammed Luo’s floating hand and touched his wound. Luo Fusheng did not hold back, and he took a sigh of relief.

Tian Ying hurry past Fu Luo life: “Are you okay?”

Hong Yan sees Tian Ying care about Luo Fusheng, and the gas does not hit one place. She did not wait to see this woman not only because she was alive for her, but also because she kissed him at the ball. Think of Luo Fusheng’s reaction at the time, so that Hong Yu is like a throat. He didn’t have Yan Yanyan around him, but this time she knew that in his heart, the play was a little different.

“This time, jump out, it seems that you are particularly sensible, right? People are self-aware, you are singing, not good at the stage, what kind of play is sung in the hospital? How? I am waiting for you. Applause is good? Go away, you are blocking my eyes!”

“Hong Yan!” Luo Fusheng has always spoiled her, but when he started the fire, he feared that he was even worse than fearing his father. “You are just my sister. My people are still not coming to you!”

This has already been said to be extremely heavy. Where did the flood cover the face, the food box was smashed to the ground and ran away. The soup water sprinkled on the ground and splashed the clothes of the two.

Tian Ying sighed. “Why bother.”

“This is the familywork of my Hong Bang. It doesn’t bother me.” She also pushed her away. Luo Fusheng closed his eyes and pressed his eyebrows, his face showing a tired face. He doesn’t know what he wants. The singularity of the Lonely Star seems to always manipulate his destiny invisibly.

“Tian Ying!” Xu Xingcheng, who had just finished a surgery and came out of the garden, saw two familiar figures in the pavilion and happily waved at them.

“You are going to go. Call Luo Cheng to pick me up.” Luo Fusheng don’t look too far to see her.

Tian Ying took a moment and went to Xu Xingcheng. Luo Cheng has been following the two people, Tian Ying snorted with him, and went with Xu Xingcheng.

“What happened just now? How can it be messed up in the garden?”

“Hong Hao has just been here.” Tian Ying no expression, can not see the joys and sorrows.

Xu Xingcheng also knows what kind of temper is Hong Yu, guessing seven or eight points. He pulled the baby. “I have to tell me anything. Believe me, I can protect you.”

Because of his words, the stiff face of the baby slowly eased, involving a bitter smile. “thank you.”

At this time, Duan Tianci was holding the nine-year-old red into the garden, and the brothers and sisters took the packed bags and followed them. Just after they searched for the baby. It was far from this that Tian Ying was pulled by Xu Xingcheng.

The nine-year-old red face is gloomy, and Duan Tianci is also a bungee.

Several nurses rushed to break their mouths and walked through the nine-year-old red and Duan Tianci.

“Hey, have you seen it? This girl has also run away. It is really lively. I just saw it clearly in the window upstairs. The Miss Hong family also laughed and cried, as if to follow this girl. The hospitalized Hong Gang was out of the way.”

“Yeah, yeah, I saw it. I heard that this is not enough to save her.” It’s so handsome.”

“But how do I always see her with Dr. Xu? Dr. Xu’s little nurse in their department said that she is a doctor’s girlfriend.”

“Hey. Don’t look at this girl who is harmless to humans and animals, but it has a skill to turn the two men together. I heard that it is still a singing opera. It is no wonder that the play is so good.”

Several nurses laughed and walked away.

At this time, the” nine-year-old red” has already turned a face.

Duan Tianci rushed to explain: “Hey, don’t listen to them saying that Tianying is not what they said.”

“Let’s go!” Nine-year-old red did not ask people to call Tianying.

“Hey, I am going to call my sister.”

“Not allowed! I am not willing to stay in this hospital for a minute! Waiting for it, my old face will be lost!”

At the age of nine, a person left in anger and refused to help Duan Tian.

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