Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

The fan on the top of the head snorted and the floor was covered with a thin bamboo mat. A pair of wide bare feet are stepping on it.

“Hip-hop.” With the snoring of Dan Tian. A saber crouched down and stopped in front of Hu Qi’s eyes.

This is a martial arts practice room. He Zhenwu is practicing Japanese swordsman in a kimono. As the saber moved away from the front, Hu Qi wiped a sweat and quietly walked behind He Zhenwu, standing quietly.

He Zhenwu was one savior. The night of the Hong Bang people hit his poison and hit the sea. He was rescued by the passing Japanese merchant ship. The owner of the merchant ship is He Zhenwu.

He Zhenwu sounded like a Chinese name, but it was a native Japanese. The original name seems to be called Heyang Zhenwu, Hu Qi only vaguely heard who mentioned it. Heyang Palace is a surname of the emperor’s family in Japan. Heyang Zhenwu used to be a violinist and performed for the emperor.

Later, the opium transport route from Japan to China was opened, and he was appointed to escort merchant ships. This is a private and private activity in the Ming Dynasty. In fact, it is also behind the Japanese Emperor’s government to support China’s accumulation of wealth. The Japanese natives said that their caravans were called “Hongmao Club”, and He Zhenwu took the red pill to go back and forth to China for four or five years. It was a Chinese pass and took a homonymous Chinese name: Zhenwu, the real one. meaning. The Chinese called him Mr. He.

He Zhenwu put the army knife back on the knife holder, and then leaned over to the saber, which is considered to be completely closed. Hochi handed the towel respectfully. “Mr. He, last time thanks to the information provided by Miss An Qi. We didn’t find the wrong person. Unfortunately, I didn’t kill the kid last time. It counts his life. Should we continue to act?”

He Zhenwu wiped his hand carefully: “Wait a minute.”

In the Republic of China in the 1930s, the use of opium was almost a national movement. British, Japanese, East Indian and Beiyang government officials, local gangs, and money merchants colluded to seize the opium market share, causing a large amount of silver outflows, and the country was poor and weak. This situation continued until the establishment of the government of the Republic of China has not been alleviated.

For He Zhenwu, the original sale of Aphrodite in China was less profitable, and it was very popular among Chinese people. It was a fat man. However, Lin Daoshan, the minister of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of China, recently proposed a public cigarette order to monopolize the import and sale of opium in the hands of the government. Private smuggling of illicit cigarettes is prohibited.

Lin Qikai, the head of his son’s economic department, went around and tried to negotiate with the messengers of various countries with the right to declare war on the prohibition of contraband in the International Law, and asked the chief to intervene in the opium trade.

This time, the wind is raging. The demand for opium imports has suddenly tightened a lot. As the most economically developed port city, Shanghai is at the forefront of responding to government pilots. Although it has not been seen how long the New Deal can last, the current days are indeed not good.

Originally, these things were not related to life, but it was a coincidence that the merchant ship of He Zhenwu was on the dock of Luo Fusheng. What is the relationship between Luo Fusheng and Lin Qikai, I think Lin Qikai has already asked him to strictly check the cargo ships.

Therefore, when he knew that He Zhenwu’s ship was carrying opium, Luo Fusheng deducted the entire cargo without saying anything, saying that it would be disposed of after the government’s policies were thoroughly understood.

He Zhenwu knows that Hong Bang monopolized the docks of the entire Shanghai, and offended them. At that time, there were more than one cargo, and the goods that followed were still coming. The so-called strong dragon does not suppress the head of the snake, he only has to go to the several people who can speak in Hong Bang.

What Hong Zhengzhen meant was that since the dock had been handed over to Luo Fusheng, he would not interfere. The other uncles took advantage of the help of He Zhenwu. Only Luo Fusheng killed and did not let go. He patted the table at the Hongbang conference and said: “In private, Lin Qikai is my brother, he is going to be The person of great things. Even if I can’t help, I can’t help the tiger at least, let him suffer from the enemy. Yu Gong, the Japanese invaded China, used Afron to poison the people, and profiteering. If I started the bribery in my generation, I am a Chinese Huangshi thousand Tens of thousands of younger generations will never fall in the opium, and I will not turn it over.

Of course, this word was passed to He Zhenwu’s ear by the mouth of the person who took the bribe. He Zhenwu did not frown on this. Hu Qi, who has been recovering from the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, has given a strategy.

Killing Luo Fusheng, everything can be solved. He knows his original boss, and the green helper Du Wenda buried his eyeliner in the surveillance of Luo Fusheng. He took the line for He Zhenwu and bought the angel who should be the dancer.

The dance party that night was a costume ball, and everyone had a mask. The killer who was mixed in could not find Luo Fusheng for a while, and did not dare to kill the killer.

An Qi has been accompanied by Xu Xingcheng to drink wine, but also has the heart to force Luo Fusheng to appear. Sure enough, Luo Fusheng came to dissuade and took Xu Xingcheng to the bathroom. Then she figured out the wearing and position of Luo Fusheng that night.

Hong Yan asked her to go to the bathroom, and she took the opportunity to pass the information to the killer. I did not expect Luo Fusheng and Xu Xingcheng to change their costumes, and almost killed the wrong person. Fortunately, An Qi’s spirit, when Luo Fusheng opened her to invite the play to dance, she knew that this talent is Luo Fusheng.

It is a pity that the thousand counts did not expect that the play was also inserted. The killer was confused and the shot was missed. Leave him a life.

Hu Qi is not reconciled. “Mr. He, is this something done? Luo Fusheng is a hard bone that doesn’t move.”

He Zhenwu walked slowly into the interior, took out a strange black box and took out a violin from it. Although Hu Qi has not seen it, he also guessed that it was a Western musical instrument. “The hard bones sometimes can’t be hardened and softened.”

A soft footstep sounded at the door, and a woman in a pink-pink cherry kimono stepped in with a small piece. She is followed by a list of maids behind her. Take off the raft for her, put on a cushion, and burn incense. She came in and asked Anzhen for He Zhenwu. She did not do Japanese etiquette, but Chinese etiquette. The big ladies in the deep gate compound are such a manner.

Hu Qi looked at it, although the woman covered her face with a tulle, she couldn’t see the face. But the temperament of the whole body and the sound of a mouth that made people cry out really made him unable to open his eyes. This is the kind of woman who is willing to die if she can get it.

He Zhenwu saw Hu Qi staring at her motionlessly, and her heart was not happy. “Let’s relax! You can see it casually.”

This name shocked Hu Qi and it was a soft leg. Let He Zhenwu call His Highness, who is not a princess in front of him. He quickly bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at it.

“You go ahead!” He Zhenwu waved his hand, and Hu Qi went out and rolled out.

The future of Limoto is indeed a genuine Japanese princess. Her mother is the sister of Heyang Palace and married to a cousin of today’s emperor. Even if it is not a royal family member, it is also a distinguished person.

Because of the outstanding appearance of the future, I am a famous person in Japan. When I came to China this time, it was the difference between the two.

This is not the first time she has come to China. She is very intoxicated by the vastness of the land here. But in the heart, I look down on the man here, less bloody, and the net is something that lies on the big smoke bed and loses the backbone.

So when she heard that Luo Fusheng was a Shanghai man who had a slap in the face, she took the initiative to ask for it. Men…not all that virtue.

Hu Qi has not yet left the gate, but he can still hear the melodious sound of the violin in the room, or the laughter of the woman. That laugh is restrained, but it is also mad.