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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 3 (part 1)

Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 3 (part 1)

Translated by @tigrasev

On the side of the airport runway, a awning was built, and several wicker chairs and eight-element tables were placed inside. The table was full of fresh seasonal fruits and various Chinese dim sum.

Lin Qikai sat in the chair and knew that there was no one else at the scene. He still sat straight, like a soldier waiting to be reviewed. He is wearing a dark brown vest, a white shirt and a black bow tie, and a silk square placket in his chest pocket.

He raised his hand and glanced at the watch on his wrist it’s was from the valuable “Vacheron Constanti” 

The hour hand on the watch is now pointing at two o’clock. This group of people who agreed to get to the airport at the two points together, Xu Xiangcheng, did not come. It’s really unreliable.

Hilton Club, outdoor large pool, many waiters are busy around the pool, some are setting buffet buffet, some are busy at the bar, and others are pulling a piano to the performance area, which looks like a grand ball preparation.

“Young Master, you and Master Lin, the time for Xu Shaoye’s appointment is almost coming. Do you think you should be ready to leave?” A young servant with a slightly older butler looks at the pool and respectfully reminded him.

The surface of the pool was calm and the water was blue and clear, and no trace of people could be seen.

Two minutes later, a man broke out of the water and exhaled a breath, licking a broken hair in front of the forehead, and the drops of water spread out. “Lao Jiang, how long has this been?”

“Eleven minutes, young master.”

The man patted the water and was somewhat annoyed. “Xu Xingcheng said that his foreigner classmates can suffocate for 13 minutes and 40 seconds. I am still a little worse.”

“It’s already very good.” Chiang Kai-shek is still a gentle look.

He swam to the edge of the pool and took a look at the case. The male body is strong, the skin is healthy, and the lines of the beautiful abdominal muscles and the looming mermaid line appear on the lower abdomen. A waiter immediately came over and put a big bath towel on him, and another waiter handed him a cigar.

A person who has always stood on the side of the manager looks like a catch up, and a charming smile begins to report. “Lord Shao, the cost of the venue, the order and the cost of the musician is 1000 oceans. Look…”

The manager was keenly aware that Luo Fu had a frowning brow and quickly added: “You are more expensive. Because you are prepared to do the best according to your instructions.”

Luo Fusheng took a sip of cigars and his brows gradually loosened. The heart that the manager mentioned was put back in the stomach. “Do you see this time on the public account of Hongbang or a single payment?”

“Single pen. Private expenses, don’t want to alarm Hongye.” His voice is low and magnetic, but the tone of alienation and indifference is also undisguised.

“Yes, yes.” Luo Fu gave birth to a gesture, and the manager was as if he was coming, and he quickly took the person away.

At this point, a helper from Hong Bang came over and whispered in his ear. “If you don’t listen to dissuasion, you have to come in and say that he is here today.”

Luo Fusheng followed the direction of the younger brother and saw a big fat man with a group of younger brothers coming to him. He didn’t get up, but instead he ran down the lounge chair by the pool, so he slanted the gang.

The fat man looked at Luo Fusheng and said, holding a fist. “Lord Shao, tonight is the birth of my brother who helped me with money. The gossip pointed out that I want to do it at this club. Can Luo Shaoye give Qian something ?”

The other party carried out Qiankuhai, the big Buddha. Luo Fusheng also had to get up and said to the fat man: “Fat three, this place I booked for the first time in a week. This venue is well arranged, it is better to please Gossip or too moving to my beauty to celebrate the birthday?”

The fat man knows that the second finger in his mouth is the second son of the then Minister of the Ministry of Military Affairs, Xu Rui’an, and Luo Fusheng. But it is said that the younger generation is a small generation. There is no reason for the elders to give up the juniors, or the high-beauty song and dance hall that can’t get on the table. “Luo Fusheng, what do you say? Our wife’s birthday can go to the place? Who are you? I tell you, today, this place, I have to set!”

The next three words are out of the three words, Luo Fusheng’s eyes are picking, showing a hint of chill. “Oh? How do I hear that the gossip was too a place to be a dancer, and the countertop is not as big as the MGM?”

The voice did not fall, a small knife flew to him. Luo Fusheng bounced the cigar into the air, his body did not move, his head turned to the side, and the knife in his finger was already sandwiched. “This weapon is thick and thick, and it is still called a hand.”

His eyes must be aimed at the fat man, just like a wolf staring at food. A person rushed to the fat side, and the people who blocked him along the way did not escape the sharp edge of his hand. He screamed a few times. The younger brother next to the fat man had been beaten into the water, mourning a piece, and the clear water surface was dyed with a layer of pink.

Luo Fusheng’s fights have always been clean and clean, and it’s quick to see when he will shoot. People who are mixed up on the street understand that it is useless to spend a good time on the shelf, and the fastest solution to the opponent is king.

For a moment of effort, Luo Fusheng came to the fat man, the fat man looked around, the younger brothers fell to the west, and painfully rolled on the ground. Looking at Luo Fusheng again, his hand stretched out, and the fat man immediately squatted down. As a result, Luo Fusheng did not hit him, but received a cigar falling from the air and took a sip. “Fat three, do you want to think about it again?”

The fat man bit his teeth, but he also had to wear soft. “Luo Shaoye, just do what you said!”

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