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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 3 (part 2/2)

Hello everyone,

Here the second part of the chapter 3 of Granting you a Dreamlike Life.

Translated by @tigrasev

Luo Fu do a smirk, got up and looked at the clock on the wall. “Yeah. It’s late.”

In the step-by-step bun shop, people are full of troubles, and the store has a sign of “limited supply of raw frying”.

On the edge of the take-out mouth, the customers lined up with long queues, and they were very happy with the frying. The unsatisfied and uneasy, Duan Tianying and Duan Tianci were in the middle of the team.

Suddenly, two policemen, one high and one fat, came to the raw frying shop, and the team did not row. They swayed through the crowd, and they ran into the queues and ran out. People are afraid to speak out.

“A pound of fried! Hurry up!” The police waved batons and beat them on the countertop.

The boss is busy with the fried. The two policemen left and left less than two minutes, and did not pay a penny.

Tian Ying saw that she wanted to rush to the theory and was pulled back by Duan Tianci. “Tian Ying, don’t mess around. They are the police!”

“What happened to the police? The police have to obey the law, how can they oppress the people?”

Duan Tianci said low voice in her ear. “Now the police station on the beach is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Military Affairs. The Minister of the Ministry of Military Affairs is the red man in front of the sergeant. So on this beach, the police dare to succumb, and anyone who has seen it has to go around. You, still I am waiting for your fried food! I am not alive.”

Tianying thoughtfully, muttering his mouth, the team re-arranged, slowly moving forward, Tianying hoped that the eyes stared straight at the gradual reduction of the raw fried bag in the big pot, for fear that they could not buy.

“Girl, you are lucky this is the last one.” The boss put the last six fried in the paper bag. 

The customer behind her sighed, and Tian Ying was very happy, surrounded by arches, like a successful fight.

In the steaming, Tianying is gearing up for the pilgrimage.

The boss is packed and is about to be placed in the hands of Tian Ying. Suddenly, the roar of the motorcycle with high horsepower came from far away. The boss stopped working, and he took the raw fried bag that he had put in the hands of Tian Ying and took it back. His face was full of smiles. “Luo Shao, you are here, the last one.”

I saw Luo Fusheng driving the Harley’s motorcycle to move, a sudden brake stopped at the door of the store, and rushed to Tian Ying. Luo Fusheng did not say anything, took over the last raw fried in the boss’s hand, completely that she did not exist, turned her head and drove away.

Tian Ying only reacted. She took Luo Fusheng and took the bag that was fried in his hand. “I have worked hard for a long time, why do you cut the team? This is my fried!”

The boss, the buddy, and the customer looked at it and their faces changed. The boss screamed and screamed Tian Ying: “Girl, this steamed buns are prepared for Master Luo.”

“You don’t lie. You just said that I was lucky enough to buy the last cage!” The food that came to hand was so flying, and where Tian Ying could hear the boss.

The family has been suffering from the love of Luo Fusheng, and he is very fond of eating fried. So as long as he comes, the store will always prepare him a fried. This is not worth much money, Luo Shaoye still insisted on pre-paying a sum of money every month in the store, no need to pay any time to take the buns. Today he came late, the boss thought he would not come, this is only ready to sell the last cage of fried bread to Tianying, but in the end they did not accept her money, not sold.

Just after the police, Duan Tianying wouldn’t believe this and only use him as the bully of the bullying. “He chooses not to be a human being, be a beast.”

Luo Fusheng felt incredible. He thought that he had got it wrong. He slowly turned his head and put the goggles on the helmet. Looking down on this unseen girl, the stars on her neck were particularly conspicuous.

“What are you talking about?” His tone was dangerous and the whole audience heard it, but she could not hear it.

“I said that you are…” Tian Ying’s words were stopped by his brother. “Tian Ying, don’t make trouble! Return the steamed buns to others.”

“I don’t!” Duan Tianying groaned to break away from his brother’s embarrassment.

Luo Fusheng did not have time to listen to these brothers and sisters quarreling, and suddenly reached out to grab the bag of raw fried, Tian Ying but smartly flashed, let him emptied.

Luo Fusheng finds it interesting. “I didn’t see it, there are still two. I will give it to you on weekdays, but I will buy it for my buddy today. He hasn’t returned to the country for a long time, just like this. Girl, don’t be offended.”

He got off and continued to grab it. Tian Ying showed his troupe, and left and right to go out and want to break out. Luo Fusheng was also quick-eyed, and her long legs blocked her way.

Duan Tianci realized from the reaction of others that Luo Fusheng was unusual, and quickly stopped her from screaming. The bag was taken from Tian Ying’s hand and handed over to Luo Fusheng.

“Thank you.” Luo Fusheng put the dumplings in his leather pocket and prepared to drive away.

Tian Ying disappointedly glanced at Duan Tianci, broke away from him, and chased him in three steps and did not want to be smoked by Luo Fusheng’s motorcycle exhaust.

Tian Ying jumped on a running rickshaw, and then parked in a row of rickshaws, and immediately caught up with Luo Fusheng’s motorcycle. He jumped on the back seat of Luo Fusheng and reached out. She want to lick the fried in his leather pocket.

Luo Fusheng looked back and saw that Tian Ying was sitting behind. This girl is really a fight with him. He raised his mouth and made a motorcycle fancy skill, so that Tian Ying could not safely pull out the buns. The girl was almost smashed, and both hands clung to Luo Fu’s waist. The smirk on his face was even worse, and he slammed the throttle.

He saw that she was almost ruled without temper, and then stopped the car, patted her hand and deliberately provoked. “Is it enough?”

Tian Ying quickly released his hand, just to fight back, suddenly a nausea, quickly jumped out of the car, holding a tree to throw up.

Luo Fu was not used to bullying a woman. When he saw such a situation, he couldn’t bear it. He handed out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to her. But it was shot by Tian Ying in the filth. When was he a person with a hot face and a cold ass? Luo Fusheng did not look at her again, snorted and went away.

The gray-faced face of the girl is not enough, but she took a sharp stone at the foot, and made the whole body’s strength thrown to Luo Fusheng like a dart, and hit the motorcycle tire accurately.

Luo Fusheng felt the car swaying, looked back at her, smiled scornfully, and drove away.

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