Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 30 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 30 Part (1/2)

Outside the Longfu Theatre, the drama poster starring Tian Ying was hung in a conspicuous position. Tian Ying made a handsome appearance on the stage, and the audience below called Clap.

The theater horse boss stood on one side and nodded happily. At this time, the flooded whips and stood in the middle of the corridor between the seats on both sides, and a whip opened. “What is good! I sing a little bad!”

Said, a jump jumped onto the stage.

There are many people talking. Luo Cheng, who came to Luo Fusheng to record a new drama, also saw the flood in the crowd and was taken aback.

“Who is this?”

“Is this not Miss Hong Jia?”

“There is another good show here.”

In a piece of discussion, the Tian Ying on the stage did not break down and continued to recite his own words.

Hong Yan pushed away the person who had to pick up the Tian Ying opponent, and extended a whip to Tian Ying. Tian Ying was not willing to show weakness, and he used his own props knife to resist the flood of the whip. The eyes of the hatchback are in contact, and the electric light and flint are not allowed to each other.

Nine-year-old red and Duan Tianci are clearly seen in the sidelines.

Duan Tianci asked anxiously: “Hey… or will I go…”

Nine-year-old red made a stop action. “It should make her long-term memory.”

The theater horse boss saw the people in the clear, and was broken. Pat the thighs on the side of the stage. “Hey, my aunts are jealous! Tian Ying, you put down your knife.”

No one is used to the flood, and Tian Ying is not a person who can listen to the advice. The two men actually took the knives and whip on the stage. The audience below felt that it was a good show and cheered up.

Tian Ying was better than Hong Qi’s martial arts. After a few strokes, the flood station was unstable and fell on the stage. Luo Cheng was shocked and counted his heart.

“I have been tolerant in the hospital, but in this Longfu theater, the drama is as big as the sky. The people who are present are spending money to come to the show. Please also ask Miss Hong to be self-respecting. Don’t bother the audience watching the show.”

“Excuse me? Well, then today the girl is out of the box. If you bought a ticket for the audience, I will double it back! I want to play this movie with you!”

Hong Wei was about to stand up and fight again. Suddenly Luo Cheng rushed up from the stage to hug Hong Yu, and a nose and tears were wiped on her. “Missy, Missy!”

“Luo Cheng! Take your claws away from me! Don’t stop me.”

“No, Missy, how can I stop you? You listen to me, my father’s injury has recurred, you can go to the hospital with me to see him!”

“What?” Hong Yu was shocked and put down his hand. Tian Ying also stared at Luo Cheng with a dignified look. “Seriously not serious?”

Luo Cheng anxiously nodded.

The flooded and raging air slammed into the air: “That’s not going fast!”

Tian Ying listened and worried. I am hesitating to go to the hospital to see if it is over. Luo Cheng turned back and gave a look to Tian Ying, shaking his head.

Tian Ying will come over and nod his thanks. Also apologize to the audience.

The drums rang again, and Tian Ying continued to sing.

The nine-year-old red face is gloomy, and Duan Tianci does not dare to say anything.

After the play, Tian Ying opened the curtain in the background and saw that the  nine-year-old” was sitting in danger. Duan Tianci stood behind him.

Tian Ying stunned: “Hey! How come you are here ? It’s just hard work for you after leaving the hospital.”

“Nine-year-old red” anger: “If I don’t come again, is this roof of the Longfu Theatre to be smashed by you?!”

He was really angry, but he has no choice: “Hey, what happened to me?”

“What’s wrong? You know in your heart that it is not enough to be a shame in the hospital. It is actually a disaster to the theater!” He was so angry that he squeezed out two words. “Come back home!”

When he said that he had walked out of the background, Duan Tianshi looked at Tian Ying with concern. Tian Ying can only follow up with Duan Tianci.

At this time, Xu Xingcheng’s car drove to the entrance of the theater. Just seeing Tian Ying, say hello to her: “Tian Ying!”

“How come you?” Tian Ying is trying to go up and say a few words,” nine-year-old red” stopped her footsteps.

The ” nine-year-old red”” went over and was in the middle of the two. “Sorry, Xu Gongzi, you are late, the play has been scattered. If you want to see our play, please come early tomorrow.”

Xu Xingcheng heard something in his words, thinking that the old man must be sulking for the dance of the previous few days. Tian Ying wanted to defend him for two sentences before he screamed and was yelled back by the nine-year-old red.

When the nine-year-old red turned to Xu Xingcheng, he was still cheerful, but the smile was a hypocrisy that was deliberately piled up, and plainly written impatiently. “Xu Gongzi, the sky is not early, we will go back first.”

“I just drop the way and send you.”

“We are desperate, afraid to soil your high-class car, go back soon, please.” “Nine-year-old red” made a guest-by-customer attitude, Xu Xingcheng is also embarrassed to say more.

“Nine-year-old red” said that the road was from the rickshaw. Tian Ying did not move in the same place, Duan Tianci took her to the rickshaw. The rickshaw slowly ran up, the “nine-year-old red  car was in front, and Tian Ying and Duan Tianci’s car followed.

Tian Ying looked back at Xu Xingcheng. The two men were opposite each other. The eyes were full of disappointment and helplessness. He watched Tian Ying’s car disappear into the corner of the street and stood in the same place for a long time.

Back to the troupe compound, nine-year-old red sat in the main hall, and Duan Tianying was kneeling in the hall. Duan Tianci poured a cup of tea and carefully handed it to the nine-year-old red. “Nine-year-old red” did not pick up, Duan Tianci had to put the tea on the table.

 “Nine-year-old red” one palm shot to the table, the cup swayed, Tian Ying a spirit. “It seems that these days I am hospitalized, your days are very happy!”

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