Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 30 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 30 (Part 2/2)

Translation Note : “Nine Year Old” is translated as Master/Dad

Duan Tianci also quickly knelt down: “Dad, don’t blame Tianyin, blame me if you blame me. I didn’t become a good master and didn’t care about her, you can punish me.”

Tianying doesn’t want her brother to plead guilty for her: “Dad, punish me, the drama is as big as the sky. Today it was my fault because I delayed the stage.”

“Do you think this is the only thing that made me angry like this?” Tianying looked up and looked at their dad. I wonder if there is anything wrong.

“I ask you, what did you do in the hospital the day I was discharged?”

Tianying talked, looking to Duan Tianci, Duan Tianci avoided Tianying’s eyes. Tianying understood what it was, so Dad was angry for this. “I have see the injured Luo Fusheng.”

“Why go see him?”

“Because he was injured for me. I left the hospital that day and said goodbye to him.”

“Where have you been and what hurt him?”

“Mei Gaomei’s prom. Dr. Xu made an appointment with me.” Tianying replied fifteen to ten, and didn’t think there was anything wrong.

“Look at you, what it looks like! Have I told you that when we sing, the more others look down on you, the more you have to take care of yourself. You’re better, and at the same time ambiguous with two men, you know those nurses What did you say? “

“Dad, what is ambiguous, I don’t have it! Xu Xingcheng is my friend. I went to see Luo Fusheng just to thank him for saving me. I didn’t have anything with them! I can’t stop others from saying anything. But I stood upright myself, and I wasn’t afraid that they would say. “Tianying thought Dad’s words were like a hot slap on her face. What others think of her can’t control her, but even her dad sees her like that.

“Don’t be afraid? I can’t understand people’s words? Have I said that you didn’t have your own life before you became a horn! You live for the theater. Although you are a performer on stage, you are still alive after leaving the stage. Is it appropriate to do this, Huang Dajie, who is out of the court? Miss Hong is in the theater today, who dares to marry you in the future! “

“Dad! I don’t have to marry! Singing is my ability to settle down, but I can’t lose the choice of making friends for this.”

“Look, don’t you think you’ve become a horn now? Tianying, I blame me for spoiling you so much. Now you give me a kneeling position at the exercise field. Think about what I said, think about it. Understand, don’t get up! “

Tianying bit his lip to prevent tears from flowing down, stood up and walked out the door. Walked to the center of the practice field, and knelt straight. In the hot sun, Rao is the hot ground of this bluestone slab.

Duan Tianci hurriedly interceded for her: “Dad!” The brothers also began to intercede.

The dad slap the tea cup to the ground. “Stop! Whoever advises me, kneel down to the practice ground together!”

Everyone in the theater, you look at me, I look at you, are not afraid of punishing kneeling. But I also know that the temper of the master is more and more persuaded. If the big guys were kneeling in a row at the practice hall, I’m afraid that the master would be put in the hospital again.

Duan Tianci, the master, said: “Everyone is dispersed. The more you ask, the more angry the master will be. When Tianying wants to open it, it will be fine for him to serve him softly.”

The crowd had no choice but to disperse.

In the middle of the night, a lightning suddenly appeared outside the house, followed by a roar of thunder. Lightning reflected the nine-year-old red-end sitting in the room.

Then came the sound of heavy rain.Hongxin was shocked, worried, but still unable to sit still.

Tianying was still kneeling in the center of the practice ground, and had been soaked by the pouring rain.

The brothers opened their windows one after another, distressed at Tianying, but could not do anything. The master roared in the room, and everyone could only close the window again.

An umbrella suddenly propped up above Tianying’s head. Tianying looked up, it was Duan Tianci, he had been drenched by the rain, but he was protecting Tianying with an umbrella. Tianying didn’t appreciate it, stubbornly knelt forward, avoiding the umbrella.

“Tianying! How hard are you!” Tianying didn’t answer, and Duan Tianci was helpless. I only heard Dad roar in the room: “Duan Tianci, you come back! She doesn’t admit it, let her continue to kneel in the rain and wake up.”

Master Hong came out of the room, her eyes were red and she looked like she had not slept all night. Tianying was still kneeling. Everyone knelt to master hong behind Tianying. “Master is early!”

The same bloodshot Duan Tianci kneeled on the first. “Dad … Master, Tianying knew it was wrong. She has been on her knees all night, so please spare sister.”

Everyone in the opera class should say, “Master, please spare your sister!”

Seeing all the apprentices kneeling on the ground, Master Hong was a little moved and walked to Tianying. “You know what’s wrong?”

Tianying stubbornly looked up and shook his head. The voice was hoarse, but the momentum was still there: “Dad made me kneel for a day, I kneel for a day, and I kneel for a year, and I kneel for a year. But I admit that I can’t live behind closed doors. I don’t know. “

“Tianying! Why can’t you just be soft? Didn’t you see all the brothers and sisters worry about you all night ?!” Duan Tianci’s face hated iron and steel.

“Because I’m right!” Tianying was so embarrassed since he was a child, and now this temperament is more and more obvious.

Master Hong finally managed to suppress the anger. He ignored the brothers’ obstacles and took the red pistol to fight, but before he hit Tianying, Tianying was physically weak and collapsed to the ground.

The crowd was shocked, and Duan Tianci hurried forward and picked up Tianying. “Tianying, Tianying …”

Duan Tianci touched Tianying’s forehead, was very hot, and quickly hugged Tianying to the room. Master Hong couldn’t hold herself up, and anxiously confronted the brothers in the opera class. “What are you doing silly on your knees? Not yet looking for a doctor!”

The doctor came followed up into Tianying’s room. Duan Tianci sat by the bed and wiped his forehead with a towel soaked in cold water.

At this moment, Tianying gradually woke up. Seeing the master, he timidly called, “Daddy …”

This look reminded the master of what she had just picked her up, she was curled up on a shoal like a kitten, her body was hot, her eyes were closed, she knew she was calling her father, mother …

The master snorted angrily. Tianying stopped talking and suddenly coughed. The master couldn’t hold herself up. She quickly picked up the water glass to feed her water and patted her back: “Drink slowly, is it better?”

The baby nodded. When Master Hong spoke again, her voice was much softer: “I dare you to make a fool of yourself in the future.”

With tears in his eyes, Tianying got into the arms of Master Hong “Dad, I really didn’t mess around, you believe me.”

Master Hong patted Tianying’s back. “Daughter, Dad believes you, but you have to remember that people are awesome. Throughout the ages, how many people in our theatre have planted these four words. The Shanghai beach is mixed with fish, and people’s hearts are unpredictable. You have not been involved in the world, Too simple. Dad never punished you like this before, not because I was worried about you. Dad didn’t ask for anything else, just hoping that you could sing well, and then entrust it to a good family to marry. . “

Tianying shed tears in her Master Hong arms. Master Hong touched her back and slowly coaxed her to sleep. He waved Duan Tianci out.

“The girl is big, and I can’t help her anymore. While things haven’t gotten worse, you two can get married in advance. Maybe she can settle down before you become a kiss. You have a preparation in advance. I’ll find one The right time will tell Tianying about her life. “

Duan Tianci was a joy first, but looking at the Tianying on the sickbed, his face sank a little. Or is it as old as a flower, and you have to pick it before blooming?

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