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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 31 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 31 (Part 1)

Hong Lan ran back to the hospital to see Luo Fusheng who was intact, and holding Luo Cheng’s ears was a curse. Luo Fusheng also heard what happened in the theater.

“Funny!” say Luo Fusheng who is an old opera fan, how could he not understand the rules of the opera in Liyuan? She was so troubled, although it would not be said that the baby’s rice bowl was smashed, but it was a loss of food. In the next period of time, everyone jealous of Hong Lan’s face, and dare not go to support Duan Jiaban.

The last one that was noisy in the hospital gazebo was not reconciled. At this time, Hong Lan had no scruples in front of Luo Fusheng and simply broke the jar. “Whatever you say, I’m famous for Shanghai Beach if I don’t make sense of it. You have to hang around with her for a day, and I’ll have another day!”

“Luo Cheng, come and call me next time your brother is dead!” She talked hard, and flung her whip, then turned around and left. The sound of riding boots rang through the hospital corridor.

“Don’t worry about my brother. Miss was just anxious when she heard that your injury was recurring. When I got out of the car, she still had a soft leg at the hospital entrance and almost didn’t drop her face. She just said so on her mouth.” Can’t afford to offend, Luo Cheng can only please with both ends of his tail.

“I know.” Luo Fusheng squeezed his brows. He didn’t worry that she was angry with him, but it took two days to get mad. But this young lady will not let go of Tianying so easily. Tianying sang at the Longfu Theatre, but the monk couldn’t run the temple. Thinking about it, he decided to escort her for this time.

On the evening of the next day, Luo Fusheng came out of the theater with the doctor in hiding, but saw the message “Stop Today” next to the poster of Tianying.

Under the street light, Luo Fusheng reached out and touched the poster depicting the appearance of Tianying, and was a little worried. I wonder if Hong Lan’s incident made Master Hong embarrassed her last night.

He thought about it, peeled the poster off and folded it, folded it in the inner pocket of his jacket’s chest, and got out of the car.

The car went to the entrance of the Shanghai Hotel and faced a car approaching. Pedestrians and vendors are left and right, and it is inevitable that only one party can pour back to make room for the other. It was a brand new Mercedes with two small Japanese flags on both sides.

“Young Master, it’s the Red Marble’s car. Want to make it?”

“Everyone can make it, Red Pills can’t.” I don’t know if because of the tossing out of the hospital, Luo Fusheng felt some pain in the wound and closed his eyes in the back seat. He heard his men honking their horns rhythmically, forcing them back.

A man in a suit jumped off the passenger’s co-pilot seat, calling himself Zhenwu. He Zhenwu went to Luo Fusheng’s driver and bowed. It’s not that he respects Luo Fusheng, but the Japanese love to bow and bow. “But Hong Bang Shao was in the car? He was in Shimokaru. He and I met each other on the narrow road. I should make way for you. But today, my highness is in the car.

He Zhenwu speaks Chinese very well, listening carefully can chew a little Shanghai accent. However, the situation is so tense at the moment, the Japanese army stared at this piece of fat in China, and the war broke out. Luo Fusheng never knew he and Yan Yue were just because he could speak Chinese.

“This is the Chinese territory. Naturally, let the Chinese go first. Regardless of whether you are a civilian or your Highness, remember that you are only a guest. You must abide by our rules.” He refused very simply, and he was too lazy to open his eyes. Open it.

The blue tendon on He Zhenwu’s face jumped twice. I was really annoyed how the shot missed. Thinking of it this way, I have already pressed my waist. A lot of onlookers gathered around.

A fingertip-like green hand passed through his arm, holding his arm and stopping him from drawing a gun. “Uncle. I suddenly remembered that something had just landed in that fairy house, let’s turn around and get it.”

The woman also spoke pure Chinese. She glanced into the car and saw only an unreasonable side face. The outline is quite sharp. “Young master, offended.”

Luo Fusheng is not a gentleman, but he still has a grace for women. The other party spoke to him by name, and he had to open his eyes. The woman who opened her eyes shook his eyes.

Today Irimoto is wearing an orange and pink vibrating sleeve kimono. The embroidery on it is not common flowers, but two cranes and the auspicious clouds surrounding it. It has a classic charm of Chinese Hanfu. Her facial features are soft, her eyebrows are big, her lips are naturally upward, as if she is smiling at you all the time, Wen Xi is beautiful and charming.

Luo Fusheng has always heard that Dongwan women are known for their tenderness. Even a beautiful and identifiable woman like Irimoto Miura can maintain this tenderness, which is a killer weapon.

This soft knife was not effective when Luo Fusheng was here. He nodded and thanked him.

Rikamoto didn’t feel like getting angry or leaving his sleeve when she didn’t come to the stage like an ordinary woman. She still stood in front of his car. Seems to be waiting, Luo Fusheng did not get off.

So she reached in through the window. “I’m glad to meet you. I’m Irimoto Miku. I didn’t ask your name.”

It was okay to meet by accident. It’s suspicious that she doesn’t have 302 silver. Since I just called him the young master, how could he not know his name.

“Luo Fusheng.” When he saw Zhaozhao Zhaohui shook her hand, he immediately retracted as soon as he touched it, as if pulling back a city.

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