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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 32 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 32 Part (1/2)

Tianying staggered to open her eyes, her mouth was blocked by a towel, her vision was not very clear, and she could only see two blurred figures.

This looks like an abandoned old warehouse. The monk who abducted her and the driver who was driving were sitting at a square table and setting up a lamb hot pot to eat. Where is still a monk?

The monk heard Tianying’s soft hum, and put down his chopsticks and walked to her. “you’re awake.”

Resentful, Tianying just wanted to speak, but found that he was blocked up and could only make a whining sound. Hands were tied back and feet were tied up, unable to move.

“Don’t you seek marriage, don’t you? You’re jealous, and the only solution is for the poor monk to help you continue this marriage.” The monk talked, and put his face in front of Tianying. When talking, the smell of lamb in the mouth was sprayed on Tianying’s face, and she felt that if it was not her mouth blocked, she would spit it out.

Seeing the benefits, the driver couldn’t let the monk monopolize alone, so he came together. “Will you go first or me first? Or together?”

Tianying was frightened by these two perverts, making a louder whine, and twisting his body violently, trying to get rid of the shackles of twine. The driver kicked during the struggle, and the driver became angry and grabbed Tianying’s feet. “Little girl, be honest with me.”

The monk also grabbed Tianying’s face from the front, making her unable to move, and then she took out the dagger around her waist and drew the knife on Tianying’s face. Wherever the dagger went, it was so cold that Tianying hid subconsciously. “Don’t make trouble, if you don’t know anything about it, give you a knife on your face.”

Talking, the monk was working hard on the back of the knife, Tianying opened his eyes and tried to stare at the knife on his face. At this moment, he was not afraid. He would rather kill himself with this knife than to be tarnished by these two beasts.

At this moment, a car horn sounded outside the door, and the monk and driver immediately stopped moving and looked at the door. The two lost their interest. “Little beauty, wait, my brother will come back and play with you later.”

After that, the monk and the driver stepped out of the door. Seeing a Cadillac parked outside the door, he hurried to the car and nodded. The bodyguard opened the door, and the person who came down was actually Hong Lan.


“It’s tied inside, don’t worry.”

“Shut it down overnight, frighten her, frustrate her spirit. Someone will come ” to save the damsel in detress “early in the morning. Don’t resist when you meet someone, you just mean it. Tonight, you guys are watching and seeing no trouble.” Hong Lan thought The idea is to use this matter to give Xu Xingcheng a chance to perform, and worry that his small body is not enough. Consciously really sent the Buddha to the West.

After Hong Xingcheng rescued Tianying from the head of Hong Lan, she was so grateful that she smiled proudly for her scheme and continued to command. “Since it’s acting, then your acting is going to be real.”

“Miss, don’t worry, I’m absolutely ‘hospitable’.”

Hong Lan saw the two of them having a sneer smile, and said positively: “Stop, frighten and frighten, she is a girl, and you can’t ruin the innocence. I want her to come back, just go back. Be sure to take good measure , Otherwise, you two go to Huangpu River to feed the fish first! “

The monk and the driver quickly gathered the expression on the face, and responded in unison: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

After speaking, Hong Lan put on her sunglasses, walked to her car, and drove away. The monk and driver stared at the door of the warehouse with sullen eyes, extremely depressed.

Luo Fusheng held a cake in his hand and walked out of the cake shop. Luo Cheng was waiting for him at the door. “Brother, you have just been discharged from the hospital, and you want to give a gift to Tianying Girl?

“No, I bought it for Hong Lan.” Luo Fusheng shook his head helplessly. “With this girl’s temper, if the hospital’s tone doesn’t go away, she will endlessly. I’ll send her a cake and make her happy.”

After all, she is her own younger sister. She hasn’t told her any serious things since she was young. This little girl has a lot of vengeance and has to find her a step down.

Luo Cheng realized another meaning. “Yo-yo-yo. It seems that this cake was not for Tianying, but it was bought for her.”

Luo Fusheng was too lazy to ignore him and got in the car and drove back to Hongzhai.

Hong Lan came back from Qianyu Mountain, and talked to her close-up girl Xiao Qing and walked into Hong’s house with laughter, looking upset.

“Miss, the master and Miss Manli have gone to Suzhou and said that they will not be back tonight.” Xiaoqing told her the message left by the master before leaving.

“Well, take my dad out for fun again, and you know it.” She couldn’t wait to see Hu Manli, the foxie, but her mother had been there for so long, and her father needed a woman, and she had no reason to stop.

“Miss, Master Lin will come and talk to you on the set about acting, don’t forget.” Xiaoqing reminded her.

When Hong Lan patted her head, Xiaoqing didn’t say she really forgot. “Now my mind is full of that drama. Do you say that my trick is wonderful? Let the little girl with a hard mouth scare for a night in the place where the bird does not shit, and when Minger sees Xu Xingcheng, it must not be tender. Throw in his arms? “

“No, no one is as courageous as Miss You, as big as a tiger.” Xiao Qing grew up waiting for Hong Lan. The relationship between the two was not like a master and servant. Hong Lan never hides her when she has any thoughts. Xiaoqing had no idea and took Hong Lan as an example in everything. The lady said everything right. This makes Hong Lan very useful.

“Well, what’s the meaning? How could I listen to scold me like a tigress?” Then, Hong Lan raised her hand to hit Xiao Qing, Xiao Qing dodged, and the two were together. 

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