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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 32 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 32 Part 2/2

Luo Fusheng took the cake and walked to the door of Hong Lan’s room to prepare for knocking. He heard the laughter inside, hesitated, and listened carefully.

Hong Lan tried to fight as usual, but stopped. “But Xiaoqing, you reminded me. You said, I don’t think it’s too much, right? Although I tied the baby, but I also explained that my men took good care of her. Isn’t that abusing her?”

“Look, is there such a soft-eyed tigress? Otherwise, it’s too late for you to regret it now, and I’ll let someone use the eight-lifted coupe to bring the Miss Tianying back.”

Hong Lan stared, and said hardly, “Who said that I regret it! I Hong Lan helped people to the end, Minger went to Xu Xingcheng early in the morning, and let him heroically save a beauty! In this case, Duan Tianying was very moved Promise yourself, and I … “

Before Hong Lan had finished speaking, Luo Fusheng pushed the door and rushed in. He was carrying a box of cake in his hand, and looked as fiercely as if he had changed.

Hong Lan stood up in fear, not knowing how much he heard. “Luo Fusheng? Why are you here?”

Luo Fusheng threw the cake in front of her: “I’m afraid you’re still angry, and I bought you a cake to surprise you. It’s a reparation. Who knew you would be so wayward and do this kind of insult! You really don’t think that Can someone rule you? “

Hong Lan looked at the cake on the ground, and grieved to pick it up. “You said you were trying to cheer me up, but still for that drama! You also scolded me for the third mischief!”

“Childish! How old are you playing this trick? Where’s Tianying?”

Hong Lan pushed Luo Fusheng, and was really angry: “Luo Fusheng! You hurt me! Isn’t it that you are the master of the great Hong Bangs? You can find it yourself!”

Luo Fusheng stopped talking nonsense with her and suddenly pulled Xiaoqing out of Hong Lan’s room. Hong Lan catches up, but Luo Fusheng closes the door of the room fiercely, and prevents Hong Lan from pushing open. “You open the door!”

Luo Fusheng leaned against the door with his back and forced Xiaoqing: “Tell me, where did the lady hide the girl Tian Tian?”

Hong Lan knocked at the door and shouted, “Xiaoqing! I dare you to say a word!”

Sun Xiaoqing was terrified, and he was in a dilemma, covering his head. “I … even if I knew, I couldn’t say it! Little master, I said, the lady will definitely break my leg and cut my tongue.”

“Do you think I won’t?” Luo Fusheng started the fire very scary.

Sun Xiaoqing shivered, panic-stricken. She just said that she was fooling her head, and the lady would definitely not treat her like that, but she may not be heading for it.

“Actually, I scared you, I’m not that kind of person.” Luo Fusheng turned sharply and suddenly laughed.

Sun Xiaoqing was relieved. Thought to escape.

“I’m going to find my right father, and let him sell you to Nanyang to be a maid.” Luo Fusheng lifted her collar to go out.

Sun Xiaoqing grabbed Luo Fusheng’s hand. In anxiety, he forgot that the master was not at home. “Ah! No! It might as well cut my tongue and break my leg. I said I said.”

Sun Xiaoqing looked outside the room door and whispered, “It should be an old warehouse in the deep forest and wild forest of Qianyu Mountain.” Luo Fusheng didn’t finish Xiao Qing’s words, and hurried out.

Because the wound did not grow well, Luo Fusheng had been in and out of the car these past few days. But Qian Yushan is not very good. He stepped onto Harley’s motorcycle and accelerated.

The sky was overcast, as if a heavy rain was coming. The heavy rain in the mountains was not as good as in the city. Luo Fusheng rode a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, sprinting at full speed, with a very serious look.

In the empty warehouse, there was only Tianying, and the two went out for food. Tianying listened with a side ear, and there was only a thunderous thunder. So Tianying struggled to cut the rope with the iron piece in his hand. The ropes that tied the babies have been sharpened.

She picked up the iron pieces on the floor of the warehouse. She must flee here as soon as the monks do not return.

The driver and monk sang two or two fine wines and beef from Xianpinju, and climbed the hillside leisurely. The young lady forbade them from “opening up”. He only had to torture his stomach with wine and meat.

The monk was unwilling. “Such a good girl. It will be difficult next time I have this opportunity.”

The driver looked at him alertly. “Don’t mess around. This is what the young lady ordered. No one is allowed to move her.”

The monk snorted dismissively. “No one is allowed to move? Drink first, see how it feels, have you heard that sentence? Under the peony flower, it is romantic to be a ghost.”

The two walked to the warehouse door with laughter, and the monk opened the door with the key. Just before entering, he heard the roar of a motorcycle behind him. The monk and the driver froze, wondering, didn’t it mean that the genius came? Luo Fusheng’s Harley had already killed his eyes.

The driver was blown to the ground by Luo Fusheng riding his car.

The monk hadn’t responded yet, Luo Fusheng’s motorcycle had lifted the front wheel and drove towards himself. The monk rolled up to the side, Luo Fusheng drove directly into the warehouse.

Luo Fusheng drove straight into the warehouse, looking for Tianying in the warehouse. “Heavenly!”

The monk and driver followed in a hurry. Luo Fusheng stopped the car

The monks did not expect that the lady Miss said would be the head of the family. “I was also weird. The lady Kung we went out to buy a meal was gone. You see, this rope is broken and I don’t know where she went?”

“What did you do to her?” The suffocation in Luo Fusheng’s eyes frightened the two of them and fell to his knees.

“Swear to the sky, less headed, we didn’t do anything.” The driver thought in fear, but fortunately had no time to do anything.

Luo Fusheng looked at them as though they were lying, looked around the warehouse, and found that a transom was opened. “Where does the transom lead?”

The two looked at each other and said in fear. “Mirror forest.”

Luo Fusheng’s face sank when he heard that, the mirror forest was named after the completely symmetrical vegetation growth, which the locals called the ghost hit the wall. Unfamiliar people dare not go in because they cannot get around. The sparse population has also become the best place for beasts to live in groups. If Tianying breaks into the forest, his life may be worrying. Luo Fusheng stopped ignoring the two and ran out quickly. The remaining monks and drivers looked at the empty warehouse.

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