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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 31 (Part 2/2)

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Chapter 31 (Part 2/2)

“I Looking forward to seeing you next time.” Ibon say then left a meaningful smile and redeemed He Zhenwu’s hand again. The models walked back to their cars, and their Mercedes slowly retreated to the other side of the street and turned around.

Luo Fusheng naturally could not imagine how much these uninvited guests would affect his future and the future of this country. At that time, he also held the land of projectiles, and was not afraid of misunderstanding.

Baoxiang is solemn, and Tianying worships religiously before the Buddha. After the last cold wind, she and her dad said that they wanted to come to the temple to worship and dispel evil spirits. Master Hong also felt that she had done too much bad during this time, and allowed her to worship at Wusheng Temple.

Tianying folded his hands, kneeling on the futon: “The Buddha is on top, please bless Tianying to be a truly free person, not to be rich or rich, but to spend his life in the way she wants.”

She said, shaking the sign tube in her hand, and dropped one. She picked up and walked to the signing office on the side of the main hall, where a monk in good clothes and kind eyes stood there. “Amitabha, may I ask the donor, but to cancel the visa?”

Tianying nodded and handed him the sign and a silver dollar. The monk looked at the sign in his hand and asked. “What is the donor asking?”

Tianying said a little embarrassedly, “Marriage …”

The monk tore a sheet from the signature paper behind him and took a closer look. “This hexagram is messy, it’s a sign that swings from side to side, and both lose. It’s a girl who is working between two men now? It’s a lottery.”

Tianying was a little puzzled: “Two?” She didn’t feel any swing in her mind, she was the only one in her heart.

The monk pulled her over. “Don’t worry, you and I have a destiny, and come with me, I tell you how to resolve.”

Tianying was distracted and entered the inner temple with the monk.

Walking to the secluded part of the temple, the monk pointed to a door and signaled Tianying to walk in front. Tianying didn’t think much, and was still upset. Suddenly, someone covered Tianying’s mouth with a handkerchief from behind. The more Tianying tried to resist, the more he inhaled the drug and gradually became faint.

A black car was parked outside the back door of the temple, and the monk walked out of the temple against the unconscious day baby. A driver got out of the car and helped to put the day baby into the car.

In the vocal Longfu Theater, the fans were eagerly awaiting and talking, waiting for Tianying to appear.

In the background, Mr. Ma carefully looked around, and Duan Tianci and a group of brothers and sisters were putting on makeup. There is no Tianying figure.

The older sister ran in panting from the outside, looked at Jiu Suihong, and shook her head anxiously. She had searched in the temple and at home, and no one had seen Tianying.

Boss Ma frowned: “Master, why don’t you see Tianying?”

The Master  sipped her tea and replied calmly: “Tian Ying was infected with the cold a few days ago. She said she was on stage today, but her voice is still not very comfortable. Today she wants to follow me, let me stop and let her Continue to recuperate. Tianying is the signboard of our theater class. If you want to sing, you can sing the best. You ca n’t just smash the signboard, do you say yes? “

Boss Ma nodded: “What you said is reasonable. But now you are also hugging, who can get on?”

Master Hong looked at Duan Tianci: “My big disciple, Duan Tianci. To put it in perspective, he has been with me for a longer time, not worse than Tianying.”

Duan Tianci was stunned, and his make-up hand was almost a false eyebrow. He has been singing horns, never singled out the beam to sing old students.

Boss Ma also looked at Duan Tianci with some distrust, and looked at Jiu Suihong, but he had no choice but to help. “Since the class leader said so, I hope you can live up to the expectations of the theater fans today, otherwise, you know, it’s your own signboard.”

Nine-year-old Hong nodded pretending to be calm, and Ma left. He has an ugly face. The older sister came forward to report. “Master, I searched again along the same places as my brothers and sisters, but I still couldn’t find Tianying.”

“Surely where to go again, this child is getting more and more unruly. You shouldn’t let her go out softly for a while!”

Duan Tianci was anxious and walked to the Master Hong. “Dad Really want me to go? But I … I’m still worried about Tianying, or … I’ll go to her?”

Master Hong was anxious, and pulled Duan Tianci to nowhere in the corner, slap him in the palm of his hand. “Do you know how to save the fire?”

“I know, but …”

Master slaps him again: “The future class leader is you, do you know?”

“I know, but …”

Nine-year-old Hong raised her hand again, after all, she was not willing to fan it. “In the future, you want to take charge of Tianying’s house, do you know? My son. You really want to live with your daughter-in-law for a lifetime?”

Looking at the old nine-year-old red, Duan Tianci nodded firmly, bit his teeth, took a deep breath and walked into the dressing room again.

The gongs and drums at the opening have gradually started, and the drums are getting more and more urgent. The brothers and sisters all made their appearances, and the audience’s applause continued to come.

The car hurried across the dirt road and rolled up a dust. Fast-spinning wheels, sprinting forward. The infant was lethargic in the back seat.

Duan Tianci made his debut on stage, and the audience didn’t go cold. The cheers also reached the boiling point. Duan Tianci was encouraged and exerted his strength: “Hand holding soldiers, Guan Dang way!”

Boss Ma and Master stared nervously in the corner of the audience. Duan Tianci sang Tianying’s famous masterpiece “Borrowing the East Wind”, and he gradually entered the next scene.

“Shi Yingwu, help Dongwu. Who dares to stop teaching!” Although the same vocal and same movements are also qualified, they are less than half the taste of Tianying. The audience’s expression gradually disappointed, and they pointed at the discussion, and then a deafening hiss broke out.

Master was worried. Mr. Ma looked anxiously at the Master Hong.

Duan Tianci became more tense with the hiss, and his momentum weakened. The drums are getting more and more urgent, and gradually enter the next game. Duan Tianci walked into the background with a bit of shame, standing in front of Jiu Suihong, ashamed. “I blame my son for being poor at school and rushing into battle …”

Master Hong interrupted him with a disappointed look: “It’s nothing. I’ve seen it through. There is only one Tianying in the end.”

After this incident, the Master Hong was considered to understand that Duan Tianying was Duan Jiaban, Duan Tianci’s life-saving herb, and the only one.

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