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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 33 (2/2)

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Chapter 33 Part 2/2

Xu Rui’an became vigilant and slowly put down his pen. Think of Xu Wei’s strange attitude towards Hong Lan suddenly before the masquerade. “Is this happening?”

“It should be true. Master Xu is afraid to tell you. You see, his subordinates are going to the police immediately to find someone, okay?” Jia Dong was anxious to please Xu Rui’an, showing a twelve-point charming and positive look.

Xu Rui’an thought for a while, and instructed him not to move. “Wait, don’t worry.”

In Hong’s house, Lin Qikai accompanied Hong Lan on the sofa. Hong Lan said nothing, her eyes were a bit red. Xiaoqing sent a plate of fruit, looked at Hong Lan, and didn’t know how to persuade him, so she returned first.

Lin Qikai didn’t ask much, and stayed beside Hong Lan, looking intently. Suddenly, Hong Lan spoke. “Brother Lin, I ask you a question, you promise me, you must answer truthfully.”

Lin Qikai nodded, and Hong Lan looked at him seriously: “Brother Lin, do you really say that I am really like what Fusheng said, very capricious and annoying, no one except my dad would really like I?”

Lin Qikai froze, looking at the aggrieved Hong Lan, extremely loving, thought and answered. “Miss has a temper, there must be a little …”

When Hong Lan heard this, her face became paler, even Brother Lin, who hurt him most, said so. That’s true.

Lin Qikai continued to speak. “But we all know that you are a simple-hearted girl. Sometimes you speak or do things more directly, and it is easy to inadvertently hurt others. Don’t look at the floating life that scolds you, he doesn’t know how to protect him privately in front of us. Keeping you short. Isn’t this a love? “

After Hong Lan listened, she stopped sobbing. Staring at him blankly: “Brother Lin, are you saying that I don’t have a brain?”

Lin Qikai really admired her summarizing ability. He didn’t mean it that way, but it seemed that there was nothing wrong with it.

“This time is indeed wrong. You will have to admit wrong to him when you come back. In addition, I have arranged the audition. You can go to the studio to meet the director in a few days. I will definitely realize your wish You have become a beach star and even a famous movie star all over the world. Redder than Hu Die! “

Hong Lan ate the apple particularly well and nodded seriously.

“Lan Lan, if nothing else, let’s make a decision. I’ll go first and go to the studio next week to see the director.”

Hong Lan nodded to send Lin Qikai, but Xu Xingcheng, who had not taken off his white coat, hurried in. Hong Lan knew that Bacheng was looking for her again. Busted behind Lin Qikai.

Lin Qikai guarded her and first stabilized Xu Xingcheng: “Zhuzhu, what’s the matter in such a hurry?”

Xu Xingcheng was about to ask. Suddenly the door was pushed open again, and the monk and driver ran in while shouting. “Miss, something went wrong, she ran away.”

Now even the repudiation cannot be reached. Hong Lan could not hide it, and only frankly explained, “I … I’m not really kidnapping, I’m just playing around and scaring her. I don’t want to match you two.”

Xu Xingcheng couldn’t laugh or cry: “How old are you, the witch? How could you come up with such a faint move. Where is she now?”

Hong Lan glanced at the monk, and he answered in a hurry: “She was originally locked in Qianyushan’s old warehouse. Now she ran by herself. She should have ran into the mountains and wild forest.”

“Then why don’t you find it?” Xu Xingcheng was anxious.

“The forest is famous for its complicated terrain. We can’t drive in, there are many beasts, it’s going to be dark, and it’s going to rain. Even people who are so familiar with the terrain cannot tell the direction. It’s impossible. Look for it. Come back for help. “

Xu Xingcheng was even more anxious after listening, and Hong Lan was also a little scared. “Did you come to see you?”

“Here, he saw Tianying run away and chased into the mountain.”

Hong Lan pulled out her whip from the waist, and the monk and the driver were beaten one by one, and they did not dare to hide. “You know that the mountains are so dangerous, why don’t you stop him?”

“How can we stop it? The young master disappeared in a blink of an eye, and we have to stop and estimate that my life is gone.”

“Hong Lan! If there is anything wrong with Tianying and Luo Fusheng, I’ll be with you!”

Lin Qikai guarded Hong Lan intentionally and comforted him: “You all say a few words. Now that things have happened, it doesn’t make any sense to complain about each other blindly. Now it is imperative to get them back. Once it rains, except in the mountains In addition to the threats of the beasts, it is easy for mountains to collapse. It is urgent. Zhuzhu, Lanlan, let’s go into the mountains to find them. “

In the mountains and forests, there are cloudy winds. In the sky, the wind was rising, the mountains were about to rain, and the mist was growing. There were all kinds of unknown beasts in the forest.

Luo Fusheng listened to the cry of the hidden beast, looked at the sky, his eyebrows tightened, and shouted in the mountains and searched. “Tianying! Tianying! Where are you!”

On the other side of the mountain forest, the escaped Tianying stumbled, and his body had been cut several times. After running for a few hours, she was no longer proud of her escape, and felt the chill gradually eroded into her body. She hugged her arms and walked to an old tree, but found a bar on it, With three points, Tianying counted and said to himself. “Why have you walked three times and come back again? It’s a ghost!”

After saying that, Tianying leaned on the tree tiredly and didn’t know what to do.

A skinny wolf stared at her in the bushes not far away.

A thunderbolt fell from the sky, and the baby was frightened, and the wolf in the grass seemed to be frightened, and he did not dare to act lightly. Tianying looked at the cloudy sky, and suddenly heard the sound of gurgling in the weeds beside him. Subconsciously scared.

She missed her father and brother, missed her warm little room, and secretly hoped that Xu Xingcheng would come to her. Realizing that he couldn’t sit still, Tianying braced his trunk and slowly stood up. Build up your strength and move on.

The rain did not disperse the mist. The fog was getting bigger and stronger, Tianying was soaking wet, his eyes were blurred, and he gradually lost his direction.

There is an animal perspective behind him who has been staring at Tianying, never staying away.

Tianying ran and screamed suddenly. He stepped on the stone, stomped his foot, and fell to the ground. The pain was unbearable. This seems to be the best time for the wolf to start.

The rain washed away the mud, and Luo Fu struggled to find it in the huge forest. He faintly heard a scream and stopped. But the voice was fleeting, buried in the thick fog, and lost its direction for a moment.

Luo Fusheng felt the bumps on the bark touched by his hands. Looking closely, he saw that the towering old tree had a mark on it, one, two, three, and four.

The bark is still green. It must have been carved by Tianying. She should be near here.

Luo Fusheng was hoarse, but continued to shout with a hoarse voice. “Tianying! Tianying! I know you’re nearby! Will you answer me ?!”

Tianying rubbed her feet and tried several times, feeling that he couldn’t stand up.

At this moment, Tianying suddenly heard a man’s voice calling her in the distance, and the movement in the grass was getting closer and closer. As soon as she looked up, the grass in front of him shook with a pair of fluorescent eyes. Staring straight at her.

Tianying realized that the danger was approaching, and stood up hard, but the pain in her ankle prevented her from running for a while, and she could only raise her arms and shout, “I’m here! Zhuzhu, I’m here!”

Suddenly a figure rushed out of the woods, and Tianying closed her eyes in fright. I saw her with her hands in her arms.

Tian Ying, like grasping the life-saving straw, could not help but hugged Luo Fusheng tightly, and the body poured in by the cold rain for a night finally felt the warmth, and her embrace made her reluctant to let go. At the same time, a gunshot echoed in her ear, lingering in this forest for a long time.

The bloody smell, the wild wolf’s angry roar, flooded the entire forest in the dark.

Tianyin felt a piece of wetness in his palm, which was different from the wetness of rain, and this touch was sticky. Tianying slowly raised her head to see the flesh on her arm holding her, and the hungry wolf lying not far from them was still holding a piece of flesh in her mouth, breathing heavily in the rain.

Luo Fusheng just rushed to Tianying at about the same time as the wolf. At the same time he hugged her, the hungry wolf had ripped off a piece of meat on his arm. Luo Fusheng endured the pain and fired with the other hand. Fortunately, the marksmanship had not been missed. In the end, both defeats hurt.

Those green eyes were still staring at Luo Fusheng and Tianying in horror. Luo Fusheng also reported the same fierce look, like a game between two wolves. The hungry wolf gradually lost, after all, that shot hit its key. Its heavy gasping sound also passed with life. Dead silence was restored all around, but the nightmare was far from over.

“Luo Fusheng?” Tianying envisioned 10,000 possibilities, but still couldn’t believe that at this moment when she was most helpless, it would be Luo Fusheng who rushed out to save her.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not Dr. Xu.” Luo Fu smiled at her fiercely, and the darkness covered the bitterness in the smile. “We must leave here now. The wolf is a social animal. There must be more than this wolf here. It may be scattered, but its comrades will soon find it in the blood.”

Luo Fusheng pulled her to leave, like an okay person. Tian Ying grabbed him. “wait.”

She tore off a piece of cloth from the trousers on her knee that had just broken, and rushed around Luo Fusheng’s arm to make a wound. Xu Xingcheng once taught her how to stop the aorta to stop bleeding. However, the wound was too big, and the blood and the rain quickly wet the cloth. But chat is better than nothing, anyway, it doesn’t look so shocking.

When Luo Fusheng saw her complexion, she teased her deliberately: “Speaking of which, your blood is still flowing in my body.”

“Huh? Don’t talk nonsense.” Tianying feels that this is not the right way to chew.

“I’m telling the truth. They share the same blood and flesh, so they die together.” He looked at her half-seriously and half-jokingly. The bright eyes were hot, and it warmed Tianying’s heart.

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