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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 34 part (1/2)

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Chapter 34 Part 1/2

Lin Qikai’s car was driving on the road to the suburbs. Xu Xingcheng was sitting on the co-pilot, very anxious. Hong Lan sat in the back with Lin Qikai and said nothing.

At this moment, not far from the road, police set up to stop Lin Qikai’s car. Jia Dong went to the car and said to Xu Xingcheng. “Master Xiao, someone reported that you were involved in a kidnapping case, please get off the bus and follow us.”

Hong Lan listened and bowed his head in guilty conscience.

Lin Qikai glanced at her and rolled down the window: “What’s the matter?”

“Master Lin, Miss Hong are here. The actor Duan Tianying from Longfu Theater is missing. Her family said that it was brought by Master Xu. We are not here for a routine investigation.” Jia Dong nodded and responded.

“We’re in a hurry to save people now! When we’re done, I’ll go to the police station to make a confession.” Xu Xingcheng got out of the car to send him off.

“Master, please don’t embarrass me, I have no choice but to do it.” Jia Dong grabbed the window, for fear he would drive away the car so forcefully.

Lin Qikai was thoughtful, and with his knowledge of the people in the Shanghai Patrol House, he would not be so motivated for a small role. Bacheng was ordered by someone above.

Sure enough, Jia Dongsheng was afraid to offend the young girls and immediately moved out of Xu Rui’an’s name. “We were urgently arrested only after being ordered by Minister Xu. Mr. Lin, Miss Hong, you know, Minister Xu has always been impartial in law enforcement and is not private.”

Jia Dong winked at the police officer next to him. The police rushed up and held Xu Xingcheng. Qi Fei, the driver of the Lin family, wanted to get out of the car to help, and Lin Qikai motioned him not to act lightly.

Xu Xingcheng struggled: “Let go!”

Lin Qikai got out of the car and walked to Xu Xingcheng beside the rain. “Since it’s what your dad meant, you go back with them first, and I’ll save someone.”

Xu Xingcheng looked at him helplessly, knowing he couldn’t help it. “Brother Zhongjing. You must help me save Tianying and Fusheng!”

Before Lin Qikai spoke, Hong Lan took the lead to vow to him that they would surely bring them back safely. Lin Qikai got into the car and the car left quickly. Xu Xingcheng looked at the distant car with annoyance.

In the surveillance room, Xu Xingcheng, who was locked up, looked anxious while looking at his watch. I don’t know what the baby is doing now. Will she and Fusheng be in danger?

He was shaking the iron fence desperately in handcuffs, and his hands were all marked with red marks: “Why do you shut me up and do nothing? Make a confession! I will provide clues to save people! Delaying it will be dead . “

Jia Dong went into the detention room and said embarrassed. “Master Xu, if we let you out without permission, we will really be dead. You must be considerate and forgiving of our errands, and don’t torture yourself anymore. Besides, someone really called the police and it was not groundless.”

“Duan Tianci said it, right?” He had shouted at the hospital to call the police, presumably he had been there.

Jia Dong smiled for nothing.

“Wait, my dad intentionally signaled you to shut me up, is there any other purpose?”

“Master Xu, please be patient. Minister Xu is on his way. He will tell you personally.”

Luo Fusheng took Tianying’s hand to shuttle through the woods. His arm was bleeding and his bloody smell lasted for a long time. Sooner or later this will entice the wolves.

He released Tianying and pointed in the other direction. “You run over there, don’t stay with me.”

“Why?” Tianying puzzled.

It’s a pity that it’s too late, and suddenly a screaming wolverine came through the forest. Luo Fusheng frowned, motioning to Tianying not to speak.

Almost instantly, the surrounding bushes and grasses heard more sounds of wolves flying.

Luo Fusheng didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. He pulled up Tianying and ran, only to hear more and more fine and fast chasing steps behind him, getting closer and closer.

Luo Fusheng ran and rushed out of the forest. There was a cliff in front, Luo Fusheng quickly stopped. But the road was too slippery, and Tianying almost fell down. His eyes were fast, and he immediately reached out and caught Tianying. But the center of gravity had leaned forward, and he also fell down.

Luo Fusheng hugged Tianying almost instinctively, and the two rolled down the steep cliff …

At 9 o’clock in the evening, Xu Rui’an stayed in the detention room of the patrol house without delay, and Jia Dong and other police left with interest.

“How about? The upgraded game of the cat and mouse game is exciting?” Xu Rui’an took off his top hat and placed it on a row of elm benches. He often comes to patrol houses, but this is the first time he has entered a detention room.

“You let others frame your son and become a kidnapper. Do you really believe what Duan Tianci said?”

“It’s not exactly that, the old man in the play group and the later generation, borrowed their courage, and didn’t dare to come to the patrol house to sue you. They just borrowed your name and wanted the people in the patrol house to do things for them.”

“So my accusation is that you are playing on the topic?” Xu Xingcheng realized what came over. “Do you want to stop me from saving people?”

“Don’t you always say that we abuse our power and engage in malpractices for personal gain? Today, I will show you that I can also do not for personal malpractices, but just kill relatives.”

Xu Xingcheng knew that at this time he and him would only make the chances of Fusheng and Tianying survive. He served soft first. “Dad, please let me out! Send some people to come to the mountain with me to save people. We will come back to discuss any matters.”

Xu Rui’an already had the bottom of his heart at this time, and the relationship between him and his son was extraordinary. “Beg me? It’s rare. Who made you so fragile. Is it your nickname, Tianying, that lowers your noble head in front of me, the most important person you despise? 

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