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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 34 Part (2/2)

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Chapter 34 Part (2/2)

Xu Xingcheng bit his lip, only to admit it at this time or not to admit it was a dead end. He threw himself to kneel in front of Xu Rui’an. “Dad, please let her go.”

Xu Rui’an shook his head and seemed very dissatisfied with his performance. “You shouldn’t ask me to let her go, but when one day, you use the power in your hands to order me to accept your love! I want to ask you, is it your brother or that opera you want to save?

Xu Xingcheng looked up straight at him, “They both have to be saved!”

“So … if only one can be saved?” Xu Rui’an seemed to enjoy such a moment very much, without forcing one, one could never face his own dark side.

Xu Xingcheng’s eyes flickered. “No if I don’t make this assumption, I can’t lose any of them.”

“But I want you to make such assumptions. The world needs you to make such assumptions. You have to remind yourself at all times that cruel choices are everywhere. Today you have the power to be the person who makes choices, and tomorrow you may Become the chosen person. You will never be wrong when you are in danger. If you can give me an answer, I may consider letting you go and send someone to help you. “

Xu Xingcheng was silent.

[The young Luo Fusheng ran among the misty reeds.

He was gasping and confused.

Suddenly he heard a gunshot and hurriedly hid in the reeds, afraid to come out.

He saw a hand with a pistol.

Then he saw a vaguely bloody woman’s face.

He also dimly saw the little girl crouching and crying.

He heard the sound of another little girl cycling back and forth.

She said: save me, save me, save me …

Luo Fusheng ran over, blocked the little girl’s mouth, and signaled her not to speak.

But the man with the gun found their voice, rushed to them, raised the gun …]

“Don’t!” Luo Fusheng whispered painfully in his dream, gradually waking up. Opening his eyes, he found himself falling on an extended platform under the cliff, his body was scarred, and there were blood marks from branches and rubble. He moved his limbs, but fortunately did not hurt the bone, and there was a thick branch under him, cushioning the impact when falling. The babies lay not far away and remained motionless.

Luo Fusheng hurried to Tianying’s side and found that the leg of Tianying’s leg that had just been torn off his pants was cut by a branch with a long wound, and blood was flowing.

He shouted Tianying’s name, and Tianying gradually woke up. He helped her to sit up slowly.

Tianying checked his hands and feet, and Luo Fusheng looked fine. She wept with joy and hugged him with red eyes. “Great. We are alive!”

Luo Fusheng’s body froze and smiled: “Blessed with great fate, there is such a platform to stop us not far from the cliff. Otherwise, we really have to go to see King Yan Luo together. There is a cave in front of us we have to Dodge. Xu Xingcheng,  will definitely come to us. “

Tianying was about to get up. Suddenly, the leg wound was very painful. The scratch was on the same leg as the one she had just caught. She didn’t hold back and fell back with a cry.

“Don’t move.” Luo Fusheng finished taking off his belt and tied it tightly at the root of Tianying’s thigh. “Your script came to be stung, and it fell and fell like this again, and it’s scratched again. Now stop bleeding first, don’t move easily!”

Tianying laughed aloud, this was obviously the method he had just taught him, and he learned quickly.

After the bandaging was completed, Luo Fusheng held her aside, regardless of the pain in the torn arm, and regardless of his injuries. Tianying said struggling. “I can go by myself.”

Luo Fusheng rolled his eyes. “I am a man.”

He couldn’t help but hug Tianying and walked into the small hole on the side.

On the mountain road, Lin Qikai’s car galloped in the rain. Hong Lan has been anxious and nervous, watching the heavy rain outside. “Brother Lin, why is it raining harder? They shouldn’t be surprised?”

Lin Qikai was also nervously condensing outside the window. It was really difficult to say what was happening in the mountains when such a heavy rain fell. “May the rain stop sooner, Fei Zi, and then drive faster.”

Qi Fei stepped on the accelerator. Hong Lan shook her hand nervously, Lin Qikai held Hong Lan’s hand and motioned her not to be nervous. Hong Lan nodded worriedly and looked out the window.

In the cave, the sound of rain outside was getting louder, and a rain curtain was formed at the entrance. Luo Fusheng picked up some branches in the cave and made fire with his firearm to keep him warm.

Sitting at the campfire, Tianying untied the cloth strips on his arm and re-banded him finely.

Against the fire, Tianying’s side face is delicate and beautiful. Although the wound was still painful, Luo Fusheng was already foolish.

A gust of wind blew, and Tianying froze.

When Luo Fusheng saw it, he didn’t know what to say, took off his coat and threw it to Tianying’s head.

Tianying tore his clothes off his head and looked at him half funny and half angry. This man is so awkward even doing good deeds. Virtue.

The two were in the cave, doing nothing left and right. Luo Fusheng took out the small jug with him and opened it. He drank a couple of drinks, and the wine warmed up.

Tianying saw this jug, and when she first appeared on the stage at Longfu Theater. Luo Fusheng and the smasher also took out the jug and drank before fighting. He seemed to enjoy drinking.

Luo Fusheng saw that she was looking at the jug in her hands and reached out to Tianying. “Come and have a sip.”

Tianying hesitated, didn’t answer.

Luo Fusheng raised an eyebrow, looking like a child’s expression: “Haven’t you bedrunk?”

“I have drinked.”

“Take a sip, and your body will soon warm up.”

Tianying shook her head and said seriously: “After drinking, i will vomit.”

Luo Fusheng raised an eyebrow again. “Have you ever drunk and vomited? Didn’t you drink less?”

“Xu Xingcheng once took me to the club in Shiliyangchang. He ordered me a cup …” Tianying recalled that strange name. “Oh. A cocktail! I vomit after drinking. In the end, I can’t even walk. As soon as I walk softly, I will lie down. Finally he carried me back.”

Luo Fusheng made a sound, and then he raised his head and took a big mouthful. The alcohol rolled over his throat and swallowed with some bitterness. “Drinking this will warm you up and won’t vomit, you can rest assured.”

Tianying looked at Luo Fusheng’s sincere eyes, slowly took the jug, took a sip, and was coughed by the liquor. “Luo Fusheng, you lied to me. How spicy!”

Luo Fusheng laughed. “I said this wine can warm up after drinking, and won’t vomit, but I didn’t say it was sweet.”

Tianying looked at the jug in his hand and remembered that Xu Xingcheng was in the club that night.

[Xu Xingcheng: “This is a cocktail. It has a very low alcohol concentration and is blended with fruit juice. It is suitable for girls. You try it.”

She took a sip of the tentative sip, and it tasted good, with a sweet, non-spicy throat irritation.

“It tastes good. It has a taste of tea. I like it.” After that, she sipped a glass of wine with a sip, and Xu Xingcheng had no time to stop it. I can only look at her confused with a bitter smile.

His eyes were really gentle then. 】

There was a slight smile on the lips of Tianying. Playing with the hip flask, he said something. “It seems that the difference between wine and wine is really big.”

Luo Fusheng took the jug and took a sip, looking at the rain silk outside the cave, as if thinking about something. Tianying looked at the quiet Luo Fusheng as if he had become a person.

“Yes, I haven’t had time to ask you yet, how come you came to me here?”

“I’m passing by.” Luo Fu opened his mouth without telling a change of heart and heartbeat.

Tianying is not a fool: “Passing by? How can you pass by this wilderness forest? Pick mushrooms?”

“I want you to control it? Traveling can’t be bothered? Killing more goods is not enough?”

Tianying knew that he had come to save her although he didn’t know why he knew he was in the woods. But on the way, if not for her, she would have died many times. The drunkenness rose, and her cheeks were reddishly looking at Luo Fusheng, and she uttered two words. “Thank you!”

Luo Fusheng didn’t seem to hear, don’t go over. The ears quietly turned red, just like whoever scratched his ears. He has long been accustomed to being bad for him, and he has a hundred ways to return to the bad guy. But he didn’t know how to deal with others’ goodness to him. He always felt like taking advantage of others.

Where did Tianying know his thoughts, he still showed his true feelings. “No matter why you passed here, met me by chance, and rescued me at the risk of your life, I will thank you very much, thank you, Luo Fusheng.”

Luo Fusheng was overwhelmed by the friendship of Tianying. He just wanted to drink two more drinks to ease the embarrassing atmosphere, but Tianying snatched his hip flask and murmured another two.

Luo Fu’s eyes fell asleep, Tianying continued. “If I remember correctly, you have saved me for the third time, whether it was to help me and my brother at the casino, or at the prom, to help me block a fatal shot, or to accompany me in this barren mountain Where the Mighty Beasts Infested. Luo Fusheng, why do you always appear when I am most dangerous … “

Luo Fu was at a loss at a loss and wanted to interrupt this ambiguous state. “That’s because … because I’ve had mold for eight lives and caught up with me.”

Tianying seems to be drunk, holding his legs and knees, leaning his head on it: “You’re really unlucky.”

“Yes. Don’t you know that you are a reincarnation?”

Tianyin fainted, and raised the jug in his hand. “Respect the disaster star!”

Suddenly, the mountain shook, and the rocks at the entrance of the cave fell sharply in front of the two of them.

Before Tianying responded, Luo Fusheng was picked up. Luo Fusheng was going to run outside while holding Tianying, but the rocks at the entrance were large and fast, and the two couldn’t run out at all. At this time, they were on top of each other, and a large rock in the cave was also shaken down and hit the two.

Luo Fusheng subconsciously pressed Tianying under him. 

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