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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 35 (Part 1/2)

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Chapter 35 Part (1/2)

When the boulder fell, Tianying was slammed down and his head fell on a stone on the ground. Before passing out, she saw Luo Fusheng arch her back with a small safe space to protect her, as if she heard a moan, and then she didn’t remember anything.

When she slowly opened her eyes again, there was a gloomy green in front of her eyes, shining a little bit of light in the dark, flickering in the air with a rhythmic flicker.

Tianying gently called Luo Fusheng lying beside her. His body stiffly maintained an arch, and she secretly wiped tears on his back.

Luo Fusheng was awakened by the cry of Tianying and slowly opened his eyes. Looking straight at the scene in front of him, he remained silent for a long time.

“Luo Fusheng, we are dead.”

Luo Fusheng was unknown so: “Huh?”

Tianying pointed his finger upward. Luo Fusheng turned to lie flat on the ground with the direction of Tianying’s fingers and looked upwards.

The two were lying flat and quiet, feeling the peace and beauty of heaven.

“Heaven is so beautiful. I never thought about it. Heaven is this color, like the stars are full of sky. There are so many meteors across. I am so happy!”

Luo Fusheng thought it was silly, but he was so cute. “Why happy?”

“Because I’m here. The missionary in the church said that only good people can go to heaven … Luo Fusheng, we are both good people.”

After hearing this, Luo Fusheng turned his head to look at Tianying. Tianying also turned to look at Luo Fusheng. A firefly stopped on Tianying’s forehead, and Luo Fusheng reached out his finger and slowly touched the firefly. The fireflies flew away lightly, crossing Luo Fusheng’s face. Tianying also looked at Luo Fusheng who had never been so gentle.

The two were silent. The silence was long and clean, but not awkward.

Luo Fusheng suddenly asked, “Are you sorry?”

“A bit. I didn’t have time to say goodbye to my dad and brother. And now i regret to know you were too late, when we have died we were not even friends.

“If you have a future life, would you like to be friends with someone like me?”

Tianying shook his head, Luo Fusheng frowned a bit disappointed. She sneered. “I don’t want to be friends with people like you, but I’m willing to be friends with you. What kind of person are you? In the future, you slowly tell me. In heaven, you have time. Because you don’t have to go and see Games, collections, fights, no longer drunk, no more bruises. We have been here for a long, long time to chat. “

Tianying finished, the two looked at each other and smiled.

The romantic atmosphere was interrupted by the gurgling sounds in Tianying’s belly, and Luo Fusheng glanced at her belly. Counting from being abducted, she has not eaten all day and night.

“Why are people hungry when they die? You say, is there a family fried in heaven? I really want to eat” 

Luo Fusheng sighed helplessly and got up: “I’ll buy it for you in the world.”

“Ah, can you go back?” Tianying asked with blinking innocent eyes.

“Yes, I didn’t drink too much. I’m going to dig the gravel now and rush out.” After that, Luo Fu got up and walked to the gravel with the pain of his back, and started to move stones.

Tianying sat aside and looked around trying hard to remember. “Yeah. This is still a cave.”

“Um.” Luo Fu laboriously moved the stone blocking the entrance.

“What’s that green dot?”


Tianying made a long whisper, but he looked disappointed. “I thought it was heaven.”

“That’s you drinking too much.”

Tianying suddenly realized something and looked at Luo Fusheng, who was always moving his back to the stone. “Then you were hit by a stone just now?”

Luo Fusheng pressed the bloody smell of his throat and replied indifferently: “If I were smashed, we would really meet in heaven.”

Tianying comforted himself, got up and helped Luo Fusheng move the stones together.

Luo Fusheng endured back pain, sweating and moving stones. The sound of Tianying’s opera suddenly sounded in his ear. It was the play he loved most. Her voice seemed to have a magic power that made him regain power.

“Nine-year-old Hong” stood in the rain at the gate, and looked anxiously. A brother and brother ran back in the rain to report to “Nine-year-old Hong” . “Master, Tianying did not return to the theater.”

Several people came back one after another.

“Master, there are no more ships at the dock and I haven’t seen Tianying.”

“Master, no one at the station has ever seen Tianying.”

The nine-year-old red face was anxious, and there was no news from Tianci left.

Duan Tianci violently knocked on the big iron gate of Xu Gongguan in the rain, shouting the name of Tianying.

The steward came out wearing a raincoat and said impatiently. “I’ve told you how many times, we don’t have a baby in the family. You take advantage of the absence of the master and the young master. Hurry up. If they come back and disturb their rest, it is not so kind to you now. roll!”

Duan Tianci did not give up, and continued to shoot. The housekeeper of the Xu family shook his head and looked like a lunatic. On such a rainy day, he could not lie in a warm quilt to sleep.

At this point, the next master pulled Duan Tianci. “Brother, we have all been waiting here for six hours. If Tianying is here, you should have heard your shout. This is the home of the Minister of Military Affairs. Let’s go back first.”

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