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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 36 Part (1/2)

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Chapter 36 Part (1/2)

Luo Fusheng was lying on the bed, Luo Cheng was feeding him porridge.

The area where the ribs were injured has been fixed. Fortunately, the internal bleeding is not serious. In the later period, it was raised slowly.

This time, Hong Lan knew that she had a loss. When I saw Luo Fusheng again, it was not as close as before, but stood far away, and quickly shrank to the corner of the ward door.

“Come here.” Luo Fusheng beckoned to her, and Luo Cheng put the porridge bowl into Hong Lan’s hand with great interest.

Hong Lan sat timidly, holding the porridge bowl still.

“Do you know why I’m going to fire you this time?”

“Because of that play.” She noticed that Luo Fusheng’s eyes were cold, and she changed her mouth immediately. “Because Duan Tianying.”

“anything else?”

Hong Lan shook her head, except that she liked Duan Tianying. She couldn’t think of any other reason for him to get so angry with her.

“Although you and I are not brothers and sisters, but I have seen you as my sister  in recent years. To say Yue Yue, the elder brother is like a father. You have always been arrogant, do you think I am in a hurry? Brother Zhongjing and I helped you around. Next time? How can you be so lucky every time? If Tianying really did something because of you, would you have a good conscience in this life? “

Although his father has always loved her, Luo Fusheng nearly broke into this time, still making him furious. Finally, Luo Fusheng and Lin Qikai made up a lie together and rounded it up for her. The monk pleaded guilty, and did not burn the fire on her head.

“I’m sorry. I know I’m wrong.” Hong Lan was a soft and hard-boiled person. It was very useful to hear Luo Fusheng’s sincere intentions for her. “It’s just that you’re hurt, that cheap guy Hou Li.”

Two major incidents occurred during the period of Luo Fusheng’s injury and hospitalization. One was that Hou Li participated in a copy of the book in front of Hong Zhengyu, saying that he was disoriented for a woman and was not suitable to continue to manage the casino. Not only took back the original casino, but also took away the management of Luo Fusheng Pier.

Second, the government’s smoking order was promulgated. In the future, only smoking halls with a smoking license will be eligible to sell opium. Similarly, only foreign trade firms approved by the government can export opium to China. Hong Wan will of course get the entry right the first time. Britain’s Jardine House, East India House and Japan’s Hongmaru will benefit from misfortunes in this reform, and they will soon become the three giants in Shanghai, and other scattered families have been swept out of the market by policies.

The batch of Red Pills seized by Luo Fusheng was also released by Hou Li during his hospitalization. When selling personal love to the Red Pill Club.

“Daddy said a while ago that he was old, and wanted to retire and give you all the things in the gang. Brother, you can rest assured. Hou Li’s clowns can’t last long.”

The righteous father had previously warned him not to get too involved in Fengyue. This time two consecutive visits to the hospital, Yifu must be disappointed. This decision is not surprising.

“Hmm.” Someone knocked twice on the ward door, even though it was open. “may I come in?”

Hong Lan looked to the door, a woman with a strange face. She looks very soft and beautiful, wearing a moon-white cheongsam, and she has an exquisite figure. Always smiling, graceful. At first glance, it was Zhong Mingding’s young lady, who was not quite the same as a street lady. Hong Lan did not know why she had a feeling of inferiority in front of her.

Why is she here? Luo Fusheng frowned, recalling the name in his head. “Come in, Miss Irimoto Miku.”

Japanese? Hong Lan was dumbfounded this time. This woman speaks pure Chinese with a little tone of Wu Nong’s warm language. The clothes are also extremely Chinese, but I did not expect to be Japanese.

“I heard that Shao was admitted to the hospital with injuries, and I came to visit on behalf of my uncle. Thank you for the convenience of the Red Maru. Please continue to take care of it in the future.” Irimoto gave the flowers in his hand to Luo Cheng, who was standing aside. “There is still a small gift outside, I have moved into the ward if I am not good, and Mr. Trouble has arranged for a trip.”

It sounds like a lot of “polite gifts”. Where has Luo Cheng been treated in this way, not to mention the voice of the other party is so crisp. For a moment, he was stunned, but Hong Lan coughed and recalled his mind.

Luo Fusheng smiled bitterly. “Miss Imoto, here I come to ridicule me. The consignment of the Red Pill Club is Hou Lifang, thank you for the wrong person. In the future, everything will be under his control. His Highness will leave this gift to others. It will not help your business. “

His Highness Luo Fusheng’s cry was very ironic. No one said that the one in the projectile land couldn’t hit the royal princess with the Emperor Eight Rod, even if it was the Eighth Royal Family, saying that it was a locust who came to China to eat the flesh of the people. He can’t afford to bow down.

It was as if I couldn’t hear the irony, and he replied, avoiding stress, “It’s better if I don’t call myself the future.”

In Japan, a close relationship can be called a name. Otherwise it can only be called by last name. Irimoto this is infused with Luofusheng.

Although the goods were no longer in trouble, her uncle still hoped that she could have a good relationship with Luo Fusheng. Because they do long-term trading. In the process of He Zhenwu’s dealings with Hong Zhengyi, Hong Zhengyi said that he wanted to give Hong Fu’s business to Luo Fusheng. Also gathered around this young man were prominent sons of dignitaries like Lin Qikai and Xu Xingcheng. Their future is the future of Shanghai Beach. This is what He Zhenwu sees clearly.

Hong Lan’s mind was not as deep as hers, but the small radar in her heart lit the alarm. This woman is not good, and it is a more difficult role to deal with than Duan Tianying. “Brother, you have spoken all morning, it’s time to rest.”