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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 36 Part (2/2)

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Chapter 36 Part 2/2

She put down the cold porridge in her hand and asked Luo Luofu to lie down. The meaning is also very clear is to order the guest.

Nurimoto smiled happily and took out an invitation from his pearl handbag and handed it to Hong Lan. “Next month is my eighteen-year-old adult ceremony, when my uncle will hold a dance party for me at the Shanghai Hotel. I don’t know if I have the honor to invite the younger to be my dance partner. Miss Hong will also come together.”

Eighteen years old! Actually one year younger than himself. Hong Lan gritted his teeth, only to feel that this woman outperformed herself. Fortunately, Luo Fusheng’s response took her face for a while.

“It’s a hundred days of injury. I’m afraid I can’t dance next month. I missed the beauty of Miss Liben.” Luo Fusheng refused without thinking, and Hong Lan shouted for him in his heart.

“It’s okay. It’s okay to be young and take a seat. Mr. Hong will also be here.”

Mentioning Hong Zhengbao, Luo Fusheng and Hong Lan were silent. Seeing that he was no longer refusing to leave, Li Benfu retired with a slight bow. The backs of the paragraphs are like a painting.

In the baby room, the liquid in the infusion bottle is ticking.

After a period of recuperation, Tianying’s complexion has improved, but has not yet woken up. Xu Xingcheng took Tian Ying’s hand and put her hand on her face. The eyes are full of lost love.

Tianying whispered in his dream: “Luo Fusheng, Luo Fusheng, don’t die! Don’t die!”

When Xu Xingcheng heard this sentence, he was not particularly interested.

At this time, Tianying suddenly opened her eyes. The expression was dull and immersed in a nightmare. In the dream, Luo Fusheng was sealed in a cave by giant stones. Leave her alone and cry under the cliff.

Seeing Tianying open his eyes, Xu Xingcheng turned to rejoice. “You finally woke up!”

Tian Yingnane turned around and asked Xu Xingcheng. “Luo Fusheng? How is he?”

“He’s okay too. You are all lucky and have some skin trauma. Hong Lan is taking care of him over there.” Xu Xingcheng also couldn’t tell what to do and deliberately concealed Luo Fusheng’s injury.

“It’s great, I’ll go and see him.” Tian Ying said as he stood up.

“You are still very weak, and lie down for a while. It is best not to move until the end of the fluid infusion. Hong Lan has been guarding him over the floating life. You are now passing, and it will inevitably cause her a noisy and inappropriate.”

Tianying thought of Hong Lan’s previous performance, did not want to anger her, and retracted her foot.

Xu Xingcheng’s complex expression flashed by. He helped Tianying sit well, and also carefully cushioned her.

Tianying looked at Xu Xingcheng in a fixed manner, and finally noticed his strange appearance today. “your clothes……”

Xu Xingcheng looked down at his uniform and smiled bitterly. “Yes, I succumbed to my father. After a while, I will go to the closed training camp of the Central Army Officer School. When I come out, I will be a reserve officer.”

Tianying is not concerned about this. “Why? Why betray your own ideals?”

“Because …” Xu Xingcheng held back what he had to say, he didn’t want Tianying to feel owed to him. “Because I think my father is right, only real knives and guns can save the country in troubled times. The little scalpel can do nothing.

“Just after a day and a night, you gave up your ideals. What happened?” Tian Ying suspected that he concealed.

Xu Xingcheng pretended not to care. “This is how Shanghai Beach is. The daily life is changing, and you will get used to it later.”

Tian Ying shook her head. The Xu Xingcheng she admired was not like this. When he talked about his ideal of saving people, his eyes were shining. “Are you still the Xu Xingcheng who thinks ideals are more important than anything? When did you become so crowded without fighting spirit?”

Xu Xingcheng smiled reluctantly.

“I’ve been missing for so long. My father and brother must be in a hurry. After the infusion, I will go home first.” Tianying seemed disappointed and closed his eyes again.

Xu Xingcheng drove her back to the troupe. Tianying walked into the mansion and turned to close the door, glancing at Xu Xingcheng sitting in the car.

She watched his gaze no longer be worship and obsession, but more confused, Xu Xingcheng’s gaze was full of expectation. Tianying didn’t say anything in the end, bowed his head and closed the door slowly, Xu Xingcheng’s eyes dimmed.

In the house, the second brother was feeding the nine-year-old red medicine and heard the elder sister shouting outside. “Tianying is back!”

Jiu Suihong was about to get up and get out of bed when Tianying pushed the door in. “father!”

“Nine-year-old Hong”, stepped forward and hugged Tianying excitedly: “Where did you run this child? You scared me to death!” After a long time, she let go of her. “Let Dad see, where is it hurt?”

“No, I’m fine, really!” Tian Ying asked with concern when he saw the medicine bowl in his brother’s hand. “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

The elder sister said next to him: “This place where you are missing, we are calling the police again and looking everywhere, the master is anxious and fell ill.”

Tianying knelt down: “Dad, it is the daughter who is not filial! Let you worry!”

Jiu Suihong wanted to scold two words, but he couldn’t bear to touch Tianying’s head. “Where have you been? Did Xu Xingcheng abduct you?”

“Dad, that’s not the case. It was a rogue who pretended to be a monk and kidnapped her daughter. Fortunately, Luo Fusheng and Xu Xingcheng rescued me. They are my life-saving benefactors.”

“Huh, life-saving benefactor? You wouldn’t fall into such a field without them!” Jiu Suihong had a grudge against her when she mentioned them. 

Tianying saw that his father was still seriously ill, and he did not want to talk back to him to provoke him. Quickly change the subject. “Dad, why don’t you see my brother?”

“Alas. He has been in a state of disappointment since he came back from the Xu family last night. He closed himself in the room and refused to come out. I don’t know what happened. Just come back, just go and see your brother.”

Tianying should step down, worrying about whether his brother was beaten for his own sake. Get up and trot to Duan Tianci’s room.

Nine-year-old Hong sat there worriedly, thinking a lot. When Duan Tianci came back last night, his clothes were disheveled, and his face was pale as if he were a dead man. His little apprentice said that someone pointed at them with a gun and brought the brother into Xu’s house, and it took a long time to come out. After he came out, the brother was like this, and he did not want to say anything.

It is said that the opera is cheap, and nine-year-old Hong vaguely guessed what happened to Tianci. That’s his son. His heartache was bleeding. But he couldn’t say anything, he wanted to defend his son’s last dignity.

Xu Xingcheng walked tiredly into his room, unbuttoned his military uniform and leaned against the window sill, thinking about what happened last night.

“You are still so indecisive, how can you become a big deal in the future? I will ask you again, if I let you go out now, what steps would you take to save the baby?”

“I …” He could do nothing but the power of his father. Brother Lin may be able to mobilize the Teco people, but that procedure is also very troublesome.

“Even if the Hongbang group of small gangs are gathered together, it will not help, only people will be chaotic. Qianyu Mountain has a large range and dangerous terrain. Under the current weather conditions, it takes a short time to send trained soldiers Hearing a person to lead a search and rescue plan, a carpet search, and not letting go of any details, they have the possibility of surviving. On the whole beach, the only one capable of doing all this is … “

Xu Xingcheng had to admit: “You …”

Xu Rui’an shook his head and pointed at him with a civilization stick in his hand: “It’s you.”

Xu Xingcheng puzzled: “Me?”

“I know you don’t want to ask me for help all the time. If a person doesn’t want to resort to power but wants to win, there is only one possibility, that is, he has power. Now you have a chance.”

Xu Ruian threw a military uniform at the foot of Xu Xingcheng. “Road, I have paved the way for you. After graduating from the military academy, you will enter the newly-recommended 74th Army. The 74th Army commander is the Chief General Staff of the Chief Officer Li Jichen. You wo n’t be long before you will be able to gain strength in military affairs, and you will be able to do anything you want to do at that time, save or kill, as you wish. “

After Xu Rui’an finished speaking, he left the arrest room with confidence.

In front of Xu Xingcheng, hung the white coat he took off and the dark green military uniform thrown by Xu Rui’an.

Xu Xingcheng was extremely embarrassed, every time he reached out his hand and let it go.

Seeing the time passing by one minute and one second, Xu Xingcheng felt like a knife. The rain outside was a little bit bigger. The lives of natural babies and floating children are at stake. He finally reached out and took off his military uniform. The white coat was permanently left in the empty detention cell.

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