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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Tianying pushed open the door of his brother’s room and saw him lying on the bed with his back to himself.

“Brother?” She called softly. For a long time, Duan Tianci was hummed, almost unheard of.

She has been missing for so long, and her father is very ill. The brother who loves her most cannot sleep so calmly. Since he was not asleep, the old master just called Tianying back in the yard. He must have heard it, but he didn’t even look at her. This is unreasonable.

Tianying sat down on the edge of his bed, reaching for his forehead. “are you sick?”

Duan Tianci’s forehead was cold and cold sweat. As soon as her warm hands touched, he shivered.

“You must be ill. I’ll call the doctor!” Tianying was about to get up and was pulled by his brother’s wrist. He still didn’t turn around, as if he was ashamed to face her.

“Don’t go …” He opened his mouth, his throat hoarse, and his voice was unpleasant. For Liyuan’s children, the most precious thing is this voice. How can he toss his throat like this overnight?

“Brother, what the hell is wrong with you?” Tianying was anxious. “I go to Xu Xingcheng, he is a doctor, he can help you.”

Duan Tianying suddenly sat up, strangled her wrist, and looked at her for the first time with a violent emotion. “No go!”

Tianying saw this clearly. Duan Tianci had bluish-purple corners of his mouth and forehead, as did his neck. It seems that the injury was not serious, but his reaction was unprecedentedly horrifying. “Tianying, I want you to promise me that you will never see Xu family again in this life! Anyone!”

“I …” Tianying couldn’t say it. Although she was also very annoyed that Xu Xingcheng’s decision to give up medical treatment, but in the end, everyone has their own ambitions, he has the right to choose his own life. And she has no reason to deal with him because he is no longer a doctor.

But his brother’s reaction this time was so fierce. Although he always opposed his dealings there, he would cover her and cheat her father every time. There must have been a big deal this time, and more than just a simple fight. “Brother, unless you give me a reason. What did the Xu family do to you?”

Duan Tianci didn’t go to the beginning, unwilling to answer her questions. “In short, we will get married at the end of the year. I don’t want you to have a relationship with any other man!”

Duan Tianci sent out this sentence between feelings of anxiety, so that Tianying was struck by lightning. “What are you talking about! Brother, don’t joke. I am married to you? We are relatives and sisters!”

“You have never been my sister.” Duan Tianci looked at her faintly, with sadness in her eyes. Tianying vaguely felt that after last night, his brother was no longer the old brother.

“You asked your dad about the specific things. I was tired. I wanted to rest. I went out and took the door.” He lay down and finished, and no longer gave Tianying the opportunity to ask questions.

Tianying lost his soul and exited Duan Tianci’s room. Seeing the corner of the corridor, the younger brother was sneaking to the back door with a bag of things.

“Little beans!” Tianying stopped him.

Xiaodouzi had to stand still. “What is this in your hand?”

“I want to throw away some old clothes that I don’t want.” Xiaodouzi’s expression flashed, and it was concealed at first glance.

“Look at it.” Xiaodouzi tremblingly opened the blue cloth wrapped around it. Inside was a set of light blue robes, and it was dripping with water, wet. Duan Tianci’s favorite one on weekdays. “Is this your clothes?”

“No. It’s from the master. He said it was dirty, and let me help throw it away.”

“Leave it to me. I’ll throw it.” Tianying always felt that there was something wrong in it, and he couldn’t catch it.

“This … okay. Don’t tell your brother, he told me not to show it to anyone.” Xiaodouzi helplessly put the clothes in Tianying’s hands.

Tianying quickly walked back to her room and looked at the bag of clothes. Only then did she see a spot of solidified blood stains on the hidden location on the obscene pants. Tianying lost his last blood on his face and slumped on the ground.

There was a lamp on the table, and Jiu Suihong sat by the bed, thinking back to the past.

The young Jiu Suihong and his wife came to Shanghai for the first time to see him sing in Tongzhou, and he appreciated his theater owner talking about the show.

Those days coincided with Duan Tianci’s ten-year-old birthday, and he took his wife and children to the suburbs after talking about it. God-given naughty, slipped into the forest to play while his parents did not pay attention.

He ran running, and suddenly saw a little girl fainted by the creek, with a dazzling bright red head, a star necklace hanging around his neck sparkling in the sun. “Dad! Mother!”

Jiu Suihong and his wife heard the son’s cry and hurried away. Duan Tianci shrank away. “Dad, mother, look at it, is she dead?”

In the midst of these years of war and chaos, there is no guarantee for it. Children abandoned by starvation and death in the countryside are often visible. Nine-year-old Hong quickly squatted down to sniff the girl’s nose, turned around, and said to his wife, “Alive!”

“That soon, take this girl home, this wilderness and wilderness, I don’t know who is so cruel to lose the baby.” Nine-year-old red picked up the little girl, the family left, Duan Tianci followed the fun to catch With her little hand down, she ran.

Nine-year-old wife took the child back to the hotel where they lived and took care of it carefully. I asked the doctor to come over and say that it was infected with severe cold and severe fever. Try to find a way to reduce the fever as soon as possible, otherwise the brain will be burned even if rescued. 

The couple couldn’t take off their clothes, and even accompanied Xiao Tianci to watch her for two days and two nights before lowering the temperature of this hot hand.

On the morning of the third day, Duan Tianci was lying beside the bed, and the little girl woke up wandering. He quickly called his father and mother.

“Little sister, you wake up!” The mother wanted to probe the temperature in her forehead. The little girl seemed to have been stimulated, got up in fear, and backed away, her body shrunk into a small ball.

Duan Tianci stepped forward and took Tianying’s hand: “Don’t be afraid! Let the mother show you.”

Tianying trusts Duan Tianci. Duan Tianci holds her hand, and Tianying really feels relieved.

“Little sister, where is your home? What’s your name? Will we take you home? Will your father and mother be in a hurry.”

Suddenly the little girl shed tears, as if thinking of the words father and mother felt panic-stricken. She shook her head: “I don’t know. I don’t remember anything.”

Jiu Suihong and his wife looked at each other, and at one time they did not expect to pick up a homeless child.

Duan Tianci turned his eyes. “Don’t cry, don’t cry! Don’t you remember what I remember, mother, she made you play, you are not my sister, I am your brother, this is your father, this is your mother! Isn’t it? mother.”

Duan Tianci prayed and looked at his father and mother. Jiu Suihong and his wife met each other. “Come out.”

The two went to the corridor to talk. “Maybe this is God’s will. You have always wanted a daughter, but my body is not upset. Just as a gift from heaven to us. We are suffering a little bit now, but there is not much of this mouth. And the son seems to be I like her very much, and it is not a bad thing to have a sister who grew up with a sweet plum.

Nine-year-old red nodded. “Yeah. Since this child was given to us by God. Let’s call her Tianying. It matches the name given by God.”

When the two went into the room again, there was kindness in their eyes. “Your brother is right, I am a mother, baby! This is your father!”

Tianying’s naive voice shouted timidly: “Daddy … mum … my name is Tianying?”

“Hey! Your name is Duan Tianying, this is your brother Duan Tianci.” Jiu Suihong led his son in front of him, and Duan Tianci, who looked like a little girl, giggled at her.

The nine-year-old red couple brought Tianying back to Tongzhou to learn drama with the children in the drama group. The child is so beautiful and so talented in singing. Jiu Suihong and his wife felt very happy.

Before his deathbed, his wife told Jiu Suihong to tell Tianying the truth when the two children grew up. If she was willing to marry Tianci, it would be a perfect marriage. Forget about her concerns.

At dusk today, Tianying came to him and asked about his life experience. Nine-year-old Hong was so shocked that he didn’t expect to say everything at that moment at such a sudden moment.

After calming down his emotions, Jiu Suihong felt that everything might be doomed. There is not much difference between talking early and talking late. So he spoke out about what she found in Shanghai that year. Including the marriage contract with Duan Tianci.

He originally wanted to use Tianying’s character to argue with him about getting married, even if it wasn’t too noisy. During these days, he clearly sees that Tianying doesn’t like Godsend. She likes the young master of the Xu family.

But unexpectedly, Tianying did not say anything. Nor did it say good or bad. Just a sentence.

A large stone pressed against a nine-year-old red heart for more than ten years, seemed to float lightly over her heart. This made him puzzled.

Before going out, Tianying seemed to remember something, turned around and said to Jiu Suihong. “Dad, if Xu Xingcheng comes to the troupe or theater to find me again, he will never see him, so stop me.”

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