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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Xu Xingcheng politely knocked on the door outside the opera class, and a female disciple opened the door. “Who are you looking for?”

“I want to meet Tianying, please tell her, I will wait for her at the door.”

The other side glanced up and down at him. “Are you Master Xu Xingcheng ?”

“Yes.” Xu Xingcheng thought Tianying had “cared” his name to the brothers and sisters, and couldn’t help it.

“Tianying said I won’t see you.” The old master was about to close the door, and Xu Xingcheng made her elbow block the door. “How is it possible! There must be something wrong. I sent her back to the theatre a few days ago, do you remember?”

“Remember. Tianying told the troupe to go up and down, and Xu’s family would never be seen.” After all, Master Sister practiced her family and finally closed her door.

Xu Xingcheng was no longer polite, knocking on the door became irritable and smashed. “Tianying! Tianying, you come out to meet me! We will make it clear in person!”

The door was closed, and Xu Xingcheng knocked on the door quickly. Tianying stood quietly outside his room door, but struggled inwardly.

Under the porch, Duan Tianci started, watching Tian Ying’s every move, his eyes deep and cold.

When the door was smashed, Jiu Suihong walked out of the room with a cane. Tianying glanced at the nine-year-old red, returned to his house, and closed the door.

Seeing Tianying’s demise, Duan Tianci smiled with a smug grin.

Xu Xingcheng could not have imagined that Tianying’s attitude towards him would change so much in a short period of time. There is only one reason he can think of.

Hong Lan is packing up things for Luo Fusheng in the hospital. Megme is not suitable for healing. During this period, he promised that his righteous father would move back to Hongzhai for rest. Hong Lan excitedly arranged the house inside and out, as if to welcome foreign guests.

Xu Xingcheng knew that he was discharged today and picked him up in a military uniform.

Luo Fusheng looked at Xu Xingcheng in surprise, only to realize that this was the first time he saw him since he was admitted to the hospital. “Why did you put on this dress?”

Xu Xingcheng smiled bitterly: “It’s hard to say a word.”

As Hong Lan folded his clothes, he absent-mindedly said, “For save you and Duan Tianying, he agreed to his father’s conditions and gave up being a doctor and went to the army. So only so many soldiers went to search the mountain that day to save you. Otherwise, who can find the cave under the cliff. “

Luo Fusheng looked at him with a real eye. “Is Hong Lan really speaking?”

Xu Xingcheng nodded. The two were relatively speechless for a while.

At this point, Luo Cheng ran in. “The discharge procedures are done and you can go.”

Hong Family’s back garden, Luo Fusheng, Xu Xingcheng and Lin Qikai are drinking tea.

Lin Qikai sighed: “Our three brothers haven’t got together like this for a long time. The last time was actually Zhu Zhu returning to the state banquet.”

Xu Xingcheng was silent, as if he was also reminiscing about the past, which was not long ago. Looking at him now, he, Tianying, and even Hong Lan and Brother Lin have changed. The so-called things are right and wrong, but so. Lin Qikai saw the alienation between them and lamented in his heart.

“I want to thank Brother Zhongjing and Mozhu for their last help. Otherwise, I still have the life to sit here and drink tea with you. Especially Mozhu, this cup respects you! Your kindness, I have spent my whole life. Keep in mind, tea instead of wine. “Luo Fusheng raised his tea cup and drank.

“What two words do a brother say.” Xu Xingcheng smiled and touched his next cup.

At this time, Hong Lan came happily with a snack, and his face was still covered with flour. “Come here, try it quickly, my own baked cookies.”

Luo Fusheng and Xu Xingcheng glanced down at the baked cookie and looked at each other. There are fears in my eyes. Lin Qikai was quite at ease.

Seeing the disgust of the two, Hong Lan diligently handed Luo Fusheng and Xu Xingcheng together. “Come, try! Brother Lin also eats!”

Lin Qikai took the initiative to squeeze a piece and ate it, without frowning. “Well, it tastes good!”

Luo Fusheng and Xu Xingcheng both looked at him with a questionable expression on your brain. Lin Qikai looked back calmly: “Really! I don’t believe you try!”

Hong Lan didn’t believe in himself: “Really? I said, no matter what I do, I’m a genius! You two eat fast!”

Luo Fusheng ate his mouth with a broken wrist, just about to vomit, and was blocked by Hong Lan. Luo Fusheng could only swallow. After eating, I quickly took a sip of tea.

Xu Xingcheng secretly threw the cookies to the big wolf dog raised by Hong Lan. Seen by Luo Fusheng, while he was not prepared, he stuffed a large piece in his mouth and he swallowed it subconsciously.

“It’s salty! It’s bitter! What’s this!” Xu Xingcheng said bitterly.

The big wolf dog next to him took a sip, his tail erected high, and he appeared to be alert and took two steps back, away from the cookie, as if to say that the shit was poisonous. Xu Xingcheng laughed when he saw it. “Your dogs don’t eat.”

Hong Lan did not believe in evil, tried a piece of his own, but couldn’t help vomiting. Awkwardly smiled: “Yes, it’s not delicious! Maybe I used salt as sugar …”

Lin Qikai took another piece to eat. “I don’t think so, I don’t think there is any flavor, just like your people.”

Luo Fusheng and Xu Xingcheng looked at his spring breeze expression and couldn’t help feeling in his heart, Big Brother deserved to be Big Brother. Conservation kung fu and fart kung fu are far superior to them.

Because of the farce of a plate of biscuits, for a time, their atmosphere seemed to return to the original general joy.

“Right. Hong Lan, in a few days a big director wants to make a new movie in Shanghai. I hope you can go to the audition for the heroine.” Lin Qikai mentioned a serious matter. 

“I’m thinking about it, Luo Fusheng, do you think I have the potential to become a movie star?”

“I think you have more potential to be a star than toasted cookies!” Luo Fusheng took another sip of tea, and the strange flavor of the cookies in his mouth lasted for a long time.

Hong Lan punched him in the shoulder. “I beat you!”

Luo Fusheng and Hong Lan pretended to make trouble, and Lin Qikai, who was on the side, looked very envious. Xu Xingcheng thought of another person.

In the evening, Luo Cheng and Hong Lan carefully supported Luo Fusheng sitting on the bed in the guest room, and Luo Fusheng, who was accustomed to it, was at a loss.

“I’m not that weak. Don’t treat me like a patient.”

“No! Your bones are broken and you haven’t grown up yet. The doctor said that you will not maintain them well during this period, and you will always have sequelae in the future. Take a good rest.”

“Luo Cheng stayed! I still have something to tell Luo Cheng.”

“Well, I will go out first, and explain quickly!” She did not forget to tell Luo Cheng. “Let’s go after it is said, what Brother Luo Fusheng needs now is rest!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Seeing Hong Lan leave outside the door through the shadow of the door crack on the floor, Luo Fusheng called Luo Cheng to his side and whispered.

Luo Cheng thought it was a big event and was nervous.

“You go to Tianying to see how she is doing, and her body is all right. In addition, you tell her that I am okay, so that she does not have to worry about. I have to live in Honglan recently, it is not convenient She. Then bring this note to her. “

Luo Cheng pouted. “What should I do, this is it?”

Luo Fusheng raised his leg to kick Luo Cheng, and he ran away. Luo Cheng left the room with a hippie smiled and closed the door.

When everything was quiet, Luo Fusheng sat in the guest room of the Hong family, watching the light from the window cast on the bed sheet, and felt a discomfort in sitting. The taste of adult beauty is really not so good.

Outside the Longfu Theater, the first Chinese lantern was on. Tian Ying’s performance tonight is posted on the bulletin board.

In the theater, gongs and drums sounded. Tianying sang a play on the stage, a heroic appearance.

The audience applauded below, and Xu Xingcheng was also mixed in the audience, but his brows were tight. Because Tianying clearly saw him, he avoided his eyes decisively.

As soon as the play ended, Xu Xingcheng went to the background to find her. It was told that Tianying had just received a message and went out through the back door.

Luo Cheng was guarding the back door of the theater. From afar he saw Tian Ying running over and hurried forward. “Tianying girl, you can finish singing!”

Tianying tries to calm down her emotions. “Luo Cheng? What’s the matter with you? Did something happen to Luo Fu?”

“No. It was my elder brother who asked me to find you. He told me to tell you that his body is all right. Don’t worry. Recently, he has lived in our elder lady’s house and it’s inconvenient to see you. Also let me pass you Note. “

Tianying took the note and did not rush to read it. “Thank you for a special trip.”

Luo Cheng nodded and left. Tianying entered the theater.

In the distance, Xu Xingcheng saw all this and clenched his fists unconsciously. Since returning from Qianyu Mountain, Tianying has completely changed into a person, is it all because of you? Luo Fusheng!

Xu Xingcheng walked away. Tianying opened the note in the background, which was written by Luo Fusheng. “Tianying, Mozhu was to save you and me, and then succumbed to his father’s renunciation of his ideals and promised to join the army. This affection, you and I can’t bear it. I hope you can live well.”

It turns out that there are really fools willing to pay in silence in this world, even if she is misunderstood and questioned. He never said anything. Not to use your own sacrifice as a bargaining chip for others, this is Xu Xingcheng’s demeanor and the most attractive place for Tianying.

Tian Ying stood up and ran to the entrance of the theater to find Xu Xingcheng’s figure among the undissipated audience. However, finding no results, he had already left.

The wind in the night was a little cold, slowly blowing her impulse. Even if she finds him …

The fundamental problem between them is not this. He is the son of Xu Rui’an. The damage that Xu Rui’an caused to his brother and his father’s graciousness to his nurturing are all facts that she can never change.

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