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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Lin Qikai returned home, but the housekeeper opened the door to welcome him. “Master, you are back.”

Lin Qikai nodded and took off his hat coat to the housekeeper. At this time, Qi Fei got downstairs. “Young Master, Master asked you to meet him in the study.”

“Good.” Lin Qikai and Qi Fei passed by, and Qi Fei whispered to Lin Qikai. “Master, be careful. The master knows that you have been to the Hong family all day, and his face is not very good.”

Lin Qikai patted Qi Fei’s shoulder. “Got it.”

Sure enough, as soon as Lin Qikai entered the study room, Lin Daoshan began to convict the teacher: “You didn’t go to work in the economic department today, where did you go?”

“I went to the Hong family. Fu Sheng was discharged from the hospital today and lived in the Hong family. I went to see him.”

Lin Daoshan slapped it on the desk and pointed at himself on the wall. Xia Anni and Lin Ruomeng’s three people took a group photo. “Luo Fusheng is Luo Jing’s son. You approached him on weekdays, and your father was too lazy to take care of your private affairs. You never asked about it. But the last time you even mobilized the public to save the son of someone who killed your mother. Such diligent inquiry. Lin Qikai! You … “

Father never called him by his full name, obviously this time he was really upset. No wonder the people who went back to Teco tried to evade help and refused to help. It turned out to be his father’s greeting.

“Dad, the grievances of our fathers should not follow us! When you are not enemies, Luo Fusheng is already my brother. He is missing, and I have no responsibilities to find him! He is sick, I go to visit, this is There is a natural relationship between the brothers. I believe that if Auntie is still alive, she will agree with me to do so. “

“Don’t mention Anne to me! I always think you are a reasonable person. I think I ’m overestimating you. You think I don’t know your thoughts? You went to the Hong family just to see a Luo Fusheng What? You like Hong’s daughter! “

Lin Qikai was pierced through his mind, and he didn’t hold his breath again.

“Don’t forget that your fiancee is Yuan Yuan. The most important thing to be a man is Chao Qin Mu Chu. You should treat Yuan Yuan wholeheartedly in public and private.” For Xu Xingyuan, Lin Daoshan has always felt pity and guilt. That child became so autistic and silent just because he witnessed the scene of Anne and Luo Jing being killed. He has a responsibility to make up for her.

“Yes. Dad, I’ll think about what I should do.”

Lin Daoshan waved his back to Lin Qikai. “You go out, I’m tired.”

Lin Qikai left the study and returned to his room, angrily took off his suit and threw it on the sofa, loosening his tight tie.

He sat on the sofa with a buttocks and calmed his emotions by holding his head. After a few minutes of silence, Lin Qikai picked up the phone on the coffee table and dialed. The voice returned to the usual calmness and gentleness. “Hey, is it Xingyuan? Are you free tomorrow? I want to invite you to the exhibition …”

Lin Daoshan looked at the three people on the wall and took a closer look, recalling the scene when his daughter was born.

[Lin Family Mansion, Xia Anne ’s cry came from the house, and the voice of Wenpo encouraged.

Lin Daoshan paced back and forth in the corridor, looking anxious.

After a while, a clear cry of the baby sounded, and Lin Daoshan looked happily at the door.

Wen Po came out to rejoice. “To the master, he is a great gift!”

“Okay! Someone in Lin this time is a son and a daughter. This is the announcement. The young lady is born and celebrates all over the world. All the people in Lin’s house can receive a reward today” In the room, Xia Anni lay in bed, even if weak, there was still a terrifying beauty, a little more weak than usual. To make him wish he could suffer the crime on her behalf, Lin Daoshan put away her smile and took her hand. “Annie, you worked hard.”

Xia Anne smiled and shook her head.

Wen Po held the doll and came to Lin Daoshan’s arms. 

This is not the first time Lin Daoshan embraces a child, but this is her and his children. Lin Daoshan’s hands were shaking, as if holding a valuable porcelain.

Xia Anni’s finger teased the doll’s small mouth, and the doll unconsciously held her finger to suck.

The two laughed at each other. “What a greedy cat.”

“Look, how much our daughter looks like you!” Lin Daoshan asked her. “Have you thought about your daughter’s name?”

“Me?” Xia Anni was surprised. The Lin family was a big traditional family. Naming such a big event has always been a man who decides, a woman has no right to intervene, let alone a concubine.

“I thought of many names. But I always feel that each one owes a little meaning. None of them are worthy of my daughter.” The young Lin Daoshan looked at her sadly.

“You.” Xia Anni smiled at him as a daughter slave. “Then … is it called Ruomeng?”

I had an agreement with a person, and I must have a son and a daughter in the future. The boy is a brother named Floating Life, and the daughter is a sister called Ruomeng. Although the dream is broken, it is also another way to achieve the promise.

“Lin Ruomeng … Well, I like it. Ruomeng, you must grow up peacefully!” Lin Daoshan raised the young daughter of Fandiao Yuzhuo. 】

[The gunshot sounded, and Lin Daoshan saw Xia Anni ’s body lying quietly in the haystack.

His wife, who was still shaving fish bones, turned into a cold body next moment.

Lin Daoshan crouched down and hugged Xia Anni. “Annie, Annie! No !!!”

Lin Daoshan couldn’t accept the fact that Xia Anni had died, and her anger was nowhere to vent, and she gave a painful roar. In rage, he grabbed the gun from Xu Rui’an’s waist and shot at Luo Jing. Hong Zhengbao couldn’t stop him, watching Luo Jing fall down. 】

[The housekeeper puts down the phone. “Master, it’s from the newspaper office. The little girl’s tracing revelation has been posted for a long time, and they asked … Would you like to continue to log on?”

“Is there any doubt? Keep going until I find Ruomeng.”

Lin Daoshan’s face was firm. On the table in front of him, looking for Lin Ruomeng’s revelation, the words were black and white, especially distinctive. Ruomeng’s bright eyes kept watching him. 】

“Annie, you can rest assured that your hatred will definitely help you. Our little Ruomeng, I will also find it.” Lin Daoshan caressed Xia Anni’s face in the photo with tears in her eyes.

During the time Luo Fusheng lived in the Hong family, Hong Lan changed his way to make things for him. Strange to say, not only did he not have any flesh during these days, but he leaned thinly.

“Luo Cheng, after a while, Hong Lan will serve something weird. You have to eat more for me.” Luo Fusheng asked him.

“Brother, don’t you embarrass me. I have blocked a lot for you these days.” Luo Cheng frowned.

Luo Fusheng climbed his neck and advised him. “I’m a patient! Besides, you don’t have a chance to go out for a teething festival. After this time, I will give you back in time.”

“At this time, I knew that I was a patient. When I went out to fight with Hou Li’s people yesterday, La couldn’t hold it.” Luo Cheng was shut up by his blindfold.

“If Hong Lan knows that you helped me slip out yesterday, you are the first to die.” Luo Fusheng threatened and lured.

“Hey. I don’t need two of them today. You see who is coming.” Luo Cheng pointed to the person sitting in the living room downstairs.

Hong Lan came to the living room with breakfast and saw that Lin Qikai and Qi Fei were sitting on the sofa waiting under the guidance of Sun Xiaoqing.

Lin Qikai got up and walked to Hong Lan. “I have smelled the smell of breakfast before I entered the door. Why? Lan Lan cooks himself? Hmm ~ It’s really good in color and fragrance.”

Hong Lan was coaxed by Lin Qikai since he was a child, and of course knew that his words were only half credible. But he couldn’t help complacent. “Just like driving, as long as I am willing to learn, there is nothing wrong with it.”

Hong Lan brought breakfast to Sun Xiaoqing. “Go and give it to Brother Floating, put it on his bedside table, remember to tap it!”

“No need. I came down myself.” Luo Fusheng sat on the sofa with Luo Cheng’s help. “What kind of wind blows Zhongjing brother today.”

Luo Fusheng swayed half of the food in the breakfast plate into Lin Qikai’s plate.

“I’m here to formally invite our No. 1 girl, Miss Hong Lan, the future superstar, to audition.” Lin Qikai smiled and motioned Qi Fei to hand over a set of movie scripts to Hong Lan.

Hong Lan flipped through: “Is that the veteran director you said last time? Has he started a trial?”

“Yes. Three days later, the director made a trial shot in the studio, and in the first few scenes, all the highlights were marked for you in the script.”

“Brother Zhongjing is still careful, but I can’t get away from it during this time. I promised to float him and take care of him until he recovers.”

“Not really.” Luo Fusheng quickly shook his head, pretending to be a bitter-mouthed woman. “Lan Lan, you can rest assured. I can take care of myself, and I think it’s almost time to move back to MGM. I can’t delay your fame because of me.”

Lin Qikai thought this was a rare opportunity and wanted to persuade him again. But for Hong Lan’s acting hobby, Luo Fusheng is much more important. “Don’t go! I won’t act if you want to go.”

Luo Fusheng whispered to Lin Qikai for help: “Brother, help me.”

Lin Qikai was in a dilemma, and suddenly he was alive. “I have the best of both worlds, which not only gives freedom to life, but also makes Lanlan feel at ease.”

“What idea?”

“Luo Fusheng can move back to MGM, but when Lan Lan tries to film, you must accompany her as an agent. Lan Lan, do you say that?”

Hong Lan clapped his hands: “Brother Lin’s idea is good. That’s the way to settle it. Three days later, we will see you in the studio! I’ll go back to the script!”

Luo Fusheng was helpless, and whispered to Lin Qikai, “No, right? Brother, you are too unjust. I let you save me. Why did you push me into the fire pit?”

Lin Qikai looked innocent. “It’s better than being under house arrest, right?”

“……makes sense.”

Tianying said she could do it, no matter what method Xu Xingcheng thought and how many messages she had sent during this time, she never responded once. Jiu Suihong and Duan Tianci looked at him, and his heart slowly settled.

Coinciding with the birth of the “nine-year-old red-haired wife” Yu Min, the father and son decided to take a train back to Tongzhou to worship tomb sweeping. Tianying gave Duan Tianci the baggage in his hand on the platform. “Dad, don’t you really need me to go with you?”

“Shortly after you regained the stage, Boss Ma will definitely not let you go. Besides, there is a godsend to accompany me. As long as you remember what you have promised me?

“Got it.” Tianying said to Duan Tianci: “Brother … take good care of Dad.”

Duan Tianci frowned, even if the relationship between the two was clear, Tianying always insisted on telling his brother not to change his mouth.

Jiu Suihong and Duan Tian gave the train, and the train gradually drove away from the platform with the roar of whine.

Tian Ying walked alone to the troupe. When a car passed by her, she stepped on the emergency brake and stopped. Hong Lan poked his head from the rear window. “Duan Tianying?”

Duan Tianying approached the car and found Luo Fusheng sitting in the co-pilot position. The two said awkwardly. Tianying realized that besides Xu Xingcheng, she also needed to keep a distance from Luo Fusheng and Hong Lan. She wanted to leave after saying hello, but Hong Lan stopped her.

“Get in the car.” Hong Lan smiled and looked harmless to humans and animals.

“What?” Luo Fusheng asked this sentence, he knew that this young lady must have some ideas.

“I need a play double. She is about the same size as me, and she has good skills. I want to ask her to go to the studio with me to try out.”

“Make a movie?” Tianying has a touch of heart, she has always liked watching movies. Like many girls, there is also a dream to go to the big screen. But she suffered such a big loss in the hands of Hong Lan last time, and she would never have trouble with them again. “Thank you Miss Hong for your kindness, I am afraid I am not competent.”

“Remuneration is calculated according to hourly wages, ten oceans per hour.” Hong Lan threw out the condition. It should be known that ordinary public officials were only paid 30 yuan a month. This is a high price for Tianying.

My father’s medical expenses have not been paid off, and a large amount of guarantee money is still owed over there. It is deceptive to say that she is not tempted. Her steps have already betrayed her heart.

Hong Lan pushed the car door open. “Get in the car.”

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