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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 4

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Here the Chapter 4

Translated by @tigrasev

Lin Qikai heard the horn of the car, and a brand new Cadillac limousine drove into the airport from the east. The speed was extremely fast, and I saw that there was no deceleration. I rushed straight toward him, and Lin Qikai’s face changed slightly.

The car did not open to him until the end of the car, and stopped at a few centimeters away from him.

When the first officer’s door opened, a thin and thin man first came down from the car. Lin Qikai recognized Luo Fusheng’s small follower Luo Cheng. Luo Cheng’s face was white, and he tried to open the door to the person in the main driving position.

Lin Qikai thought that Luo Fusheng was driving, but he did not expect to go down. Hong Yi is a breeches riding boots, big red short leather clothing in the hunting wind looks heroic, beautiful and beautiful. It is not the daughter of Hong Ye, Lin Qikai reveals the meaning of appreciation.

Hong Yu took a pair of leather gloves and raised it, saying hello to Lin Qikai. “Linda, how is my car driving?”

“Would you like to buy a new car? When did you learn to drive?” Lin Qikai called her to talk and handed a round lychee to her. This girl has loved lychee since she was a child.

“Today.” Hong Yan did not care about his problems, and naturally took the lychee in his hands. “The driver took a circle around Jingbei Lane at my doorstep and I drove to the airport myself.”

Lin Qikai finally knows how Luo Cheng’s face is coming. Hong Yan is afraid to use this car as an airplane. “Noisy! You are halfway on the waterway, and you are driving so fast, not killing others or killing yourself. I will tell Hongye to let him confiscate your new car.”

Luo Cheng handed him a grateful look, and finally said that someone would dare to speak up and tell the truth. Lin Qikai is a gentle gentleman, but if he raises his face, it is also a bit majestic, like his father. Otherwise, he may not be able to live in the business department, but the flood is completely not afraid of him.

“I won’t be able to.” Hong said with a grin. At this point, Lin Qikai believes that Hong Zheng is the only daughter of Hong Zhengyi. She wants the stars in the sky. He will also send people to pick her up the bridge. Lin Qikai also wanted to slap her a few words to pay attention to safety, and was immediately interrupted by floods. “It’s no wonder that the floating brother likes to call you Mr. Lin. You are more awkward than the old gentleman in the school! Right. What about a floating brother?”

“He hasn’t come yet. I thought he would come with you.”

“He sent Luo Fusheng to pick me up first, saying that he was going to give Xu a surprise.” Hong Hao’s expression was very disdainful. Although she had a marriage contract with Xu Xingcheng, the two had not dealt with it. Lin Qikai looked in his eyes and didn’t break it.

“It’s no wonder. They both have a good relationship and they have a lot of trouble.”

When the two talked, the boom of the plane rang at the top of the head. Brought a gust of wind and lost the eyes of the flood. Lin Qikai carefully pushed her behind her, giving her a safe haven with her wide back.

The aircraft unfolded the landing gear, approached the ground, landed, and glided on the ground. At the same time, Luo Fusheng’s motorcycle also entered the runway and marched parallel to the plane. Through the glass window, Xu Xingcheng saw Luo Fusheng. The two men nodded to each other, Luo Fusheng accelerated, and drove to the pergola before the plane stopped.

Luo Fusheng first greeted him, and the bitter gourd face finally smiled. “Big brother, it’s great that the younger brother can still see you live. You don’t know Missy, she drives…”

Luo Fusheng took off his helmet and licked his furry curly hair, like a child. “Okay, okay. I know that you have been wronged. It’s already a great gift for Missy to keep you alive.”

Hong Yan pulled down his face and asked Lin Qikai around him. “Does he think I can’t hear?”

Lin Qikai is laughing, this is a happy family. Luo Fusheng’s biological father was originally the second head of Hong Bang, and he went in the early years. Hong Zhengyi adopted him as a son. Lin Qikai always thought that Hong Zhengyi was trained by Nao Luosheng as a son-in-law. I did not expect that in the first two years, I suddenly married the Xu family.

In fact, this decision is not difficult to understand. Nowadays, Shanghai is a three-point world, Lin family controls the economy, Xu family controls the military and politics, and Hongjia is the leader of the gang. However, in recent years, the green gang controlled by Du Wenyuan has gradually risen in Shanghai. Hong Zhengzhen’s status is unstable, and naturally it is necessary to draw a family to consolidate the forces. However, some of his father and Hong Bang had some incomprehensible grievances in the early years, otherwise he would not mind being “utilized” to marry.

“Hello.Everybody!” said Xu XingCheng  He stood on the spiral ladder and began to wave at them, showing that he was really happy. This went out to study for four or five years, so the old friends of the soil did not reunite for a long time.

Originally on the beach, they were a few young and old boys who always played together, no matter which way to go, the star route is always the most popular one. The floating suffocation is too heavy, and he is a young man. Only Xu Xingcheng is a modest gentleman with long sleeves and good dance. There is a lot less lace news on his beach.

I saw Xu Xingcheng today in a white suit, carrying a pair of Oxford shoes, standing next to a light brown suitcase. In addition to a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the eyelids, he was no different from when he walked four or five years ago. Presumably these books have not been read. Thinking about it, Lin Qikai has already greeted him. ” welcome home.”

“Zhongjing Big Brother. Long time no see.” Xu Xingcheng gave him a big hug. They are accustomed to the word commensurate, only Luo Fusheng has no words. He always said that there is a word for the gangster, and a number is enough. Luo Fusheng also has a name that is called Yu Yuluo. It’s just that no one dares to call it like this.

Xu Xingcheng turned to Luo Fusheng, Luo Fusheng smiled at him, but did not take the initiative to move forward. Xu Xingcheng walked over to him. The two reached out and seemed to hug, but they grabbed each other’s shoulders and secretly swayed, as if they were going to fall over. Suddenly, Luo Fu gave birth to a fork and turned Xu Xingcheng into a back pocket and turned over. Before Xu Xingcheng was about to land, Luo Fusheng grabbed his neck and went to his arms. The two men looked at each other and laughed. It seems to be back to the age of a teenager.

“Hey boy, nothing has changed.”

“You have changed, and you have changed your eyes.” Luo Fusheng likes the feeling of competition, and competition makes him always excited. But after Xu Xingcheng left, no one can compare with him for a long time. Only in front of Xu Xingcheng, the sultry Jade Luo can reveal some of the remaining youthful hearts.

Lin Qikai and Hong Wei took the car and Lin Qikai drove. Xu Xingcheng threw the luggage in their car, preferring to squeeze a motorcycle with Luo Fusheng.

Luo Fusheng’s baby Harley’s back seat never took people, and this time it’s hard to bring him. Halfway through, Luo Fusheng suddenly felt wrong. Looking down, Xu Xing Cheng was holding himself from behind and groping up and down the chest.

“Hey. Where is your hand?”

Xu Xingcheng did not stop. “I haven’t seen it for many years, and the feel is still so good.”

Luo Fusheng sighed: “Let go!”

His strict words are not effective in Xu Xingcheng. “Hey, you guys are quite narcissistic. In medical school, we students study muscle lines, can only use mannequins, at most analysing some dead people, now, finally catching a wild living model, you let me touch a bit.”

Luo Fu was very angry and laughed. “Roll! Touch yourself.”

“Don’t say, your muscle line is really standard, it’s just a textbook level. Usually there is no exercise?”

“Exercise?” Luo Fusheng snorted like laughing at his innocence. “Is it okay to cut people?”

Xu Xingcheng frowned, after all, is a Zhumen family. Even if Luo Fusheng called his brother and brother for many years, he still couldn’t get used to his life. “Why is one of the mouths fighting and killing, and three sentences are not leaving the bank.”

“To each other, you and I are not eating with a knife?”

Xu Xingcheng is a major in surgery, and sooner or later he will take a scalpel. “Neither is nor is it. One of us is killing, the other is saving people, how is it?”

He does not mean that. Luo Fusheng’s smile is stiff, and indeed, they are born differently.

Xu Xingcheng did not notice his thoughts and said to himself. “I mentioned a headache when I mentioned eating. I finally got used to the bread steak. I don’t know if I can eat or not eat.”

“What kind of bread steaks are there in the western restaurant of Shanghai? There are some in Paris, and there are also in Shanghai. There is no in Paris, and there are also in Shanghai, such as this.” Luo Fusheng smiled and said. “You touch the leather pocket of the motorcycle.”

Xu Xingcheng took it out: “Is this?”

Luo Fusheng turned back and stunned Xu Xingcheng: “Remaining in the ocean, you have forgotten this? This is the home that the family has been going to.”

The fried omelet is still warm, and the familiar scent brings up many memories of Xu Xingcheng.

Luo Fusheng looked at his sly look from the rearview mirror and smiled. “What are the delicious foods of your western food? This is the best food, limited supply, and the last cage. I have spent a lot of time to grab you.”

Xu Xingcheng gave Luo Fu a bear hug, and he still did not forget to hurt him. “The people you robbed are really unlucky.”

“She ..” Xu Xingcheng’s words made Luo Fusheng think of the muddy girl. His words only started, and there was no such thing.

Xu Xingcheng did not care, took out a buns and handed them to Luo Fusheng: “Come, I will feed you. Open your mouth.”

Luo Fusheng felt that there were some weird pictures, but he was hungry and swallowed.

Luo Fusheng’s Harley soon surpassed the Kaidilak opened by Lin Qikai. Hong Yan urged Lin Qikai to accelerate, pointing to the two people on the front motorcycle and asked: “Did you have doubts about Lin Da Ge?”

“What do you suspect?” Lin Qikai is not clear.

“They two… Is there a broken sleeve?” Lin Qikai glanced at her and glanced at her. Although Hong Xun was a seven-point joke, she had three points in her face. It seems that I am really worried about this, but I don’t know which one she is worried about? Lin Qikai silently looked at the two backs that gradually went away.

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