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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Inside the set of the studio, the staff is busy. When the popular actor Huang Xinghan was in place, he waited for half an hour, but the heroine hadn’t come yet. He had obvious dissatisfaction on his face, pointing at his watch from time to time and gesturing out of the set.

The director outside the scene used gestures to appease Huang Xinghan as much as possible, turning his head to anger at the assistant. “Lights, scenes, and photography are already ready. Even stars like Huang Xinghan have been waiting all morning. When will Miss Hong come out?”

The assistant also had a hard face. “I have asked it several times. Boss Lin only said one word, wait.”

“Wait? I haven’t tried a play this morning! She’s not a star yet. How about cooperating in the future?” The director has been in the line for more than 20 years. If it weren’t for Miss Hong, the backstage was too hard, even if she brought money into the group, he would not want it.

When Lin Qikai came out of the economic department during the lunch break and hurried to the studio, he opened the door with the words “Hong Lan Lounge”, and saw that Hong Lan was like a big star. A group of staff gathered around her to do makeup, styling, and rub her shoulders. Passing the water, I am very busy.

What is unexpected is that Duan Tianying is also there, sitting quietly and watching the script.

Hong Lan saw Lin Qikai looking at Duan Tianying. “I asked her to come..”

Lin Qikai said nothing and found a folding chair to sit down next to Hong Lan. “How is the script familiar?”

Hong Lan put the script into Lin Qikai’s hands. “Why don’t we come to the line? I’m a little nervous.”

The two met one another, and Luo Fusheng was doing nothing beside him. He accidentally met Tianying’s line of sight. He felt that the two did not want to die together, and slowly moved over to greet her at will. “nervous?”

“Fortunately. I have more movements.” Tianying uncomfortably pinned her hanging hair behind her ears.

“Do you need me to accompany you, right?”

Tianying thought about it and handed him the script. Pointing to the place where Zhu Mo drew a red line. “Just these words.”

It was only a moment after she got the script, she had already memorized it. This is nothing compared to her long playbook.

Luo Fusheng took it over, and read the words without expressions according to the words above: “It will be cold at night, cover this.”

Tianying quickly entered the role, innocent, and asked him, “What are you thinking?”

Luo Fusheng still has no emotion to read the line, but when he said this, his ears were a little red: “I just missed you.”

Tianying looked at him with affectionate eyes, like a little girl who had just opened her heart and suffered. “really?”

Luo Fusheng couldn’t hold her eyes, and her words had begun to stutter. “Really …”

Tianying put away his expression and said to him seriously. “No. In this scene, the protagonist and the orhef protagonist are forced to spend the night together. The night is quiet and quiet. You confess to me affectionately. You said too stiff.

Luo Fusheng scratched his head. “I’m not a piece of acting. I can’t do it. But Tianying, you’re just acting well.”

He found that Tianying really likes acting, not just for money. And she is also very talented. When playing the game, her eyes were shining.

Hong Lan saw it in his eyes. “What about me? Brother Luo Fusheng”

Luo Fusheng didn’t answer yet, the assistant ran over and knocked on the door. “The director is urging again, can I start?”

Hong Lan revolved around her freshly curled hair and made a round of satisfaction. The people in the mirror are pretty modern, just like the movie stars in the pictorial. “Let’s go.”

In the scene, the camera is aimed at Hong Lan. From the music, Huang Xinghan stepped forward to read the words.

Huang Xinghan and Hong Lan were close together and almost wanted to kiss Hong Lan. Restraining his feelings again, turning his head away and looking far away thoughtfully. That restrained love is vividly displayed in front of the camera.

Hong Lan, who was acting, saw Luo Fusheng and Tian Ying whispering outside the setting, and they were a little distracted. Huang Xinghan reminded Hong Lan to read the line with a lip, and Hong Lan only reacted. He uttered a line, but his eyes flew to Luo Fusheng involuntarily, with a mechanical expression.

The director shouted, looking at Lin Qikai with some complaints, forcing him into this big trouble. Lin Qikai took out a box of cigars and hugged the director aside. Huang Xinghan couldn’t bear it anymore and went outside to smoke.

After smoking, the director pulled Hong Lan out of the set. “Ms. Hong, is there the line you just read in the script? Could you concentrate on it? Also, your expression of emotions is too exaggerated, too deliberate, to live a little, understand?”

Hong Lan absent-mindedly watched her fingernails dyed red with Coot: “I see, it was obviously that the lighting at the scene was not playing well, which affected my performance.” She pointed to the baby on the side: “That girl It’s about my height. I was hired as a stand-in. Let her try the positioning and lighting for me. Call me when I’m done. “

After she finished speaking, she sat on the director’s seat, and the director looked at Lin Qikai incredulously.

“Do as Miss Hong requested. Tianying, please trouble you.” Lin Qikai gave his position to the director, and it was another time of comfort.

Tian Ying put on the costumes in the play, and transformed from a simple and lovely girl into a social flower that had just emerged in the ten-mile foreign field, with a naive delusion of love in the fledglings.

Tianying came to the original Hong Lan’s position, entered the camera, the spotlight hit her face, Tianying was not nervous, surprisingly calm and calm. Hearing the sound of boarding, her desire for love emerged and her inferiority complex with her social status was intertwined.

Originally thinking that the baby on the stage singing is already moving enough, but Luo Fusheng found that the baby playing in front of the camera is even more dazzling. Like the one she met at the masquerade, she was born with a confident beauty.

The originally irritable director suddenly calmed down. He pushed away the photographer and looked at the baby in the lens as if he had discovered the New World. Even Huang Xinghan smoked half of her cigarettes and was attracted by her acting skills. Until the burnt cigarette butts burned to her fingers, she recovered and lost her cigarette butts.

The director whispered to the old crew next to him. “Doesn’t it look like Annie back then?”

The drama director nodded, saying that it did look a bit like it. Their words fell in Lin Qikai’s ears.

Lin Qikai also began to look closely at the girl in front of her. I have seen Duan Tianying several times before and didn’t feel much. But it is particularly obvious from the lens. This baby, looks like an aunt. No, it should be just a coincidence …

The director turns on the camcorder. Shout Action!

Another man beside him rushed into the picture instead of Huang Xinghan. Huang Xinghan just wanted to speak and was stopped by Hong Lan.

Xu Xingcheng has already entered the painting and talked about Huang Xinghan’s lines. He took off his coat and wrapped the baby. “It will be cold at night, cover this.”

Tianying just froze for a moment, and she quickly joined the play. She didn’t know why her opponent would change to Xu Xingcheng, but she was worried that it was the crew’s arrangement. She didn’t dare to cut off the show without permission and adjusted it to continue. “What are you thinking?”

“I just missed you.”


“Really. A glimpse of you in the theater, goodbye. Goodbye. It was you who made me understand the meaning of love. I was about to join the army for closed training, and I know you never believed that I was serious. So I left, I wanted everyone present and the camcorder to testify that I only loved you in my life, not that you would not marry. If you break the oath and all the betrayals will leave you, you will not have a dead end! “

With that, a romantic petal rain suddenly fell in the woods, Xu Xingcheng magically transformed a jewelry box from behind Tianying, kneeling on her knees in front of her. Inside the jewelry box is a string of star bracelets, the same style as the Tianying necklace. “Tianying, would you be my girlfriend?”

The staff next to him started to coax and clapped and said, “Promise him to promise him.”

Tianying realized that this was not the line of the movie, nor was it acting, but more surprised than angry. She was at a loss and looked at Luo Fusheng outside the setting. Hong Lan smiled holding his hand aside, as if he knew all this.

[Two days ago, Xu Xingcheng was sitting in a cafe. There were many manuscripts and drawings on the table in front of him. He painted a lot of schemes on it. He looked haggard and did not shave.

Hong Lan walked into Huanyi Cafe and saw Xu Xingcheng like this, walked to him and sat down. “Call me for something? Did you succeed in confessing to Duan Tianying? It looks like you don’t look like it, wasn’t it rejected?”

“It hasn’t started yet. Since the last time I came back from Qianyushan, Tianying was very indifferent to me. I guess she is still worrying about our identity and I am not serious enough? I want to give her a perfect confession, let She is at ease. But these days, I have racked my brain for a long time, but still can’t think of any good ideas. “

“Isn’t it? You came back from France anyway, and have a lot of love experience. Do you still need my help to figure out the idea?”

“She is different from those girls! Please.” Xu Xingcheng whispered rare. Hong Lan is not good anymore to embarrass him. “Look.”

Xu Xingcheng handed over several plans to Hong Lan. Hong Lan looked at the plan and was surprised.

“You are really thinking about it. You have to make so many calculation formulas and route plans for the confession. The sketch of this bracelet was designed by you? It’s beautiful.”

“I designed it according to the style of her necklace. I contacted a French jeweler more than a month ago to help me make it. I will send it back immediately.” Xu Xingcheng looked at the sketch in his hand and imagined Tianying looking surprised at the bracelet. Happy smile.

This thought made Hong Lan a little envious. “Don’t say. Duan Tianying’s luck is really good. I met you such an infatuated seed.”

“When you meet someone you love, you know, no matter what you do for her, I’m afraid that I can’t do it well, I am very timid, and I am suffering. The Tianying has been reluctant to see me even recently.”

Why did Hong Lan not understand this taste? She thought for a moment, her eyes lit up. “You’re in luck. I just happened to have an idea lately, and I promise to be unconventional.”

Xu Xingcheng somewhat doubted that most of the good ideas in her mouth were crooked. “Don’t be that bad idea of ​​kidnapping Tianying.”

“No. Brother Lin recently gave me a chance to audition for a movie. I’ll find a way to help you take her to the studio. You ask Brother Zhong Jing to find someone to help you arrange it in the studio. Then you will confess the picture You can also record them all. How romantic! “

Xu Xingcheng thought of Tianying’s movie dreams. If she recorded this episode as a short film and made her a heroine, she should be very happy. “Just do it.”]

Looking at Xu Xingcheng’s and Hong Lan’s tacit understanding, Luo Fusheng understood. “Have you arranged all this?”

Hong Lan nodded excitedly. “I think the idea. Romantic? If someone treats me like this, I will marry him immediately!”

Luo Fusheng always felt that something was wrong. Xu Xingcheng and Hong Lan had a marriage contract after all. When the marriage contract was not settled, it was a well-known confession, and the two Hong Xus who had lost their faces were afraid that everyone would point the finger at Tianying.

Luo Fusheng wanted to rush to stop, but was caught by Hong Lan.

“Xu Xingcheng, do you think this is very romantic? Luo Fusheng, Hong Lan, Lin Qikai, is it fun for you to play with me?” In the eyes of everyone, Tianying’s eyes turned red and fled.

Xu Xingcheng was taken aback for a moment, and quickly caught up with the jewelry box in his hand.

No one thought that this would be the result, showing disappointment. The director, assistant and Huang Xinghan all looked baffled. Lin Qikai looked at all this indifferently, as if expecting such an outcome.

He is happy to help them just make their children play. In his mind, everyone is self-willed enough to return to the right track of their lives, and people like Duan Tianying are destined to have no intersection with their right track.

Luo Fusheng secretly followed.

Xu Xingcheng chased the corner and forced Tianying to stop. “I’m sorry, Tianying, I was just wrong. I shouldn’t be pressing you in front of so many people …”

Duan Tianying forced himself to calm down and talk. “I haven’t found a chance to make it clear to you, it’s mine or not. The problem between us is that my surname is Duan, and your surname is Xu. Do you understand?”

“I don’t understand! We didn’t say it well, weren’t we biased by the other’s origin?”

“I thought I could do it. But in fact, it won’t work. You can’t change your origin. I won’t work either.” Tianying broke his hand.

“If I can!” Xu Xingcheng shouted to her back. Tianying’s footsteps froze. “What if I don’t have a surname for you? We leave here, go to France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I can go to work as a doctor to make money to support my family, so you can go to school and learn your favorite acting. I can accompany you to Rungis Market every day Grocery shopping, make you my favorite spaghetti bolognese. After dinner, we can go for a walk by the Seine. On a snowy day, we will put large fonts on the snow under the Eiffel Tower. ! “

The life portrayed by Xu Xingcheng is unheard of by Tian Ying, but he is yearning for it. His affection is that she exceeded her expectations but could not bear the heavy burden. Tianying only feels that her footsteps are soft, and she can’t move forward or go back.

Luo Fusheng, who was not far away, concealed himself in the shadow of the corner with the same heavy mood.

Xu Xingcheng quickly caught up with Tianying, ignoring passers-by’s eyes, and hugged her into her arms. “Promise me, don’t leave me.”

Tian Ying’s lips twitched, and if he refused, he could feel his wrists cool before he could say it. The star bracelet was already clasped on her wrist. “Don’t rush to answer me. Come to MGM and find me. If you send the bracelet back, I will know your answer.”

Xu Xingcheng finally let her go, and Tian Ying walked blankly towards the stage. The bracelet on her hand was like a hot chain of shackles, locking her heart.

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