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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Jiu Suihong coughed violently in the room, Duan Tianci pushed the door in and hurried over to beat him back. “Dad! What’s the matter with you? It’s almost winter, why haven’t you been good all the time.”

“Hey, I’m sick. The last time I fell it’s was at Longfu Theater, and I had tossing back to my hometown, I couldn’t eat it. I’m too old to use it. I don’t have any regrets if I die immediately. The only thing I can’t let go is Tianying. With you. “

Jiu Suihong said another severe cough, and he coughed up bleeding.

“Dad! No! I’ll take you to the hospital!”

“Nine-year-old” Hong pulls Duan Tianci. “Forget it, it’s useless, my own bones, I know better than anyone. The cost of the troupe is so large, don’t waste it on me.”

Of course, he had another intention in his mind that he would not speak out. His own bones may be the best card to help his son and Duanjiaban retain Tianying.

“Dad! What are you talking about? You must be alive and have to live in the same family forever!”

“Four generations are in the same room …” Jiu Yuehong thought of such a beautiful wish to be awake. “Hey, too far for me.

“Not far away! Dad! Now that we have returned to our hometown and mom to” speak “, is it possible for me and Tianying to marry in advance …”

Nine-year-old red nodded. “You go to call Tianying.”

Tianying came back from a nine-year-old red room and stayed up all night. Dad couldn’t wait two more months. Forced her to marry her brother Lidong. The change of role was so sudden that she did not immediately agree.

She was sitting on the bed, holding Xu Xingcheng’s bracelet in her hand, motionless, and a picture of Xu Xingcheng was flashing in her mind. The balance in my heart gradually tilted.

[“There are many ways to repay your gratitude, and sacrificing your lifelong happiness is not the best option.”

“If you want to go with him, I can find a way for you.”]

Tianying had an idea in mind. Luo Fusheng’s words are her last retreat, maybe she still has to choose.

Early the next morning, Tianying opened the door to the courtyard and saw that Jiu Suihong was still in the courtyard. He was so old and haggard. After the nine-year-old red behind him, Duan Tianci and all his brothers and sisters had gathered together and looked at Tianying in unison.

“Tianying: Dad! Brother! Brothers and sisters, what are you doing?”

“Tianying! Dad has been waiting for you all night in the yard, just waiting for your answer. The brothers and sisters couldn’t bear it, and they accompanied him all night!”

“Dad! You guys are forcing me!”

“Tianying, if you don’t agree to Dad, Dad … Dad just …” Jiu Suihong couldn’t say anything. Suddenly, he was ruthless, kneeling on his knees and clank.

“Dad! You are so desperate!” Tianying quickly squatted down to help Jiu Suihong and was pushed away by Jiu Suihong. “If you don’t agree, Dad will kneel in front of you until you agree!”

Duan Tianci gritted his teeth and knelt on the ground. “Brother! You, don’t push me anymore!”

Duan Tianci looked behind him, and for a time, the brothers and sisters of the troupe behind him also knelt down one after another, kneeling in front of Tianying.

Tianying wanted to support them one by one, but they were all rock-solid and immobile, and Tianying almost collapsed. “You … please don’t force me anymore!”

“Tianying, we are begging you, don’t toss! Is it safe to live peacefully in the troupe?” Duan Tianci’s eyes were blood-red, watching Tianying no longer had the gentleness at the beginning, only obsession.

It was this four words of peace of mind that stung Tian Ying. She was only 20 years old. She never really had love, career, or friendship. Will you live in these four worlds with peace of mind?

Jiu Suihong suddenly felt uncomfortable and coughed violently, making Tianying unbearable. “Dad, get up quickly. I’m going to lose my life.”

Nine-year-old Hong was silent and motionless.

“Yo. Are you practicing basic skills one by one early this morning?” Hu Qi looked at them one by one in his damask jacket.

In front of outsiders, this is too boring. Duan Tianci hurriedly raised his father. Tian Ying recognized this man as the rogue gangster who was in trouble at the theater. He was surprised that he was not dead, and he was still a dog-like man on the beach.

“What’s your job?” Tianying stood in front of his father.

“Yo. This is our new famous protagonist on Shanghai Beach. I’m here to post.” The famous protagonists of the famous family held a church meeting and need to post in advance. Although Tianying is red, it is not yet red to the point where it is worthy of a famous accountant to post. This is the first time.

“Whose post?”

“His Royal Highness Ritual.” Hu Qi proudly threw the post onto Jiu Suihong. “You are in luck. Your Highness will not invite you to play this role without understanding the drama.”

“Japanese?” Tianying frowned. “No answer.”

Hu Qi frowned, seeming to be attacking. Duan Tianci hurriedly stopped him, afraid he would smash the troupe again. “Take it, get it.”

“Brother!” Tianying wanted to stop, Duan Tianci stared, she did not go too far and no longer argue. Hu Qi snorted and dropped a silver bag. “This is a deposit. The night after tomorrow in Ningyuan.”

“Good. We will prepare well.” Duan Tianci picked up the silver on the ground and sent Hu Qi out.

Jiu Suihong felt that something was wrong and reached out to pick up the post in Duan Tianci’s hand. A black satin fold, with a red round pill embroidered on it. It is indeed a post of the Japan Red Pill Society, how could they have a relationship with the people of the Red Pill Society, and it seems that it is for the Tianying baby.

Xu Xingcheng’s sports equipment was ready to go out to exercise, and saw the housekeeper when walking down the stairs. “Mao Bo, early!”

“Why is it so early today?” The housekeeper is stacking newspapers. The newspaper office will send the Shanghai Morning Post Evening News to Xu Gongguan every morning and evening. Mao Bo will go through it first, and arrange the news in order of importance for the old and young to read while having breakfast.

“Want to exercise and strengthen your body, this is not going to enter the military camp soon.”

“I see, Master, is this a happy event for everyone?” Mao Bo showed a teasing expression.

Monk Xu Xingcheng was puzzled. “What is my happy event?”

“I’m afraid that the whole of Shanghai now is known to everyone, and no one knows.” Mao Bo said while folding his newspaper. “Young Master and Miss Hong have all reported their happy events. I am here to congratulate you first.”

“Deng Bao?” Xu Xingcheng felt wrong and hurried to the dining table. He picked up the latest newspaper on the table and looked at it. His previous smile swept away and his face changed.

Xu Xingyuan happened to pass by and saw what Xu Xingcheng looked like. “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Xu Xingcheng grabbed the newspaper and asked Mao Bo. “How about my dad?”

“Are you looking for me?” Xu Rui’an’s light and soft voice came from the stairs.

Xu Xingcheng squeezed the newspaper in his hand. “Today’s Shanghai Morning News headlines do dads know what?”

Xu Rui’an was calm. “Of course. Hong and Xu are married. The marriage date between you and Hong Lan has been fixed. Such a big happy event should naturally be notified in the newspaper.”

“Marriage date has been set? When is it set? My own marriage, why would I be the last one to know? From beginning to end, I have not promised to marry Hong Lan!”

Seeing the wrong situation, Mao Bo ate out of the living room after serving breakfast.

Xu Rui’an sat on the throne, cutting the fried egg with a knife and fork. He is regarded as a powerful Western-style figure in the National Government, and he is still not used to eating bacon sandwiches. “I’m sorry, I’m not interested in knowing your own opinion, you just execute it.”

“Impossible! Dad! Marriage should be a free choice. The same is true for Hong Lan. She also has her own right to choose. Father, you are self-proclaimed and open-minded, but what is the difference between your practice and those feudal leaders?

“The difference is that I have more power.”

“Do you think power can solve all problems?”

Xu Ruian chuckled, as if ironizing his childishness: “Can’t you? Then how did you rescue your heart-wrenching Duan Tianying? Oh, why are you so angry. It’s mainly for that girl. How can you be so brainy and married After letting Hong Lan, let her be a second room. Although it is now the Republic of China, it is normal for men to have three wives and four concubines. “

“Dad!” Xu Xingcheng finally understood what Xia Chong was speechless and stopped arguing with him. “I’ll go to the newspaper office and ask them to resend the news. I personally declare that this engagement is a mistake!”

“My words are not clear enough! The power in my hand means that I can mobilize all the media resources in Shanghai. Newspapers are just my mouthpiece and sound tube. I advise you not to be in vain. In addition, you have to understand, This is your political destiny as the son of the Xu family. This is the number of good luck that many people dream of and cannot reach! “

“Someone said that the reason why they couldn’t accept me was because my surname was Xu. At that time, I didn’t quite understand it. Now you do it for me. Daddy, you have to understand that I don’t have to have the surname.

This sentence stung Xu Rui’an, and he stared at Xu Xingcheng resentfully. “You better obediently obey me and accept this marriage. I have the ability to rescue the drama, and I have the ability to destroy her.”

Xu Xingcheng realized that if he resisted, Dad might really take Tianying. There was hatred in his heart, and his glance at Xu Rui’an was a bit gloomy.

“Well, with this expression now, it’s a bit like my son Xu Rui’an. But unfortunately, this expression is not common on your face. I put my words here, if you leave Xu’s house, everything No. Except accepting my father ’s order, are you eligible? “

After finishing speaking, Xu Ruian dropped his knife and fork, and wiped the corner of his mouth with a dissatisfied napkin. “Today’s bacon has a bit.”

He got up and walked to the gate, and Maobo hurriedly waited for him to put on his coat and hand over his bowler hat and civilization stick. Out of this door, he is Minister Xu who is fair and reasonable. Only in this door will he show his dominance.

Xu Xingcheng looked at the back of his father’s departure, and had some plans in mind.

Luo Fusheng!

The name Xu Xingcheng and Duan Tianying emerged at the same time, only you can help me.

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