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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Hong Lan knelt in front of Hong Zhengbao and pressed a pair of scissors against his neck.

“Miss! Don’t do this!” Sun Xiaoqing tried to grab the scissors and was pushed away by Hong Lan.

Hong Zhengbao  looked pale. “Don’t think you can use this method to threaten your father every time!”

Hu Manli saw Hong Zhengbao’s rare expression on his daughter, adding oil and vinegar to the side: “Ouch. My little ancestor Lan Lan, what are you doing to scare your father! Knowing that he is not in good health. Are you mad at him?”

Hong Lan stared at her deadly. “When will my Hong family’s chores get outsiders to intervene!”

Hu Manli had not been able to enter the Hong family because of Hong Lan’s obstruction, and for this she formed a deep beam. Because Hong Zhengbao’s face was not good, she had to pull Hong Zhengbao to be cute: “Do you think it’s normal for your daughter to be married to one guy who look like he was not serious. As a father’s the wedding plan is planned for her, please you don’t know what happened!”

Hong Lan sneered, meaning something. “I don’t have to marry someone for money! If I had to marry Xu Xingcheng, I would die to show you now …”

In the end, Hong Zhengbao couldn’t bear the baby girl to threaten her life. Suddenly he moved, hit the scissors in Fei Honglan’s hand, he was also scratched at the tiger’s mouth, and blood dripped instantly. Hong Lan felt distressed after seeing it and wanted to come over to check it. He was pulled by the people and Sun Xiaoqing.

Hu Manli glared at Hong Lan and bandaged Hong Zhengbao. “Lan Lan, you’re too foolish! Before, Dad always depended on you and never said a word. But this time, Dad really can’t spoil you anymore.”

“Are you calling Lan Lan ?! My dad hasn’t spoken yet!”

Hong Zhengbao reached out to stop her words. “Don’t discuss this matter again. There is no room for discussion.”

“When did you become as unreasonable as Xu Xingcheng’s father!” Hong Lan ran upstairs in a sigh of relief.

Hong Zhengbao sighed deeply.

The next day, Hong Zhengbao faced a table of dishes without moving chopsticks. Hu Manli sighed softly and put a pair of chopsticks and greens into his bowl. “Have some food first, wait while you eat.”

Hong Zhengbao lifted chopsticks and patted the chopsticks on the table fiercely. His face was ugly. “Let’s talk about how long Hong Lan’s girl will go on a hunger strike! Xiao Qing will go up and ask Miss again.”

After a few minutes, Sun Xiaoqing rushed down nervously. “Not good! Master, not good! Miss is gone!”

Hong Zhengbao was surprised and stood up immediately.

“Don’t she just stay in the room and just refuse to come out? Why is it gone?”

Sun Xiaoqing’s anxious legs trembled: “This … I don’t know, anyway, the lady is now gone.”

“When she was young, she asked Luo Fusheng, and this time I am afraid it is no exception …”

Luo Fusheng and Luo Cheng walked out of MGM and happened to meet a small newspaper boy screaming. “Selling newspapers! Selling newspapers! Extraordinary news! The pattern of Shanghai has changed dramatically! Hong Xu and the two have a heavy marriage, and the wedding is coming!”

Luo Fusheng was shocked and quickly signaled Luo Cheng to buy a newspaper. Luo Cheng ran to the newspaper boy, gave the money, and brought the newspaper to Luo Fusheng.

Luo Fusheng took a look and frowned. Is the wedding date fixed? Tianying just ventilated with him and asked him to help them all. I didn’t expect the Xu family to move so fast here.

Luo Fusheng was awkward, but suddenly saw Hong Lan across the road, and she waved at her in hiding.

Luo Fusheng’s heart is strange: “Luo Cheng, you take care of it, I’ll go and see what happened to Hong Lan.”

Luo Fusheng crossed the road and walked towards Hong Lan. “Why are you here?”

Hong Lan looked serious, grabbed Luo Fusheng’s arm, and looked around. “It’s not safe here, you go with me first, I’ll tell you later.”

As soon as the two didn’t go far, they heard a “Miss!”

A group of Hong Gang children found Hong Lan’s figure chasing him. Luo Fusheng stopped and Hong Lan grabbed his hand. “Brother, don’t let me be taken away by them!”

“Being young, we took the order of the master to bring back the young lady.” When everyone saw Luo Fusheng was there, they stopped and politely saluted.

“Miss came out and wanted to buy something. She was with me. You go back to life and reassure the master. When the lady is done shopping, I will send her home.”

“This … I’m afraid it’s not right.” The master ordered the death, and he must take the lady back. Although they did not know the reason, they did not dare to violate the order of the master. Just go back like this, it will be hard to escape the punishment. “Don’t be the master or don’t embarrass us.”

Luo Fusheng ignored them and dragged Hong Lan’s hand forward quickly. Seeing the wrong situation, the men picked up the guy and followed.

The stick swept across the ear with the wind, Luo Fusheng leaned his head away. A reflexive kick, long legs swept the person from the neck to the ground. More people gathered around, Luo Fusheng tied up his sleeves, strangled one person’s wrist and pushed, and grabbed the stick in his hand. Stick refers to everyone.

“Brothers, don’t follow me anymore. I don’t want to hurt myself.” Luo Fusheng withdrew from the encirclement and looked at the person in front of him coldly. Deterred by his skill, no one dared to step forward.

Hong Lan pulled Luo Fusheng into the church. Luo Fusheng slowed down. “Hong Lan! Don’t run! No one is chasing us along the way, sit down and take a break!”

The church is not a worship time now, it is empty. The two sat in the first row, in front of the statue of Jesus. “Brother, help me, I will run away from home!”

“Run away? For the sake of the marriage contract?” Hong Lan looked at him and didn’t speak. Luo Fusheng felt like asking more.

Hong Lan couldn’t control his emotions, snuggling on Luo Fusheng’s shoulders. Some grievances and stubbornness said, “I like you.”

Luo Fusheng was surprised that Hong Lan in his heart had always been the same as his sister. He subconsciously wanted to see if Hong Lan was joking, but Hong Lan leaned tightly against Luo Fusheng’s shoulder and refused to look up.

“Don’t look at me. You can’t say the following words when you look at me. Do you know why I brought you here? The church is where I dreamed of holding a wedding since I was little, with you. Luo Fusheng, I like you , I haven’t spoken several times. This time, I’m going to tell you why I like you. I like you because you have protected me since you were a child, you are righteous, brave, and seem to be carefree. In fact, everything is Others think about it. I like you, even if you know you don’t like me, I still like you. I bully you every day, not because I hate you, nor because of my willfulness, because you elm head never knows my mind And every day, push me to Xu Xingcheng’s ghast. I am wronged, I am angry, I can only take you out. I like you, since my mother died, it is the most reassuring when I am with you. Luo Fusheng, I really really like you, not the siblings, but the love between men and women … Would you like to try to like me too? “

“Hong Lan …” Luo Fusheng wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to speak, so as not to hurt this little sister, who had rarely shown her weakness, and could only fall into silence.

Hong Lan was waiting for the answer, her hand nervously grabbed Luo Fusheng’s clothing corner. Luo Fusheng felt her tremor and wrapped her hand around Hong Lan’s shoulder.

“No …” Luo Fusheng just started to say.

Hong Lan suddenly raised his head to stop Luo Fusheng from speaking. “Luo Fusheng, don’t answer me! I don’t want to know your answer now! As long as you don’t answer, I always have hope!”

Luo Fusheng looked down at Hong Lan: “Why do you suffer?”

Hong Lan’s eyes seemed to be tearing, and his expression was pitiful. “You don’t understand how happy it is to have someone you like in your heart. You don’t have to respond, but you don’t want to take away the person in my heart.”

She lowered her head to cover her face, wondering if she was crying or shy. “There has never been such a shame in this life.”

“Who said it? Do you remember that there is a replay in the elementary school? We played with Xu Xingcheng on the pier. You pushed him and he didn’t move, so you fell into the river yourself. In the end, I spent the effort You picked it up, and both of you were almost drowned by your neck. It was Brother Lin who passed by after school. He jumped down and helped us. Your disheveled hair was distributed at the time, and even the schoolbag went to Shenjiangli. “

Hong Lan was angry and turned back to pinch Luo Fusheng. “Nonsense! What’s the matter!”

Luo Fusheng laughed. “Look at you, just a few minutes after being gentle, and you have returned to the tigress. Why doesn’t this happen? The next day, Mr. asked you to do your homework, and you said that you let the monster go away. Mr. thought you were making excuses, and Give you ten palms, all the school knows this! “

Hong Lan beat Luo Fusheng with a smile, and suddenly sighed again. “If it weren’t for my waywardness, you can still study with us.”

That time Lin Qikai fell into the water and caught wind and cold. Lin Daoshan deliberately aimed at the Hong family and asked the criminals to come home. Luo Fusheng admitted that he and Xu Xingcheng had accidentally pushed Hong Lan into the water, and Lin Qikai saw them bravely to save them. In order to give an explanation to the Lin family, Floating Life was ordered not to study with them in a school. After graduating from the elementary school, Luo Fusheng simply stopped studying and joined the gang to fight and kill.

“What should I do about Chen Sesame?” Besides, I don’t like reading. You forgot the elementary school. Is it Mr. Me who has the most fighting power? “

The two laughed, no longer embarrassed. Hong Lan took a sigh of relief, stood up and wanted to go forward, Luo Fusheng followed.

“Lan Lan, in fact, you don’t have to run away from home. I know this matter well and I will arrange it properly.”

Hong Lan stared at his eyes. After a while, let out a sigh of relief. “I believe you.”

“There are so many people who can’t beat one. You still have the face to come back to me and say that Miss didn’t find it?” No one dared to say a word when Hong Zhengbao was angry.

“Go, stare at MGM and stare at Luo Fusheng! Lan Lan certainly has no other choice. I want to see if Luo Fusheng has this bear-hearted leopard, and colludes with Hong Lan!”

Hong Zheng snapped and threw the teacup heavily on the ground. Hu Manli looked relaxed behind him, waiting to see the big lady out of bed.

The door was pushed open, Xiao Qing exclaimed happily: “Miss! You are back!”

Hu Manli did not expect that Hong Lan would come back on his own initiative, nor did Hong Zhengbao. It is preparing to increase the manpower to find.

Luo Fusheng stood behind her, just like her backing, making Hong Lan arrogant. Luo Fusheng greeted Hong Zhengbao. “Right Father.”

Hong Zhengbao looked very bad. “Where did you take Hong Lan? The people I sent were injured by you. Do you still have my righteous father?

Luo Fusheng knew that he had misbehaved and did not make excuses. Hong Zhengbao walked around behind him and kicked in Luo Fusheng’s hind knee, Luo Fusheng kneeled on the ground with pain.

“Dad!” Hong Lan guarded him.

“Lan Lan, you go up first.” Hong Zhengbao gave Hu Manli a look. Hu Manli and Sun Xiaoqing went up and down to grab Hong Lan’s arm. He said it was Fu, almost dragging Hong Lan upstairs.

Sun Xiaoqing whispered in her ear. “Miss, you can only persuade the old man’s anxiety to add fuel to the fire. In order to be less headed, you can say less.”

“Do you know where you are wrong?”

Luo Fusheng said nothing. Rao is a young boy, but he still can’t escape the youthful spirit.

“Hong Gang’s first iron law is that under no circumstances can you do anything with your brother!” Hong Zhengbao kicked him on the back and kicked him on the ground.

“Well.” The broken bone on Luo Fusheng’s back had just grown up. This foot was not light. Luo Fusheng’s throat rolled, and swallowed.

Hong Lan, who had just walked to the stairs, saw Hu Manli and Xiao Qing, and almost pushed Hu Manli down the stairs. “Dad, the injury on Brother Fusheng’s back is still not good! If you want to fight or scold, you will rush to me, and I willfully find him!”

Hong Zhengbao saw Luo Fusheng’s lips red, knowing that he had just been too heavy. After all, it is also a child raised by myself, and I can’t bear it. He helped him personally. “Follow me to the study. Hong Lan, you go upstairs! I can say a few words with Ashen, I won’t embarrass him.”

Hong Lan gritted his teeth upstairs. Luo Fusheng followed Hong Zhengbao into the study.

“Do you hate your righteous father?”

“No. My righteous father loves Lan’er as he lives, it’s my arrogance.”

“I’m not talking about this, it’s what I told you last time at MGM. What you and I are doing now, if it will appear in front of others in the future, it must be a sin of innumerable crimes. Even if it didn’t happen, It ’s still going to be scolded. So if you do n’t want to, you can quit now. I wo n’t blame you. ”

“What the righteous father is doing is righteous, and the floating life is not a greedy person who is afraid of life and death, and is willing to sacrifice this useless flesh and continue to follow in the footsteps of the righteous father.”

“A Jing’s son really is as iron-clad as he is. I read you right. Floating, I know you never understand why I must force Lan Lan to marry the Xu family’s son. But have you thought about it, if we will in the future If something goes wrong, the only thing that can keep Lan Lan safe is the Xu’s gun. “

“I see.” Luo Fusheng lowered his head, and his thoughts were complicated.

Xu Xingcheng, Duan Tianying, Hong Lan, he must protect everyone. But how can we do both.

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