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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

In the painting room, the sun was flooding the birch floor. The white lace curtains moved slightly in the wind. Lin Qikai held an introduction to microeconomics by the window. Rarely, there is no suit and leather shoes, but a simple white shirt, because his task today is to model Xu Xingyuan.

Last time I went to the exhibition, Xu Xingyuan stared at a portrait for a long time. In the painting, a foreign man leaned on the balcony and smoked, smiling at the painter. He asked if she liked it, and bought it and gave it to her.

She only said the word envy.

“What do you envy?”

“Lovers.” Xu Xingyuan pointed to the name of Eric where the painter had deposited, and the man in the painting.

Lin Qikai understood what she meant, and inevitably felt that this idea was a little shocking. “How is it possible? Both are men.”

Xu Xingyuan looked at him steadily. “definitely is.”

The painting tells the story, it can show the joy and sadness of the painter. The man in the painting has smiling eyes, and the eyes on the painter are so spoiled. They must be in love.

Lin Qikai also suddenly realized the ambiguous feeling in the painting. In the picture, the man’s smile, which looks like Mei Xing, is still a bit bleak.

He called the gallery manager to ask the artist for information. The information received was that the painting was a legacy. The painter committed suicide ino Shenhu two months after painting the painting.

“Where is the person in the picture?” Xu Xingyuan asked.

“Then I don’t know.” The manager must have known one or two about the painter’s life rhythm and sighed. “Love that is intolerable in the world. But this is also a jump, and it is famous. His paintings have now doubled in price in the art circle.”

Lin Qikai sneered, and the moving stories finally served economic principles and became profitable selling points.

They eventually bought the painting. Xu Xingyuan said sadly that he must have died. She is talking about people in the painting. For the little girl, it is far easier to believe in the love of the same life and death.

Lin Qikai touched her head and comforted: “We won’t be like this.”

She looked at Lin Qikai who was one head taller than her. “Brother Zhongjing will do a model for me?”

She has painted many of his portraits, all based on her own imagination. Never painted a picture in front of him.

Although Lin Qikai was a little surprised by her request, she still readily accepted her request. So there is today’s itinerary.

Not far away, Xu Xingyuan was holding a paintbrush and painting him on the canvas. From time to time, he used a paintbrush to compare Lin Qikai’s appearance. He took the opportunity to peek at Lin Qikai. Every time he peeked, his face turned red again, even with the brush Hands are a little unstable.

Lin Qikai looked up at her from the book and smiled, “Is it not always good for me to read books? Should I change my posture?”

“No … no problem, just be natural, whatever you pose is good.”

Lin Qikai was a little embarrassed. “I stand here to paint for you, is there any difference from the painting you used to do?”

“Um …” She nodded uneasily and answered slowly. “I used to draw you every bit of your imagination before. Now, you stand in front of me alive.”

“I’m like a big star.” Lin Qikai sneered.

You are indeed the brightest star in my heart.

Lin Qikai put down the book in his hand and pulled up, walked to Xu Xingyuan’s side, holding her trembling brush. Xu Xingyuan was even more shy and wanted to draw her hand, but Lin Qikai insisted on holding it.

Lin Qikai looked at the unfinished paintings on the drawing board. Although he only outlined his overall lines and was working on the details of the head, the eyes he had drawn were bright and vivid, quite expressive.

“Yuan’er, I think there is something wrong with your painting.”

Xu Xingyuan asked nervously: “What’s the problem?”

“This person in the painting is more heroic than me.”

Xu Xingyuan heard him making fun of her, blushing slightly, staring blankly at him without speaking.

At this time, Lin Qikai was clenching Xu Xingyuan’s hand, looking at Xu Xingyuan’s sincere eyes, showing a trace of compassion in her heart, and even felt that her current behavior was mean.

A knock on the door rang at this time, interrupting the ambiguous atmosphere between the two. Lin Qikai let go of her hand to open the door, it was his close attendant Qi Fei.

“What’s wrong?” He protruded most of his body, concealed the door of the studio, and the conversation between the two came intermittently.

“Not good … Miss Hong … escape marriage …” Xu Xingyuan, who didn’t want to listen to the root of the wall, paid more attention when she heard the name of her future sister-in-law.

“Is Xu Xingcheng at home?”

“Not here.”

“Get a car immediately and go to MGM. Now.” Lin Qikai told Wan Qifei to return to the studio. “Sorry, Yuan’er, I have some urgent matters that I need to deal with. Will you come back as a model again sometime?”

Xu Xingyuan nodded slowly, almost at the moment she nodded. He had reached the door and hurried down the stairs. His calm, gentleness disappeared without a trace at this time. Four words are confusing to confirm the relationship.

Xu Xingyuan put down the paintbrush in his hand and looked at the painting in front of him. The person in the painting was vivid and vivid, but he did not have a pair of smiling eyes.

Lin Qikai had been waiting for Luo Fusheng in the evening before returning. He had received news before that Hong Lan had returned home safely, so he was not in a hurry. He stayed just to meet Luo Fusheng and ask what happened.

Luo Fusheng didn’t expect anyone to be there. When I walked into the suite, my back was slightly bent, and my steps were slow. When he saw someone sitting on the sofa, he instinctively straightened his back. Lin Qikai looked at him.

“Because Hong Lan was punished by Uncle Hong?” From an early age, Luo Fusheng was Hong Lan’s scapegoat. Occasionally help him and Xu Xingcheng to blame, and finally fell into a stubborn reputation. The heads of the three families are not too much to see, of course, the more important reason is because of his father.

“Nothing.” Luo Fusheng sat on the sofa beside him. “Brother Zhongjing is still waiting for me so late, why?”

“What’s the matter with Lan Lan?” Mentioning Hong Lan, he said with a straight face, his body slightly leaning forward in Luo Fusheng’s direction.

Luo Fusheng raised his eyebrows and said meaningfully. “Big Brother is very concerned about Miss.”

He used affirmative sentences. Lin Qikai coughed twice, relaxed his body and lay back on the sofa. “Caring is natural. Everyone grew up together.”

“Brother Zhongjing, you seriously answer me a question.” Luo Fusheng stared at him like a wolf, and he was not allowed to commit any fraud. “Do you like Missy?”

Lin Qikai confessed that he did not hide too much in this matter, and it was not unexpected to be seen. Except Hong Lan and Xu Xingcheng, these two little guys with no heart. Others can see the clue more or less.


“How much do you like it?”

Lin Qikai didn’t know how to quantify this feeling, and thought for a while. “No less than you and Uncle Hong.”

Luo Fusheng’s wrinkled brows slowly unfolded. He believed that Brother Lin was telling the truth. This unsolved game has a new exit because of Lin Qikai’s entry.

“If one day, my uncle and me, and even the entire gang cannot protect Hong Lan. Will you do everything you can to protect her?”

Lin Qikai was puzzled by this question. Although the Hong Gang has been harassed by the Youth Gang recently, the general situation is still there, and it is far from the situation of breaking the net. “Did something happen?”

“Zhong Jing, you just need to tell me, can you?”

“Go to the flames.” Lin Qikai stopped asking and gave his own answer.

“Remember what you said to me tonight.”

In the empty Longfu Theater, only Xu Xingcheng was sitting in the auditorium alone, drunk with wine, drunkenly, looking at the empty theater, recalling the bits and pieces with Tianying.

On the stage, Xu Xingcheng’s memories of Tianying’s figure gradually disappeared. Looking at the empty stage, Xu Xingcheng raised his wine bottle and raised his head to drink.

Suddenly, the singing voice of Peking Opera sounded in his ears: holding a weapon symbol, Guan Dang Yaolu, Shi Yingwu, supporting Dongwu. Who dares to resist …

Xu Xingcheng looked at the source of the voice in surprise. On the stage, Luo Fusheng was singing, and when he saw Xu Xingcheng looking at himself, he stopped and jumped from the stage, snatched the hip flask in his hand and poured a mouthful into his mouth. “It’s boring to drink alone.”

Xu Xingcheng smiled, and took out a bottle of wine, so the two people sat face to face drinking. “The play you just sang is called” Quan Ying Hui-Borrow Dongfeng “.”

“Okay, you all know.”

“This is Tianying’s first performance on stage. Since I met Tianying, I have been learning about Peking Opera. I want to understand what she is singing, thinking about one day, when she asks, I can pretend Comment. “His words were bitter.

Luo Fusheng’s heart hurt when he heard this. While Xu Xingcheng was immersed in uncomfortable emotions, the two were drinking and silent. Luo Fusheng thought about it and took the lead in breaking the deadlock. “What do you think about the news of your marriage to Hong Lan?”

“How important is my thinking? From childhood to age, what can I do according to my heart? It is the will of my dad. As long as he is alive, he will make my life-long decision!”

“Are you going to just give up fighting?”

“Floating, am I too useless? Look at me now, my best brother and I like the same girl, sorry brother; there is a fiancee who does n’t want to get married, sorry Hong Lan; one wants to be together Girls who can’t be together again, sorry Tianying … “

After saying this, Xu Xingcheng was extremely frustrated, and no longer looked at Luo Fusheng, the whole person was paralyzed in the seat, bowing his head and feeling uncomfortable.

Luo Fusheng smiled bitterly. It turned out that he knew his feelings for Tianying long ago. He put down the bottle, walked to Xu Xingcheng, raised his hand, and gave Xu Xingcheng a slap in the face. “Snapped”.

Xu Xingcheng was stunned by Luo Fusheng’s slap, slowly turning his head to look at Luo Fusheng standing tall in front of himself. “Then you don’t want to do something that is sorry for us. Hong Lan, in order to resist this marriage, dare to run out of the house. Tianying secretly contacted me and asked me to help you find a way to leave Shanghai. Both of their girls’ families Do it this way. If you look at you again, do you know you are drinking here? “

Xu Xingcheng stared at Luo Fusheng in a daze, but hadn’t digested what he said.

“I have never confessed to anyone in my life, but for your happiness, I am willing to help you. If you can’t be with Tianying, your most sorry person is me!”

Upon hearing this, Xu Xingcheng was emotional. “Tianying is willing to go with me?”

But his high emotions didn’t last long, and he quickly died down. “No, I can’t go. I’m gone, Dad will trouble Tian Tian’s family.”

Are you afraid or not!” Luo Fusheng raised his voice and confronted Xu Xingcheng. “You are a compromise. You compromised this time. What will happen to your dad next time you have to deal with Tianying! You can only really keep her safe by walking. As for Duanjiaban, there is also me watching.”

“You said it simply! My dad is in charge of Bai Dadao in the entire Shanghai, and her father is in charge of the underworld. Tian Ying and I can’t run far, and they will be caught back. The end will only be worse.” Xu Xingcheng howled, Luo Fusheng calmed down, staring at Xu Xingcheng, who was a little crazy.

“I have a way to let you leave Shanghai and even China safely. Do you dare?” Luo Fusheng took out an invitation from his arms. Red round pills are embroidered on the black satin.

[The last stroke of the word “Cheng” was written on the invitation card. Liben looked at his increasingly lean Chinese calligraphy in the future with a sigh of relief, dried the ink and handed it to Luo Fusheng. “Sir tell me such an important secret, not afraid that I will betray you? This news is released, the life of the young head is worrying.”

“You won’t.” Luo Fusheng took a sip of the sake in front of him. Little Japan’s liquor is too light and has no alcohol. Suitable for women.

“You’re quite confident. Is it true that I like you?” Liben future chuckled, holding his earlobe close to Luo Fusheng lightly, biting it and letting go quickly.

Luo Fusheng frowned. He heard from the people in Turco that Japanese women who came to China as spies would practice a fascination technique, how to reverse the fascination of men in the shortest possible time. The purpose of this woman in front of her is definitely more than pure business. “Because I am still useful to you.”

“You’re right.” Liben future hands crossed Luo Fusheng’s face, bringing a bit of itching. “I can’t bear you to die. But in this way, you owe me, and owing red pills will be a big favor.”

“Well. As long as it doesn’t harm the national interest, you can do anything.”

“You can do whatever you want …” Reimoto repeated his words in the future, seeming to be satisfied with his answer. “What about love?”

She said that her thigh had struck Luo Fusheng. He leaned down to the position of his chest, but couldn’t go down anymore, because a dagger separated the distance between them. He didn’t know when he had an extra knife in his hand.

She broke his finger and took the knife from him. The back of the knife slipped from his cheek to his chest, and the tip of the knife pointed to the position of the heart. “I really want to cut open and see who is inside.”

Luo Fusheng suddenly smiled at the corner of his mouth, reaching out to touch her face. Very frivolous said: “You.”

Nishimoto pulled out of him with a big smile, and sat back in front of the tea case, as if nothing had happened just now. “I am reluctant to just use this big favor. Just take the invitation, and you will be welcome to my adult ceremony tomorrow. My first dance is for you.”]

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