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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

The black car was parked at the gate of the troupe, and the brothers and sisters carried the suitcases with their heads on. Xiaodouzi complained involuntarily: “How come the box is heavier than usual.”

Tianying’s heart beat. Fortunately, Jiu Suihong urged them to move faster. Don’t miss the meeting. He couldn’t get up on stage, and didn’t go with the troupe.

Tianying’s bags are hidden under the costume. When her play was over and the brothers and sisters came on stage, she would follow Luo Fusheng’s arrangement to dive out of Ningyuan and join Xu Xingcheng to the pier. There is a Hongwanhui merchant ship connector departing from Japan tonight on the pier. After arriving in Japan, they moved to France on their own.

On the other side of Xu Xingcheng, his father sent him to follow Ningyuan ’s door without invitation. The Red Pill Club is a chamber of commerce with a Japanese military background. Although Xu Rui’an himself was inconvenient to contact, he was in favor of his son and the Red Pill Club. He did not expect that Liben would help them do such ridiculous things in the future.

Ningyuan is the original resort of Prince Ning in Shanghai. Later, the Qing dynasty fell, and Prince Ning still maintained the original style of the relatives of the former emperor and relatives. After a few hands, he was finally bought by He Zhenwu and given to Liben future as her hotel in China.

The future adult ceremony of Rikamoto will be held in this garden. Invited all famous local people, as well as some government officials in the Republic of China. Originally Hong Zhengbao was also invited. But he excused himself under the pretext of physical discomfort, and Luo Fusheng participated on behalf of Hong Gang. Lin Daoshan and Xu Rui’an also absent from the banquet, and only let the children attend.

After all, the relationship between Japan and China is a bit delicate now. On the one hand, there are frequent trade exchanges, on the other hand, there are also rumors that Japan is actively preparing to plan to attack China. In this sensitive period, it is necessary to avoid suspicion.

The adult ceremony is divided into two parts, the first is a Chinese-style habitual dinner and hall. Mainly to meet the preferences of older guests. After the meeting, Nakamoto will invite some peers who have a good relationship to stay in a private party to hold a Western-style ball.

Nishimoto wore a Western-style white lace fishtail gown today, with a slender and attractive figure, a forehead tied with a pearl, and a thumb-sized pearl that complemented her radiant complexion. Luo Fusheng had seen her wearing kimono, cheongsam and western-style evening dress, and had to admit that this woman’s beauty can control every style.

Like a flower and butterfly, she travels between the parties and entertains people from all walks of life. Such a style is shameful to the ladies born in Shanghai. In Greater Shanghai, only the Communist Party does this.

“I heard that the status of Japanese women is very low, and her high princesses have to do so. It’s hard to imagine the situation of other women.” The ladies cried and whispered their ears.

Hong Lan heard it and smiled disdainfully. Luo Fusheng, who turned his head to his side, said: “Although I don’t like this woman, I admire her. It’s beautiful and unpretentious. If she is not Japanese, it’s not staring at you, I think I will be with her become friends.”

“Did you see the remake of yourself?” Luo Fusheng took a sip of champagne, his eyes kept staring on the stage of the show, and he didn’t forget to laugh at Hong Lan.

“It’s a bit.” Hong Lan was somewhat sympathetic to Liben’s future.

Lin Qikai turned to Hong Lan when he heard their conversation. “You are different from her. Don’t get too close to this woman, the appearance of the chameleon will deceive people.”

“Oh.” Luo Fusheng was amused by Lin Qikai’s description, and felt very appropriate. She really looks like a chameleon. According to different occasions, different people take different postures, and I don’t know which one is the real one.

“Master Lin, Miss Hong. Oops. Young head. You are here too.” A middle-aged man in a suit who couldn’t hide his beer belly came holding a glass of wine. I saw three people at the same time, but pretended not to notice Luo Fusheng at first.

Luo Fusheng is used to being the head of the house with less screams, which does not mean that you are really a noble child. These people remind him of it in various ways at all times, but they are also jealous of his humble origins, but at a young age they have forces that they cannot reach. It’s as if he’s stepping on his foot quickly and earning himself some face.

Lin Qikai knew him, and this person was Feng Darong, the head of the Jiangxi Customs Assessment Division. From the Qing Dynasty in 1863, the customs administration was handed over to the foreign taxation department, losing tax autonomy. After the establishment of the government of the Republic of China, it agreed with diplomatic missions to establish an assessment section at Jianghai Customs, Zhejiang Customs and Guangdong Customs to train Chinese national inspectors. However, the appraisal class is still under the management of the Foreign Tax Directorate, so Feng Darong ’s boss is the British Merlot.

Lin Qikai and Feng Darong had an intersection because they had joined the opium against the Red Pill Club. At that time, Lin Qikai was vigorously promoting “public tobacco reform”, and Feng Darong represented the interests of Britain. If Jardine’s wants to be a dominant company, it will crack down on the power of the Red Pill Club.

Both sides have the same purpose, so there is a short-term joint, but soon parted ways. Because Feng Darong ’s ultimate goal is to maximize the interests of Britain, which is different from Lin Qikai ’s original intention to protect the interests of the Republic of China government.

Feng Darong still has some means to cooperate with Luo Fusheng to seize the goods that Hongwan will arrive in Shanghai in the name of various tax checks. He didn’t raise his hand until the public smoking order was officially launched and the interests of each family were balanced. But in the end, the implementation of this public smoking order completely violated Lin Qikai’s vision and became a new way of corruption.

These are all words, Lin Qikai is still a little surprised that Feng Darong will appear at Liben’s future banquet. After all, Feng Darong has a big backing in the UK, and has been clamoring with Hongwan. Whether he has been drawn privately by the Red Pill Club this time, or represents the British attitude, this is very intriguing.

Feng Darong’s official said it was not big, even Lin Qikai’s position should be overwhelmed, but this position is very important. At least for the import of opium, the commercial firms of all countries have to win favors. Lin Qikai will inevitably be entertained.

At this time, Xu Xingcheng also arrived. The servant led Luo Fusheng to their table. The two looked at each other, Luo Fusheng spoke first, lowered his voice and asked in his ear: “Are you ready?”

“Well.” His luggage and money were secretly sent to the Red Pill Club’s ship. Now as long as he and Tianying get on the boat safely, they are done. Xu Xingcheng’s palm sweated and fidgeted.

At the beginning, it was unpredictable to say that those promised romances are undesirable, but they really have to be implemented. But he didn’t look back. Both Floating Life and Tianying did this for him. Now he is like a duck roasted on fire.

The full table of delicious dishes Xu Xingcheng did not eat much. After dinner, the big show opened. There are three acts in total. Tianying sings the first two acts. In the third act, Duan Tianci chooses the main beam to accept the curtain.

After the second scene, Tianying returned to the empty background and quickly removed her makeup, put on a set of maid’s clothes, and slipped away from the side with the package.

Duan Tianci was throwing water sleeves on the stage, babbling, saying the play: “The curtain sees only a sedan chair, it must be the newlyweds crossing the magpie bridge. Ji Riliangchen should laugh, why did the shark’s beads turn into tears? There is no wealth in the world. There are also hunger, sorrow and arms, and weeping and crying in frustration. “

Tianying’s tears fell. “Sorry, father. Sorry, brother.”

The girl’s mind is like the silk spit out from the spring silkworm. It looks very weak, but it is permeable to toughness, and it continues to the end. Fifty years later, when Tian Ying recalled this past, he couldn’t help but be surprised by the bold decision at the time. But now there is no doubt, pure and passionate love. It was unclear whether it was for Xu Xingcheng, or for the word “freedom” that she had longed for and was emptied. It should be both.

There was footsteps behind him, and a big hand pulled her into the back garden. Around him is Luo Fusheng’s close face. “Have you thought about it? It’s too late to look back.”

She nodded, then shook her head again, believing him to answer two questions. “Let’s go.”

“Wait.” Luo Fusheng pulled out in the rockery cave for a while, and Tianying saw him put a black worm in his arms. She was uneasy, wondering if they would cause any bloody storms.

“What do you do with a gun? We really leave you with us just like this?”

“Just in case. Xu Xingcheng and you are missing at the future banquet of Liben. What are you doing with so many people present? Even if others doubt it, you can’t produce evidence. Rest assured.”

Ningyuan’s roads were tortuous, and Liben arranged for two servants to send Xu Xingcheng and Duan Tianying to Ningyuan’s back alley. Luo Fusheng didn’t have to come forward, after all, she couldn’t help but come to see her last.

He took out a large silver ticket from his arms and gave it to Tianying. “Take care all the way. Take it with you on the road.”

“No. You have helped us a lot. I can’t collect the money.”

“It’s not for you alone, or for my brother. The money is nothing to me, but you are about your livelihood. You will have to rely on yourself for everything in the future, and life will be difficult. Those who are used to a good life are willing to do this step for you enough to show their sincerity. No matter what the difficulties are in the future, I hope you will be more tolerant.

Duan Tianying no longer pushed away and accepted the silver ticket. Before leaving home, she left all the valuable things including the star pendant in the troupe, hoping to subsidize some for the troupe. This is not the time to be polite. “Thank you. After we settle down and make money ourselves, we will slowly return it to you.”

“Don’t send me a letter. It will be tracked to the address.” Although he wanted to know their future situation, he had to severely cut off all contacts.

Tianying pursed her lips and her eyes turned red again. This walk may be the end of the world. She couldn’t help but hug him. “Thank you, Luo Fusheng.”

This loveless hug made Luo Fusheng’s heart astringent, and his body was soft. He needed to control it to suppress his urge to hug her tightly and not let her go.

Nishimoto’s future servants came from afar, speaking in lame Chinese. “Miss Duan, please here.”

Luo Fusheng pushed her and looked at her with a smile. “Come on. Mozhu is waiting for you.”

Tianying followed the coming person to leave and looked back at Luo Fusheng. He didn’t look back, he had his way to go.

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