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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

“Due! You deserve this today!” 

“Nine-year-old” red crutches hit Tianying’s body at once, and Tianying was lying on the ground motionless, with her eyes open as if she were dead. “You even do things like elopement! Come back after being abandoned by a man. You never believed my father’s words. I said earlier that the Xu family has no good people! Those of them are not good things, you must be abused by others. Only then will I know what is wrong.”

When she returned to the troupe, she had a high fever and fainted at the door. It was the housekeeper Mao Bo, who was sent by the Xu family, to knock on the door of the troupe. They explained the whole thing to them, and gave a bag of broken silver as a guilt.

At the age of nine, she was so angry that she threw her in the yard, but no one was allowed. After a night she woke up clearly, but she didn’t move on the ground, and she looked more than sorrowful. Jiu Suihong looked upset, but picked up the crutches and pumped at her. He is very painful to the baby on weekdays, no matter how capricious she is, she is not willing to hit her, this is really angry. The brothers and sisters couldn’t bear it, whispered to advise Master not to fight. Duan Tianci stood aside coldly without speaking.

Tianying’s face was pale, but she just clenched her teeth and said nothing. It is better to let my father breathe this breath than to hold his breath.

It didn’t take long for the nine-year-old to fall down, and he stopped breathlessly. Since the illness on the stage, the bones of this body have been getting worse day by day. He really loves Tianying, whose daughter has such a thing, even the father and mother can not swallow this breath. Even if they are actors, he does not want Tianying to be so cheap by outsiders.

“You tell me, have you suffered a loss in the hands of Xu Jia Er Shao!?” Jiu Suihong still has this layer of worry. If Xu Xingcheng really did something to Tian Ying, then he could not eat it like this and wipe it clean. Pat the ass and leave.

Tianying never thought that her father would have such a guess, and the brothers and sisters were all around. She was a girl’s house, and how she could pass her face. She had to tearfully shake her head.

“Nine-year-old” red face slightly agitated, and worried that the child lied, he arranged for the master to bring Tianying into the room. “Da Yun, check for her.”

“This…” Dayun is also a girl’s family who hasn’t left the cabinet.

“Dad!” Tianying didn’t feel so painful when she was beaten, it was a naked insult! an examination? How to check this! She is not a farm animal.

“Silly girl, if it’s nothing, I’m the master, your marriage agreement with God is still valid. You choose to get married. If the boy really did something to you, Dad will ask you to be fair! Although our Liyuan children are not high-profile big households , Can’t let anyone ruin!” Jiu Suihong gave Da Yun a glance, and the master wanted to get her up.

Tianying shook off her hand and struggled to get up. His face was pale as paper, but the night had been like a withered rose. “Dad, why don’t you believe me…”

Jiu Suihong had to admit that he was selfish. Tianying marries into the door to be his wife. If he was innocent and ruined without entering the door, he could not let his son be wronged. This matter must be thoroughly investigated, and he has a bottom in his heart.

“Da Yun, you go and invite a stable woman.”

Tianying glanced over her eyes and couldn’t believe what his father said. “Because I’m not biological? Are you going to treat me like this because I’m not biological? Dad! If the mother is here, you won’t be treated like that!”

Jiu Suihong, don’t look too far, and dare not look at Tian Ying’s bleeding eyes. “Dad is sorry for you. Girl, your innocence is related to the reputation of the entire Duanjia class. Since you haven’t done anything, you also let a class of brothers and sisters walk out and get straight.”

Yes. In front of the so-called innocent reputation, dignity is nothing.

Wen Po quickly followed Da Yun, and Jiu Suihong attached to her ear and whispered the reason. The old lady looked at Tianying and his exhausted voice rolled out of her throat. “No wonder…”

It’s so beautiful to be born, and such a romantic affair with others is nothing new in Dashangtan. But before he ran out, he was abandoned. In the end it is bad life.

She and Dayun dragged Tianying into the house from left to right, Tianying struggled to no avail, and could not bear both of them to be above her.

The wooden door closed and Jiu Suihong and Duan Tianci stood at the door. Hearing the tearing of the cloth inside, mixed with Tianying’s cry of forbearance. That’s really crying blood.

Duan Tianci finally couldn’t bear it, his nails pinched into his palm. “Dad, don’t count…”

Jiu Suihong didn’t seem to hear it. In fact, the whole time was less than a joss stick, but Duan Tianci felt that his legs were standing weak. The door opened again, and the old lady came out.

Through the door slit, Duan Tianci saw that Da Yun was holding a thin bed wrapped around Tianying. Tianying looked so small on the bed, curled up like a baby, and his eyes were dull.

Wen Po was still stained with blood on her fingertips, and the man at the door looked at her anxiously. Then she spoke slowly. “It’s still a chick. It’s intact. It’s just that his temper is too strong. You see, you don’t have to suffer this.”

“Quickly give grandma water to clean her hands.” Jiu Suihong ordered. Duan Tianci got a sore nose and went to fetch water.

It wasn’t until the mother-in-law was sent away to close the door that the nine-year-old Hong let out a sigh of relief and looked at her son. “It’s okay. It’s still perfect. What do you mean now… Will this marriage be successful?”

“Yes! Tomorrow will be!” Duan Tianci’s love for Tianying has been completely burned into possessiveness by this elopement. As long as she can get her, alive and dead, he wants everything! And the sooner the better, he didn’t want to wait for a day.

The news that Tianying and Xu Xingcheng did not succeed quickly spread to MGM. After tossing for such a long time, the exhausted Luo Fusheng hurried to Xu’s house when he heard the news.

Xu Xingcheng did not want to see him, so Mao Bo handed him a wedding note.

On the wedding post were the names of Hong Lan and Xu Xingcheng, but the time was delayed until after he joined the army for training. He and Xu Rui’an reached some kind of tacit agreement, and this is the final result.

Luo Fusheng didn’t expect to go to the last step and still have such a big trouble. Standing angrily downstairs, he shot a shot toward the sky and shouted at Xu Xingcheng’s room window: “Coward!”

The gunshots alarmed Xu Zhai’s defense, and a group of guards with guns surrounded Luo Fusheng. But they all knew him and did not do it for a while. Luo Fusheng looked at them one by one, his eyes fierce, and Yu Yanlu’s momentum overflowed from his body. I haven’t had a fight in a long time, and I’m holding my breath here.

Xu Xingcheng hid behind the window and looked at such Luo Fusheng. He realized that he might never really know Luo Fusheng. This bloody King Yan Luo in Shanghai is not the little brother he remembered to pick up with him on the way from school to dig a bird’s nest.

People are afraid that he has a reason. His hands are red and his heart is black.

Mao Bo came and repelled those guards. “The gun of the young master has just gone off. You’re so nervous. Send the young master to go out. Wait carefully.”

The guards put their guns together and made a gesture of asking. Luo Fusheng stopped his anger and went out.

He came to the door of the troupe, but he saw the lanterns here. Several people stepped on the bamboo ladder and hung red silk on the door plaque. He grabbed a helper and asked, “What is this for?”

“The son of the troupe leader and the adopted righteous girl are going to be married tomorrow. I invited the neighbors to eat and drink. The time is tight and the arrangement is not enough. We are not invited to take the hands.”

Marry? Tomorrow? Luo Fusheng couldn’t figure out just one night. How did the two get into this field.

There are many neighborhoods in and out of the troupe. Everyone is busy with the matter at hand, and no one notices him. Luo Fusheng pulled a piece of red silk in his hand and walked into the room with dignity.

The troupe was small, but many rooms were allocated for the brothers and sisters. Luo Fusheng walked around and saw a familiar girl pushing the door out of a compartment with a plate of unmoved food in his hand. There was a conjecture in my heart.

He ran outside the door of the compartment and secretly pushed open a door gap. Seeing that there was a person lying on the bed, the bed was covered tightly, and his face could not be seen. A pair of embroidered shoes was placed in front of the bed, the pair of mandarin duck shoes that Tian Ying wore last night. Seeing no one around, he entered the box.

[“If you dream, you can’t be picky eaters, you have to eat carrots too, and you can grow up soon after eating. If you grow up, you will marry your floating brother and be a bride, will you?” On her forehead.

“I don’t want to marry her. It’s like sprouts.” A little boy in a black cloth fiddled with his father’s shochu.

“Auntie, will you marry Xiao Ruomeng? I’ll marry!” The young master in a small suit next to him rushed to lean on Aunt’s lap. This most beautiful aunt is a big movie star. The children like to surround her.

But the mother always was particularly eccentric to the fierce little brother, so she deliberately wanted to embrace the black-faced god. “I don’t! I want to marry you, I want to marry you!”

“Don’t! Don’t! You go away!” The little boy avoided the mischievous little girl, causing her to hit the pentagonal cabinet, and a large piece of red suddenly appeared on the snowy forehead.

I thought she would cry, but she just rubbed her forehead and ran over heartlessly to hug him. The result was picked up by a pair of big hands and held in his arms. “You want to marry someone at a young age? Dad can’t bear it. I want to keep us as small as a few years.”

The girl hugged her father’s neck, kissed him in the face, and said shamelessly. “Then I will marry my dad.”

Laughing. The laughter gradually drifted into the sound of water. 】

“Mother…mother, daddy…” When Tian Yinghao was confused, he only felt a big hand on her forehead.

“Tianying? Tianying…” The voice came from afar, and she didn’t hear it. The whole body was as uncomfortable as being burned. She twisted her body uncomfortably and hugged the cool hand. “Brother Floating, save me…”

Luo Fusheng shuddered, and the voice was exactly the same as in the dream. He almost thought he had hallucinations. “what did you say?”

“Save me, save me…” Tianying flipped his body, and the stars on his neck flashed. Luo Fusheng finally remembered what was glowing on the little girl’s neck in the dream.

He looked at the confused man in front of him, only to feel that the world is really ridiculous.

“Who!” A man’s voice sounded outside the door. When Duan Tianci pushed the door in, Luo Fusheng had turned the window and walked away.

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