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Granting You A Dreamlike Life Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Outside the door of the troupe, the two teachers and brothers posted a happy word and ran back to the hospital. The layout in the courtyard is cheerful, and the red double happiness is very conspicuous.

Duan Tianci wore a red jacket and directed Xiaodou to arrange the fruit bowl. “Yes, just put this wedding candy here. It’s good.”

Xiaodou greedy and stole one. This fruit hard candy is a rare commodity. If the brothers and sisters are not married, the master can not bear to buy them. “Sweet!”

“Brother, this wedding candy is sweet, I don’t think it’s as sweet as the bridegroom’s heart!” Dayun tuned Duan Tianci.

Duan Tianci smiled embarrassedly, and all the teachers and brothers cheered. Jiu Suihong also came out of the room, a rare look. Seeing the master, everyone had converged.

“Today is a day of great joy, don’t hold back these monkey cubs, just say something if you have something, rest assured if you are funny, just like a picture.”

Everyone laughed loudly, and said in unison: “To the master Tao Xi! Marry a daughter, marry a daughter-in-law, double happiness comes to the door.”

Jiu Suihong and Duan Tianci smiled at each other, and finally had a real smile for so long.

Tianying wore a red wedding dress sitting in front of the mirror. The skirt was made when her mother married. It has been many years. But Jiu Suihong has always been well preserved, and is still as radiant as new.

The makeup aunt carefully inserted the last phoenix on her head and said with pleasure: “That’s all right! Oops, the girl’s little face is really handsome. You’re so lucky to be so good-looking! It’s better to be on the lips.”

The aunt took a piece of red paper and handed it to Tianying. Tianying looked blankly at the person in the mirror with a bloodless face, his eyes were deeply recessed, and there was no color on his lips.

For a while, she seemed to have just heard her aunt’s words and took the red paper to sip her lips. Some unnatural red color appeared on the lips. “Go to my dad for a reward!”

“Good!” Aunt picked up her handkerchief and went out cheerfully.

I don’t know if I was sick or not. Tianying looked at herself in the mirror as if he was looking at a stranger as calm and frightening as a stark contrast to the joyous atmosphere outside. Her hand stretched out of her sleeve, with a red pill hidden in her palm, her eyes were deep.

Luo Fusheng was in the hospital and got two report sheets of blood donated during his operation.

The blood match between Lin Qikai and Duan Tianying is as high as 99%, which is an absolute direct relative. He has repeatedly confirmed this with the doctor.

He took the report to Lin Qikai in Lin Mansion, but was told that the young master went to Nanjing for a business trip. Luo Fusheng raised his hand and glanced at his watch, stepped on his Harley motorcycle to leave. I saw a black car driving into Lin Mansion.

In the evening banquet, the door of the troupe was kicked. A team of soldiers wearing yellow-green uniforms rushed in with a gun, but Xu Xingcheng took the lead, and he raised the gun unskilled. “No movement!”

Everyone was in a state of panic. “Nine-year-old red ” subconsciously wanted to block Duan Tianci in a light motion, but Xu Xingcheng had a panoramic view.

Xu Xingcheng fired a shot at his feet, and the dust on the ground rose. “I said not to move! Who dare to try again! Bullets are not long!”

“Nine-year-old red ” bearded beards were trembling, and they rushed to get married as soon as possible in order not to want to twitch, and the result was still destroyed by him. “Xu Gongzi! Today is my happy day, what are you doing?”

Xu Xingcheng didn’t take care of him, let his men optimistic about them. Walking straight towards Tianying’s room, everyone dare not move, Duan Tianci clenched his fists.

Xu Xingcheng had just walked outside the door of Tianying’s room, and the door opened. A baby in a fiery red wedding dress was shocked to see the gun in Xu Xingcheng’s hand and the siblings in the courtyard who were threatened by the gun. “What are you doing?”

“Tianying, I want to take you away! I want to prove to you that I am not without courage. I know you don’t want to marry Duan Tianci. Today, I will definitely take you away!”

Xu Xingcheng went to hold Tianying’s hand, but Tianying instinctively avoided it, with a disgusted expression in his eyes. “What proof? These guns? Do you know what you think of me this way? Four words: fox fake tiger power.”

“Tianying, with the strength of the Xu family, we don’t have to leave Shanghai to be together! My father has promised that I can marry you into the door.” This is the result of Xu Xingcheng’s long struggle with his father. He thought it would be a thing for her big surprise.

Tian Ying laughed, leaning his arms on the door. “Enter the door? Be your second aunt or third aunt? I’m sorry. You decided not to leave that night, you should understand that in the future you will not be related to each other if he marries or I marry again.”

Tian Ying’s reaction fell into Xu Xingcheng’s eyes for only a moment of anger. Before waiting for Tian Ying’s reaction, Xu Xingcheng rudely took her out.

Xu Xingcheng took Tianying to the compound and urged everyone not to follow him. He ran past Jiu Suihong and Duan Tianci.

Tianying wanted to break free, Xu Xingcheng pointed her with a gun and ran out of the door.

Jiu Suihong’s irritated heart hurts, beating violently as if to jump out of his chest. He panted over his chest and gasped. Duan Tianci held him up, his eyes looking straight in the direction of their departure. This is Shanghai, a place to talk with a gun and fist.

Luo Fusheng’s Harley roared and stopped outside the door. Behind him were a group of Honggang children from Wuyang.

There was tranquility inside the theater door, and Luo Fusheng listened, puzzled. Strange, isn’t it the wedding today? Why is it so quiet?

Luo Cheng walked to Luo Fusheng’s head cautiously, looked carefully into the door, and became alert. After seeing everything in the hospital, Luo Cheng turned his head and looked surprised. “Brother…”

Luo Fusheng saw the situation badly and quickly entered the door. Seeing Jiu Suihong lying down in Duan Tianci’s arms, Duan Tianci was patting Jiu Suihong on his back. Seeing the two of them, Duan Tianci was furious. “Luo Fusheng! Why are you here again? Tianying is gone, what else do you want to grab?”

“We? What happened to Tianying?” Luo Fu was puzzled.

“Pretend? You can’t seduce and eloped. You just colluded with Xu Xingcheng’s bastard to grab a marriage! Despicable! Which one are you going to play now?”

Luo Fusheng froze.

Jiu Suihong saw his appearance and wanted to speak, but he was anxious and weak, but instead he choked and kept coughing, and suddenly a big gulp of blood poured out of his mouth.

Duan Tianci exclaimed: “Dad! Daddy!”

Luo Fusheng strode forward, Duan Tianci was startled, protected Jiu Suihong, and looked at him suspiciously. “What are you doing?”

Luo Fusheng said nothing, pushed away Duan Tianci, squatted down and opened his nine-year-old red eyelids, his left pupil had spread, and he frowned at Luo Cheng. “Call someone to help the old man get into the car and take it to the hospital, be quick!”

Duan Tianci saw that the situation was serious and he dared not delay any further. Luo Cheng stepped forward and lifted Jiu Suihong together with Duan Tianci.

Lin Daoshan rushed outside the emergency room, and everyone was at the door. Luo Fusheng went to pursue Xu Xingcheng and left Luo Cheng to look after him in the hospital. Lin Daoshan asked Luo Cheng: “How is the situation?”

“The doctor is in emergency rescue, don’t worry.”

After Lin Daoshan talked with Luo Fusheng in the afternoon, he sent someone to do a background check on Duan Tianying’s experience over the years, but there are still some unclear points that need to be asked clearly in person. His face was blue and excited. “People must not die. Tianying’s things have not been clarified yet.”

Duan Tianci doesn’t know who Lin Daoshan is, but he also knows that Xu Xingcheng is a kind of person by looking at his body and dress, and listens to him mentioning Tianying’s name. His eyes were flushed before Lin Daoshan. “You rushed to take away Tianying on the day of great joy, what’s your heart? My dad is mad at you like this! If he has three lengths and two shorts, ask not to let you go. Everyone!”

Lin Daoshan glanced down at him without looking at his threat. “Are you a godsend?”

“Who are you?” Duan Tianci intuitively understood that this person had no intention.

“I am…” Before he finished, Jiu Suihong was pushed out by the nurse and doctor from the emergency room.

Duan Tianci couldn’t take care of him, and went up with his brothers. “How is my father?”

The doctor saw that Lin Daoshan was also there, walked aside and reported to him respectfully. “The patient is very seriously ill and has been rescued for the time being. But, I’m afraid I won’t get through it today. What do you guys say, hurry up and tell him.”

Duan Tianci and his brothers and sisters listened, and they felt very uncomfortable. Immediately wanted to rush into the ward, but was stopped by Lin Daoshan’s men.

“What the hell do you want!” Duan Tianci has entered into a state of rage. Tonight he has faced too many powerlessness, and his ability to withstand is limited.

“I say a few words to your father, and soon.” Lin Daoshan just pushed him away, but he overthrew all his dignity. Wife, father, sister, he will be lost overnight.

Luo Fusheng intercepted Xu Xingcheng on the avenue near Xu’s house, and Tian Ying saw his figure through the car window. She patted the car window and her mouth was calling his name.

Luo Fusheng quickly glanced at her, stepped on the accelerator and rushed to the front of the team. Harley swept across and stopped the convoy.

The car stopped, and Tianying took the opportunity to pull the door and ran out. Xu Xingcheng got out of the car to catch up, dragged her neck and dragged it back, the gun was pointed at her waist, almost biting her ear to speak. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. Obediently go back with me, OK?”

Luo Fusheng never thought that Xu Xingcheng would use a gun to hijack Tianying. When people’s obsession became overwhelming, he could no longer tell what was needed. “Xu Xingcheng! What are you doing?”

“Keep off.” Xu Xingcheng’s muzzle pointed at Luo Fusheng. “Don’t pretend to pretend to help me. We will solve the matter for me and Tianying ourselves, it’s your turn to intervene!”

“Even if you are escaping marriage, you should pay attention to your wishes. What are you doing now?”

“If it’s not a good thing you did, we are already on the boat going to the other side of the ocean. Not as disappointing as you wish, right? Luo Fusheng…I’m back, you can’t run away.” Xu Xingcheng stared at him Resentful.

Luo Fusheng did not want to discuss with him what happened in Ningyuan. “We will count after our grudge, you let Tianying go to the hospital to see her father for the last time.”

“What’s wrong with my dad!”

“After you were taken away, he vomited blood and collapsed into the hospital. Now the situation is very bad.”

Xu Xingcheng didn’t expect things to be so serious, he let go of it unconsciously. Luo Fusheng came to pull Tianying. His movement angered Xu Xingcheng. Xu Xingcheng shot him without thinking.

Without accurate shots, bullets wiped the back of Luo Fusheng’s hand and took away a flesh and blood. Also separated the distance between Tianying and him.

Luo Fusheng’s right hand hung down on his side, and blood dropped drop by drop along the fingertips. He never thought Xu Xingcheng would actually shoot at him. The sorrow in my heart is far greater than the pain in my hands.

“You madman!” Tianying took advantage of Xu Xingcheng’s surprise and kicked his lower abdomen. Xu Xingcheng was painful, and Panasonic’s wrist was twisted by Tian Ying in the reverse direction. In a flash, the gun had already changed hands.

Duan Tianying pointed at him with a gun in both hands, blocking Luo Fusheng in front. This was the first time she had a gun, and her hands were shaking. “I gave you the chance to give up on your own. I don’t want to go with you now! Let me go back to see my dad, otherwise I will hate you for life.”

“Tianying! He must have lied to you! Don’t believe him.” Xu Xingcheng wanted to step forward and took her hand. The gun in her hand was biased and he fired a shot next to him. The bullet ran across Xu Xingcheng’s ear and embedded into the hood behind him with a loud clang.

The soldiers behind Xu Xingcheng raised their rifles one after another, and Luo Fusheng dragged Tianying behind him, and her broad back completely blocked her view. Tianying looked down at the hand that he was holding by her, which felt sticky and wet, and the blood made their hands tighter.

She heard her heart pounding out of her chest. If those soldiers shoot at the same time, the two of them will be beaten into two sieves. But she has a strange sense of security in her heart, and I believe the man in front of her will protect her well.

If Xu Xingcheng had touched her heart with his tender care, at this moment, Tianying gave birth to the courage of life and death for the protection of Luo Fusheng.

A car whistle suddenly came from behind Tianying. At night, a series of whistle sounds through the street. Behind her, a team with three times as many people as Xu Xingcheng was driving.

“I want to see who dares to move my daughter!”

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