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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 5

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Here the new chapter where I have put one Translation Note about one character of the novel.

Translated by @tigrasev

Note Translation : “Nine Year Old Red” is the name in the novel about the boss of the theater group where is Tian Ying 

The Harley’s path went straight to the entrance of the Fulong Theatre, and the water sign standing on the door was written with three characters and red color. At this point, the audience is entering the scene.

“Qingyinghui-borrowing Dongfeng”? Originally, what did you say to me to arrange the wind-fighting activity is to listen to the drama?” Xu Xingcheng shouted.

Xu Xingcheng, a new-age young man who received foreign education, did not like to listen to Beijing Opera. In the past years, he had to listen to the opera stage in the government. He used to go to the cinema. His habit Lu Fuosheng naturally knows, but the Hilton Club’s youthful gangs have to be rearranged. He can only lead him to listen to a play, of course, the head is also mixed with his own selfishness. As an old movie fan, how can he miss the first big show of September Red.

“Today, the famous star of the famous capital city, appeared in Shanghai for the first time. Do you know how high the price is?”

“Listen to it, those clichés that follow the rules, and enjoy yourself. It’s better to go to your beauty and listen to jazz.” Xu Xingcheng did not take his place.

“The performance is every day, this opportunity is a rare event, the big brother should go in for a long time, don’t let him wait for anxious.” Luo Fusheng no matter how struggling Xu Xingcheng, hard to pull him into the theater.

Hong Yiyuan suggested that the entire Fulong Garden should be included. I did not expect that Lin Qikai would not agree, and even Luo Fusheng would not. Lin Qikai is because his family is very strict, his father is not allowed to extravagance and waste the people. Luo Fusheng is considering that this is the first time that the person  to appear, it is to sing the brand, so the package is not a hindrance.

So they negotiated to book two boxes on the second floor. Luo Fusheng deliberately put Xu Xingcheng, who was reluctant, to the side of Hong Yu, and he and Lin Da Ge sat in another room.

Lin Qikai is not very vocal, but it is obvious that this arrangement makes Hong Yu and Xu Xingcheng feel like needles.

Luo Fu was very happy to see him, but it seemed like a heart, and he sighed a long brother like a father. He adjusted the posture of the good play, drinking tea and taking over the play list handed over by the theater manager. In addition to the theater finale, the VIPs can add a little of their favorite play.

Lin Qikai does not understand the drama, he does not say anything, just to accompany him. Luo Fusheng, the old ticket buddy, also swears at the play list. It’s all about going back and forth, and nothing new. I ordered a “Farewell My Concubine”, but tonight is just for the sake of this. 

I have to say that the people in the “nine-year-old red team” do have two brushes. The Wusheng who played the overlord is not very old, but can play eighteen martial arts. Yu Ji is also a new horn of a man dressed as a woman, with a physique and a vivid expression of the beauty of Yan Ji’s beauty. The audience under the audience are all fascinated.

A song, someone came in with a curtain, is the colleague of Lin Qikai’s business department, see him here to come to a special call. When I came in, I found out that “Jade Luo” was also born, and did not dare to make it. Only the cockroach stands outside the curtain.

Lin Qikai did not want to disturb Luo Fusheng’s interest in watching the drama. He greeted him and went out to talk to his colleagues. After a while, I went back and said that I am afraid I have to take the first step. “I have handled the trip to Hilton and you will meet. Rest assured, I will not miss the reception of the bamboo.”

Luo Fusheng nodded. Suddenly I heard the sound of the flooding outside the curtain. “Linda, where are you going?”

He had to get up to see what the big lady had to provoke. Out of the box, I saw the flood of Lin Qikai’s arm. “I want to go with you.”

“Why don’t you accompany the bamboo? Zhongjing big brother is going to talk about business, what do you follow?”

“I will take a ride and go to the clubhouse first. Anyway, I can’t understand these oh yeah, you are dragging here, I will go and help you to see the scene layout.” Luo Fusheng knows she is just Unwilling to accompany Xu Xingcheng, looking for an excuse to open the slippery, but she used this excuse to find a very appropriate, he did not know how to refute.

Lin Qikai helped her round the field. “There is nothing wrong with it. The Hilton people are not staring at the hands and feet too slowly. Anyway, when I drop the way, I will take her first. You will come over with the bamboo after listening to the play.”

Luo Fusheng heard the stage, the new play has already begun, and he is not willing to temper with them. Waving your hand. Hong Yan immediately took Lin Qikai’s hand and went downstairs happily.

“Hey, you slow down. Be careful not to fall.” Lin Qikai softly screamed at her.

Luo Fusheng looked at their backs thoughtfully, and looked back at Xu Xingcheng’s figure. Lamented a sigh of relief.

Xu Xingcheng found out that Luo Fusheng was born, and the low pressure that had just been suppressed by the floods immediately dispersed. “Where is the witch gone?”

Luo Fusheng stared at the stage and did not look at him. There was a warning in his words. “That is your fiancee, my sister.”

Hongye is as heavy as he is, and Hongye is the most nervous daughter’s home. He naturally has to double his heart.

“Floating, now the times are different. Marriage should also pay attention to your love. I and Hong Hao are not interested in each other, not be together, don’t delay each other? If Hongye wants you to marry one you don’t love today, will you also be from her?”

“Yes.” Luo Fusheng answered without hesitation. “Women. Who is different?”

Xu Xingcheng shook his head, saying that the blind man could not teach.

At the other end, the “nine-year-old grand finale” will be staged.

Through the curtains in the background, the dressed up brothers watched the black pressure under the stands, which was a little nervous. Even Tian Tianci, who is experienced in the game, has a heartbeat.

Tian Ying is usually dressed. Today, she only has to go on stage. Her mind is naturally relaxed. She is curiously looking at the audience. There is no tension in the eyes, and more is fresh. Although I didn’t eat the fried omelet today, I was lucky not to find out that she had escaped from home and escaped. He said that tonight’s big drama success, will bring everyone to Xianxianju celebration. She is already wondering what to order at this moment.

At this time, the nine-year-old red who appeared as Zhou Yu came over. The teachers and brothers called the master in unison.

On the court, the nine-year-old red finally had a morale. “The maintenance of soldiers for a thousand days, the use of soldiers for a time, for the teachers in the week is so strict to you, is for today’s big drama. You one by one to do all kinds of things, give me the ability to look after the house, make a 12 points Strength, today, our class is going to be a hit on the beach!”

The drums and drums sounded at the right time, and the brothers and sisters were encouraged and boiled.

Seeing the troupe’s appearance in the show, the audience under the stage sang a warm applause. Luo Fusheng did not applaud immediately, he was waiting for the arrival of nine-year-old red.

Looking at the side again, Xu Xingcheng was so sleepy that he yawned. “Are the end of the play?”

“Just this out. You have to let me listen at least? Look at this” September red” is not worthy of the name.”

Looking at the performance of the apprentices through the curtains in the background, the nine-year-old red is very pleased. But he was just about to play, but suddenly his brow wrinkled and supported the wall, and he was in pain.

Tian Ying quickly grabbed the “nine-year-old red” : “Hey, what happened to you?”

“Nothing, heart palpitations, old problems, don’t tighten.” “Nine-year-old” Hong Qiang stood up, but his face was blue.

“Oh, no, I have never seen your face as bad as this, so I will send you to see the doctor.”

“I am gone, what should I do?” “I can’t do it… I can’t do it, I will play for you on behalf of you!” Duan Tianying patted his chest and was amazed.

“Nine-year-old” *red sighed, he is not distrusting the level of the baby. On the contrary, it was because he knew the daughter too much that she hid her snow. One day, he will take out the card as a section of the class, and he pats his daughter’s hand to comfort him. “My” nine-year-old red” is still not old enough. The play is open, just like the snare drums, the two armies are against each other. How can there be a change in the front? It is death, I have to die on the stage!”

Tian Ying seems to be pre-feeling, holding the nine-year-old red clothes corner.

” Nine-year-old red” took the hand of Tian Ying, her eyes signaled her to rest assured, turned and staged.

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